Announcement from Parity Technologies on transition of Polkadot Vault to Novasama Technologies

Hi folks - I’m very happy to share the below announcement from Parity about the future of Polkadot Vault (previously Signer) and connected to Gav’s recent mention in his 2023 roundup. At Parity I’ve had the opportunity to work with @AntonTheDay7 and the Nova team on this transition over the past year and I’m looking forward to their ongoing support and development of a key part of the Polkadot user experience.

This is a great example of key primitives and features being built in collaboration with different teams to create something powerful and unique to Polkadot – and something that many of us use every day. I think the Nova team are excited to share more details soon but I’ll leave the details to them. Thanks to everyone at Parity and in the community who have contributed to Signer/Polkadot Vault projects over the last years and looking forward to developments in 2024.

  • jimmy

Dear Polkadot community,
As part of the ongoing decentralization efforts at Parity Technologies, the development and management of Polkadot Vault will be passed into the capable hands of a trusted community member, Novasama Technologies.

This transition of this project reaffirms our commitment to allowing the Polkadot ecosystem to grow by the efforts of others, whilst Parity will continue to focus on delivering Polkadot’s next-gen technology.

Novasama Technologies has demonstrated strong expertise in dApp development and their user-centric approach to delivering products—making them the ideal team to carry the torch forward. We believe this collaboration marks a significant step forward in strengthening the functionality and user support of the Polkadot Vault application, ensuring that users continue to receive robust and reliable services.

For further updates and information on the progress of the Polkadot Vault development, please stay tuned to our official channels and the Novasama Technologies communications channels.

About Parity Technologies
Parity Technologies is a blockchain infrastructure company that specializes in the development of cutting-edge technologies for decentralized applications. With a focus on security, scalability, and usability, Parity Technologies is committed to advancing the blockchain space.

About Novasama Technologies
Novasama Technologies develops user-focused applications for the Polkadot ecosystem. Our portfolio includes Nova Wallet, the leading mobile app for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems available on iOS and Android devices, Nova Spektr the full-spectrum Polkadot Desktop Wallet available on macOS, Linux and Windows and now Polkadot Vault

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