Polkadot Investor and Venture Relations

Polimec is submitting a proposal specifically designed to attract and retain investors and venture capital in the ecosystem. This strategy involves a dedicated team of five individuals whose sole focus is to engage and educate investors and venture capitalists, emphasizing the value and potential of Polkadot and its ecosystem.

Current consensus remains that Polkadot is leading when it comes to blockchain tech. Nevertheless, investors and venture capital are not engineers and the communication needs to be adapted to their language. Specifically, communication to investors should not be focused on BEEFY, XCM or similar, but highlight how and why Polkadot has the right tech, and therefore is the premier opportunity for placement of their funds to benefit from traction and adoption.

The proposal entails a small specialized team with high profiles with specific competences focused on attracting investors and venture capital. If successful it can scale up after 2024, but keeping it lean, efficient and focused is the goal of the program. Polimec is submitting the proposal, but will spin this team out in a separate entity during 2024. We don’t want to build new kingdoms, but build decentralized teams delivering on very specific areas in a free and open market.


Worth noting feedback I’ve heard by proxy of teams that two of the key things VCs dislike about Polkadot are the auction mechanism (soon to be gone yay) and the inflation rate.

When you spin this up, it would be great to collect feedback and then work on making gov proposals to ensure the ecosystem is as enticing as possible to the VC crowd.

Some of the issues I see are also DevX (harder to build with substrate, worse UX, Polkadot is somewhat isolated from the rest of the crypto scene etc) which Parity and other groups are working to address :slight_smile: As much feedback as you can provide would be great! This proposal sounds exactly what we desperately need in the Polkadot eco.


Thank you @Polimec for submiting this

Here are some of my thoughts

I think what investors want to see dApps that can scale ot millions of users. The investors need to be sold on the idea that such dApps can be build using polkadot tech stack.

This is a good idea. And it is something that is needed in the ecosystem.


A little delayed in responding here (was traveling last week) but I wanted to chime in. I support this idea and would love to learn more about what you guys are thinking, but also to collab on what messaging you think is a good fit. The lack of seriousness in the VC/whale community’s approach to Polkadot is a huge barrier: for new teams that need help getting up-and-running, for existing teams that lean on VCs as they determine their long-term strategy, and especially for any team with DeFi components that is struggling to build liquidity. Would really love to see someone tackling this problem head-on.

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Full support of this kind of initiative. I have been on the front lines with teams in the Moonbeam and seen first hand how hard it is for a Polkadot team to get any VC interest and support. Feel free to ping me directly as you’re working on this or I’m happy to give feedback on this forum.