MusicMoon, web3 platform that enables artists to retain rights and earn royalties through NFTs, while building a dedicated fan base using a DAO

Hello this is is Josep, musician and engineer. Artists have challenges monetising their work where big labels take big comissions and they don’t know where their fans are. Therefore I created MusicMoon, a web3 platform that enables artists to retain rights and earn royalties through NFTs, while building a dedicated fan base using a DAO.

MusicMoon has been part of Polkadot Blockchain Academy 4 in Hong Kong with success graduation. I’m happy to introduce our project and getting any feedback from you will be much appreciated.

MusicMoon is an extension of LiveLoop, known as “The Looping Software for Live Music Performance.” It’s a web3 platform developed for artists and labels to maximize the value of their creative output. The platform integrates blockchain technology for music creation, distribution, and community engagement. The core of MusicMoon includes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), utilizing the Unique Network Parachain for minting. This feature allows artists to monetize their work while retaining ownership rights. MusicMoon also encompasses two Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). The first DAO, established on the Moonbeam Parachain, facilitates community engagement between artists, labels, and fans, ensuring easy access for those new to blockchain. The second DAO, developed by MusicMoon as a Polkadot Parachain, focuses on platform governance. It enables stakeholders, including musicians, labels, and investors, to influence the direction and decisions of MusicMoon, fostering a democratic governance environment. Additionally, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for MusicMoon Coin forms the financial backbone of the ecosystem, supporting transactions, premium feature access, and community governance. This ICO is central to establishing a self- sustaining economy within the MusicMoon ecosystem. Here’s a brief overview of its five key components:

  1. LiveLoop Software ( This platform enables artists and labels to craft and perform music. It’s designed to be accessible to a broad user base, ranging from novices to experienced professionals, and offers versatile features for music creation.

  2. NFT Marketplace (Unique Network Parachain): This marketplace on MusicMoon facilitates the minting, selling, and trading of music as NFTs on the Unique Network Parachain. It provides artists and labels new opportunities for monetizing their music and engaging with fans.

  3. Community Engagement DAO (Moonbeam Integration): The DAO on the Moonbeam Parachain enhances artist- audience engagement. It features social login options to simplify blockchain interaction for all users, especially those new to this space, fostering a direct connection between artists, labels, and their fans.

  4. Platform Governance DAO (Polkadot Parachain): This DAO, developed as a Polkadot Parachain by MusicMoon, offers a governance model for platform stakeholders. Musicians, labels, and investors can participate in decision- making processes, influencing the direction and policies of MusicMoon.

  5. MusicMoon ICO (Polkadot Parachain): The Initial Coin Offering for MusicMoon Coin is vital for establishing the platform’s economy. It supports internal transactions, access to premium features, and participation in community governance, thus laying the financial foundation of MusicMoon’s ecosystem.

Pitch Deck
White Paper

Josep Garces Background:

Josep Garcés, founder & CEO of MusicMoon, is at the forefront of merging music with blockchain technology. An accomplished musician and engineer, he initiated his entrepreneurial path with LiveLoop, software for live music performance. This experience paved the way for MusicMoon, his blockchain-based platform. MusicMoon revolutionizes the music industry by offering musicians and labels a decentralized space for creating, distributing, and monetizing music via NFTs. A key feature of MusicMoon is its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which empowers users through community-led governance and decision-making. Under Josep’s leadership, MusicMoon has achieved significant milestones, including winning the first prize at the Polkadot Global Series hackathon in Seoul. His vision extends beyond a conventional music platform; he’s building a community that gives artists and labels more control and fair compensation. Josep’s passion for integrating technology with music is transforming the way artists create, share, and monetize their work.


I met Josep at PBA and his project. As a Web3 profiessional and amateur musician, I support the initiative and hope to see the platform succeeding.

Wishing you the best luck!

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I enjoyed doing the Hong Kong Cohort with Josep.

This is a good use case. It’s great to see the collaboration with Unique Network!

