Ink! Playground

Sometime ago ink! playground was working, today when I work with ink! code, I look at and got this:


I think that would be good to have this kind of tool live and up to date. ink! requires a lot of knowledge to implement cost efficient code like comparison between Mapping and BTreeMap etc. etc.

Would be good to have this kind of tool live.

Yea looks like there is a ticket in GitHub about this.
The README reads like it can be self-hosted. @achim can maybe help on what to use as replacement in the meantime.

Yes, correct, I’m working on this now. The deployment breaks due to an update of the K8S version of the Parity DevOps infrastructure. We have to migrate away from the Sysbox runtime to calling the Kubernetes API instead for Smart Contract compilation. Its non-trivial but doable!

However, those problems only arise when deploying to Kubernetes, a self hosted Docker deployment should work without problems, at least that is what the CI says!


I don’t think the forum is a great place for this kind of bug report, as it really isn’t the start of a community discussion. I would have the same comment if you instead chose to use StackExchange.

Instead an issue on GitHub makes more sense to contact the people responsible:

If you want to start a discussion on the ink! playground in general, that would be fine, but for now I will close this post.

Also please use Tags when making topics like: Topics tagged ink

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