Decentralised Futures: - onchain syndicated profiles, enabling verification and trusted payments

We are building a multi-chain account abstracted account and wallet, where users and orgs hold soulbound nfts and can verify real name or anon profiles, for both proof of personhood at account level and granular level identity asset verification (with DIDs providing issuer provenance). Education credentials are our first vertical - so for example, would be great to work with Polkadot Academy as an early Organisation Profile - listing their courses on their Profile, and issuing verifiable certification to successful students. Soulbound nfts are both for verification and unlocks.

By profile syndication, we mean these profiles can be inserted into any app, signed up for from any app and ultimately there is a decentralised mechanism for sharing profile verification fees amongst syndication partners for contributing to this trusted identity graph.

Currently identity assets are on Polygon and Solana, we are looking to add Polkadot as being a cross-chain account abstracted identity asset container and wallet is the aim - along with ZK to enable privacy of transactions / identity exchange.

You can read more about structure at and sign up for very early mvp at

Would like to know if we can apply for Decentralised Futures if Polkadot is coming rather than already built.

Also very keen to just hear feedback on concept and get test users from this forum. Thank you!