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Joseph is very creative, and I met him in PBA. His project can empower musicians with smart contracts and unique network technologies.

I really like projects that are community focus like MusicMoon, best of luck.

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I met Josep at the PBA in Hong Kong. He is passionate about music and I agree 100% on his initiative’s direction to combine music with blockchain. I do agree that right now the music industry’s domination by the big labels is not ideal for artists who just want to create the right music to their right audience so I am very supportive of Josep’s initiative. I believe by supporting the initiative, it can help the Polkadot ecosystem to attract music talents and music fans and can create an ecosystem for the music industry!

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I myself am a big music enthusiast; I met Josep during the PBA in Hong Kong. That something needs to be done about the revenue model for artists is a no-brainer. I hope that this initiative can contribute to that.
Cool, the collaboration with Unique !

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Josep, Good luck, love the idea.

I Went to PBA Hongkong Cohort with him. The music DAO is good idea. So dedicated man, and really support him to make this idea being reality.

Met Josep at PBA. Don’t know much about the music industry, but Josep is a good engineer and has a big passion for music so I know he’ll do great things in the space. Looking forward to seeing how this project evolves!

Hi Josep, I was happy to meet again during the PBA HK cohort as alumni, after the Polkadot Global Hackathon APAC 2023, I’m glad to see LiveLoop evolving into MusicMoon, I think music is one of the industries that deals a lot with copyrights and revenue for the artists and web3 solutions could make a big difference here; a clear example of that is Spotify by allowing a third-party manager to promote the artists within the platform and other media.

My thoughts about the project are positive, the current state of Technology allows you to develop and implement your ideas without major hustle besides the inherent traits of project development. The involvement that MusicMoon has with Unique and Moonbeam could be a good implementation of tech for professionals, and artists, who need to solve these problems.

As I can see, the project, also implies having a web player, and that raises storage problems, and more, could you also share, your thoughts on the problems MusicMoon could face?

I’ve read the WhitePaper and it helped me clarify many things, thank you for sharing! I wish to use MusicMoon for listening to new artists and those who are independent with their music rights, such as Tool or Taylor Swift, xd

Greetings my friend, and keep on going with the great work.

I know Josep from the PBA in Hong Kong. In my life I met (too) many engineers, I met a few musicians, I met some artists and one or two eccentric people… and then I met Josep, which is all of these things together. Imagine how rare can be this combination :smiley:
I don’t have to convince you Web3 guys, how important are today and tomorrow the creation, distribution and monetisation by adopting the decentralisation paradigm. There are a few attempts already and someone at some point will create a “killer” application in this web3 industry.
Josep knows what he is doing and knows where to go. He is driven by his passion and personal mission. His motivation is way stronger than that of an ordinary person. I have the feeling that one day reading the news, I will point my finger to Josep’s face and say to my nephew “Look, I know that guy!”.

Good luck, my friend, on your mission.

Awesome project, love that it is an extension of LiveLoop. If you see the operational overhead of running a parachain as too much, then take a look at what we are building a Pop Network - your project seems like a great use case and would love to collab with you! Particularly, Pop would allow to test your solution with a cross-chain enabled smart contract(s) and if you find you are handling enough traffic that you would like to scale to a full dAppChain, Pop makes the transition possible within the Network. Drop us a line: Telegram: Contact @Pop_Network

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Hello! Thanks your your thread. I would love to talk to you to discuss further. Please contact me personally to or @josepgarces on telegram.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi there :wave:
Met Josep at PBA in Hong Kong. He’s an exceptional engineer and passionate musician with a deep connection to nature.

As a Web3 professional and music enthusiast, I believe in MusicMoon’s potential. The integration of NFTs and DAOs in the music industry is a game-changer, and Josep’s vision for empowering artists is inspiring. MusicMoon’s ecosystem, with its innovative approach to rights retention and community engagement, is precisely what the industry needs. Looking forward to seeing the positive impact this project will have on the Polkadot ecosystem and the music world.

Best of luck, Josep!

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