Enhancing the Kusama NFT Ecosystem with RMRKv2 Implementation on KodaDot

Greetings, fellow Kusama community members!

Who are we?

KodaDot is a community-driven, open-source NFT marketplace built on the Kusama network that aims to foster a collaborative environment for creators, developers, and users focused on inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation within the web3 ecosystem.

What’s the point of this post?

KodaDot team is excited to discuss the prospect of integrating RMRKv2 on KodaDot, a community-driven NFT marketplace within the Kusama network. The RMRK team’s recent decision to focus on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support has left the Kusama community in need of a sustainable and inclusive platform tailored to Web3 NFT trading and engagement. To address this need, we’ve started implementing RMRKv2 on KodaDot, ensuring Kusama users continue to enjoy a thriving NFT ecosystem.

To foster open discussion and community-driven development, we invite your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas for features you would like to see implemented as part of this integration. Your input is invaluable and will help shape the future of KodaDot’s RMRKv2 integration, benefiting the entire Kusama eco.

Our goal

The goal of implementing RMRKv2 on KodaDot is to fill the void left by RMRK’s shift towards EVM support and away from the legacy Kusama “graffiti” implementation. This transition may leave current Kusama users with limited NFT marketplace options. By integrating RMRKv2, we aim to provide the Kusama community with a seamless, feature-rich platform on which to create, trade, and engage with NFTs.

Key Points of Discussion:

  1. What features would you like to see as part of the RMRKv2 implementation on KodaDot?
  2. What challenges do you foresee in implementing RMRKv2 on KodaDot, and how can they be overcome?
  3. How can the Kusama community contribute to the successful implementation and utilization of RMRKv2 on KodaDot?

Your Input Matters:

Your feedback, ideas, and suggestions are crucial to the success of this project. Please contribute to the discussion by sharing your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Together, we can shape the future of the Kusama NFT ecosystem and ensure a sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant environment for creators, collectors, and traders.

Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to hearing your insights!



I would add you can see the progress of implementing RMRKv2 into KodaDot on our Github as everything is transparent

If you have any questions or you’ve found a bug, feel free to report to our Github and devs will have look and pick it up from there.

We will be pushing rmrkv2 from our beta channel to production probably this week if things go well.

For Nested NFTs & Equippables on RMRK in KodaDot you can watch progress here

It’s something we will look at after first stage of integration.


I’m looking forward to seeing all features rmrk2 has to be working smoothly on KodaDot. I believe there was already a good start and with the extra features, KodaDot devs are planning to implement on top of everything. There is a strong focus on delivering new cool functions for our artists - custom fandom toolings, unlockables, physical drops, and much more.


It is interesting to see the functionality of rmrk2 in all its glory on KodaDot. I think it’s a good start for development - you can see that the team is trying every day to make their product better! I hope it will be very artist friendly. Saw some cool features that will be implemented soon. Looking forward to it!


Hello, I am very happy to see this discussion happening here. As a long time contributor and supporter of the KodaDot project, I have a few suggestions. Please take these suggestions with a grain of salt, as I am not a developer, programmer. So very briefly.

  1. focus on the needs of music producers. I know that Polkadot has started a big collaboration with Beatport, one of the biggest web2 stores for electronic music. I think there is still room . Music is a specific thing that needs specific parameters to be minted. Someone sees a single, another sees a three track EP, or a whole 10 track album. This is what we need to sort out - to make such publication quick and easy. RMRK2 would help a lot, as it’s great to layer NFTs in.

  2. Create a social environment for users to grow their community and fan base from. As an example, I’ll give the web2 project “Patreon”. It would be nice to run your own blog and post tutorials on different creation techniques, for example, or engage your fanbase in different contests from one place - KodaDot.

“How can the Kusama community contribute to the successful implementation and utilization of RMRKv2 on KodaDot?”
The answer is by actively engaging the community in solving the problem. Good things come spontaneously, through communication and selflessly. I believe that the implementation of RMRKv2 in the KodaDot project will have a positive response and move the whole Kusama/Polkadot community up a few numbers.

Translated with DeepL


Hello SKULLZ, thank you for your support and enthusiasm! We couldn’t agree more that having RMRKv2 integrated into KodaDot will open up new possibilities.

Our team is indeed committed to continuously improving our platform, and we are excited to hear that you’re looking forward to the upcoming features. Please feel free to share any ideas or insights you have, as we believe in the power of collaboration to make KodaDot better every day!

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Hello deepologic, we sincerely appreciate your thoughtful suggestions and your support of KodaDot! Your ideas on catering to music producers and creating a social environment like Patreon are intriguing, yet, i’m not sure if there is market demand for this in crypto yet. Do you have any latest data on this?

Having the ability to accommodate various music formats, from singles to full-length albums, is a great point, and RMRKv2’s layering possibilities would certainly make this a reality. Similarly, integrating community-building features such as blogs, tutorials, and contests would undoubtedly enhance user experiences and we have this tracked and most likely will be part of KodaDot in upcoming months.

Thank you for sharing your insights, and we look forward to working together to elevate KodaDot and the entire Kusama/Polkadot community!


It’s just an inevitability; fashion blending seamlessly with web3 head and shoulders above all else in this field should be Kodadot, with RMRKv2 I think y’all should find a way to link users to their favorite fashion brands/artists on the Kodashop through Nested NFTs,where a user can have equipable NFTs any time they purchase from the Merch shop which will make the purchases of greater value and serves as an additional souvenir , just a thought :thinking:

I’m excited to see Kodadot embracing the innovative NFT technology developed by the RMRK team. Being the most decentralized and open-source project on Polkadot, I’m confident that the milestones will be reached. It’s about time we witness nested and equippable NFT features in a user-friendly interface.

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