Decentralized Futures: Polkadot Creatives Dao

Visualize the world filled with technology and no one to use it? What would the earth look like without its beautiful designs? This is how I see Web3 without the creative players.

Polkadot Creatives Dao aims to educate non-developers about blockchain and onboard creative projects to web 3. We are addressing the monotonous structure in the web 3 ecosystem, neglecting creatives.

4 of 5 people in web 3 are techies. We cannot achieve decentralization in web3 without creatives. Blockchain ecosystem is not just for techies, but artists, designers and creators deserve the goodies of a decentralized world.

Mission: To create an ecosystem for creators and creative projects to thrive.

Vision: To onboard creatives from all fields to web 3.


  • Support creative projects in Polkadot through grants, workshops, technical resources, etc.
  • Educate non-developers about web 3 and how to utilize Dapps built on Polkadot.
  • Create a diverse ecosystem of individuals from multiple career paths.
  • Bounty program for creatives accomplishing specific tasks contributing to Polkadot e.g; content creation bounty, Dapp testing, events, etc.
  • Increase UAW and on-chain traction of the Polkadot blockchain.
  • Create sub-dao in different regions focus
  • Facilitate the creation of creative projects e.g music streaming platform, Market places, NFTs, etc.
  • Organize a workshop and incubation program for developers, founders and creators on how to build with Polkadot.
  • Organize a global conference for creative builders.
  • Establish a vibrant community of non-developers

Motivation: We envision an ecosystem where everyone can thrive regardless of their professional background. We are on a journey of mass onboarding, changing the stereotypes against Crypto and making web 3 education accessible to all.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Onboarding: A survey revealed that 92% of creatives are yet to explore web 3 as a viable platform. Bridging the gap between artists, creators and blockchain tech will be our major focus.

  • Creation of sub-dao: Polkadot Creatives Dao will be an umbrella for sub-Dao and guilds in different regions. Grants will be allocated to these sub dao to accelerate the growth of Polkadot in their region.

  • Web2 projects & businesses: We will focus on onboarding established businesses to utilize and integrate Polkadot blockchain infrastructure to their businesses.

  • Education: We will create curriculums, tutorials, task specific bounties, academic contents and fund research projects that aims to accelerate Polkadot.

  • Events & Workshops: Organizing conferences, workshops and hackathons that aims to accelerate our Polkadot and onboard people to web 3 will be prioritized.

  • Building of new Dapps: Most of the time, creatives have the go to market idea, but lack technical support to execute their project. Polkadot Creative Dao will support innovative ideas up to MVP stage through grants, developer support and mentorship.

  • Usage of Dapps: Support the usage of existing Dapps built on Polkadot with regular training on how to leverage these platforms. For instance, an artist will be trained on how to use Marketplaces, etc.


  • Team members were early contributors of Near creatives Dao with over 50,000+ NFTs, minted on chain, $ 2.5million of creative public good funding, 25 countries of active sub-daos and 70 Daos created in different regions.

  • Used Arts & NFTs as a charitable towards Ukraine and Russia crisis in 2022.

  • We built w3music, a platform built on the blockchain that allows musicians, producers and songwriters to connect, buy and sell music.**

  • Created a sustainable livelihood for 100+ extremely low-income earning creatives through the use of blockchain tech by creation of physical arts

  • Organized the largest creative conference since the inception of web 3. **

  • Organized Paint & Create, an event that educates and onboards newbies to web 3 in a user-friendly manner different from regular conferences/ seminars.


  • Successfully infused blockchain and music by funding several initiatives that empowered up-coming musicians. Example

  • Facilitated the use of NFT ticketing, crypto currency as fiat in various events and conferences.

  • Onboarded 1,000+ creatives to web 3.

  • Facilitated and increased the use of Dapps on Near. E.g Mintbase,, etc.

  • Contributed significantly to save endangered species and the ghetto community through the use of NFTs.

  • Facilitated 5,000+ on-chain tractions on Near.