LIFT Learning from Fenasbac & Central Bank of Brazil - Open Discussion for XCM developers

Based on Referenda #508, this topic aims to openly discuss and report the progress of the LIFT Learning program where Polkadot will be an sponsor to help develop Interoperability and Bridging solutions for the Central Bank of Brazil Blockchain, DREX

There may be opportunities for me, Luis Dal Porto (LUI5) and Artur Gontijo to propose tenporary mentors from the Polkadot ecosystem to help COPPETEC and UFRJ (University of Rio de Janeiro) along the way to give insights when building using the Polkadot SDK.

The Central Bank has a public Github, but mostly in portuguese:


Good starting post in english for those interested in reading more about DREX. Keep in mind this is a pilot project and A LOT can change:

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