Idea pitch > Decentralized Art Gallery powered by Polkadot?

Hi There,


About me:
My name is Ahmed, located in Belgium, freelance IT consultant in real life and for almost 2 years a DOT holder.
In my free time I’m a traditional art collector & lover.
I am a person interested in blockchain technology and specially with the decentralized character of Polkadot (OpenGov) but I don’t have the specialized technical knowledge and don’t have the inted to do so. I am more of an online/offline person. see further for meaning.

In my opinion you can split the crypto audience in 3 groups, tech people, online people and offline people.

  • Tech people attend hackatons, Sub0 , decoded,… persons with technical knowledge of blockchain or interest.
  • Online people check crypto on twitter, discord, telegram, youtube,…
  • Offline people know about crypto from traditional news, family, …

The first 2 groups (tech & online) have a lot of exposure to crypto (DOT) because they actively seek for it via tech events or online and they can find a lot.
And that is the problem, because all the marketing/events/videos/shillings/twitter space now are for those 2 groups of people. They don’t feed offline people and that is good because they are not interested in that, ex. like an iphone they use it but they are not interested in the technology.

Focus on offline people (everyone) but in real life. Let them connect with blockchain technology within an everyday situation.

Idea pitch: An Art Gallery (bricks&mortar location) with heavy focus on the fact that it is decentralized/opengov voted and powered by a blockchain (Polkadot).

How to implement/connect Polkadot in all of this:
Decentralized/opengov Holders vote what to do with the profit of the show. Burn the profit or return to Treasury?
First Blockchain Treasury funded/voted Art gallery?
proof of purchase via nft?
POAP nft?
Infocard with easy steps on how to create a wallet to visitors/buyers?
infocard with the ecosystem of Polkadot with QR code to a site?
all SELL/BUY/Artist comission transactions will go thru DOT

IRL marketing: (explicit marketing of Polkadot logo):
firtstblockchain powered art gallery = international news
disrupt tradition art scene
booth on international art fairs (art basel, art bxl, fair art Paris,…)
pink DOT tote bags/goodies to visitors
posters/banners on the street
origin of Polkadot / Kusama names are from Art scene :slight_smile: so it is meant to be
We can acquire a work from Yayoi Kusama. A polkadot work from Damien Hirst. Opengov voted and donated to a museum by Polkadot community/blockchain.

National/International known artists from own network or from friendly galleries.
nft/digital artists show
limited editions print/sculpts by selected artists with theme polkadot

2 FTE (management and an art curator)
1 physical location (rent)

my thoughts, initial for 2 years (3 shows per year, 6 total)

Thanks for reading, this is just a draft idea and probaly miss a lot but I had to share it with the community to start a discussion.
I would love to hear what the community thinks about this and how we can improve this.

Feel free to comment or message me.