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Cryptocurrencies and digital assets, like Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) tokens, are commonly viewed as programmatically used currencies. However, we should re-examine this notion. Here’s a suggestion to propel the demand for the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystems:

We ought to create a sanctuary for DOT holders, providing an avenue to spend their tokens. Envisage a treasury purchasing premium real estate worldwide, filled with elite amenities, exclusively available via DOT or KSM holdings or membership in the community. While open to all, the economy within these establishments would be entirely DOT or KSM based. These properties, operating at a reasonable loss absorbed by the foundation, would not seek profit.

Drawing from El Salvador’s Bitcoin model, we could even envision a country designed around this concept. Additionally, blockchain should facilitate the purchase of this prime real estate using DOT loans or payments, thereby boosting demand for DOT substantially.


What is the smallest possible version of this idea?

Where do you start?

If you make a plan, then maybe people will support you, in the end if you want to see this happen, make it real


I will prepare a detailed plan.

I like your thinking Ricosworks but the reality is that all the legal complications around owning land and real world assets would be far reaching and end up potentially damage the Polkadot brand. Its not quite the same but our Xcavate blockchain protocol aims to be the first global real estate centric appchain, re-imagining how real estate is funded and invested. While we are focused on new builds initially (as they are much easier to verify the ownership, planning consent, build quality & price). We aim to move in to commercial real estate and gradually any type of real estate you can think of over time. My hope is that users could earn XCAV tokens (our native token) maybe from renting out their apartment and then use them to book a hotel or secure some office time… If you extrapolate this in to any utility of real estate potentially you would not need to ever own any one particular property. Whats your thoughts?

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If you are interested in this, then you could possibly reach out to Liberland. They are currently looking into Polkadot to use it as a public infrastructure for state administration and private sector. It is lockated in the Balkans.

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Yeah, I know Liberland, is not a bad idea. However I feel like a crypto-friendly nation like Montenegro or El Salvador would better serve the purpose.

Interesting, it’s important that the value accrual comes back to DOT token, not XCAV. XCAV token could potentially help with the logic of the protocol. I will check it out. Thanks for participating.

Why couldn’t it both?