How to propose a new Category

The Forum exists in service of the Polkadot community. If you feel a category or subcategory is missing, make your proposal here.

To be considered please include:

  • Section Name
  • Subsections (if any)
  • Who should be moderators of that section (Optional)
  • Description
  • Example topics
  • Example out of scope topics (Optional)
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The proposal should also include:

  • Description
  • Example topics
  • Example out of scope topics (Optional)

So it is clear what topics exactly belongs to this section.

I was thinking about propose something like

  • Parachains
    • each parachains
  • Technical Discussion
    • Pallets
    • SDKs
    • XCM
    • Smart Contracts

But maybe we should only have a few categories and use tags to group the topics. I can image some topics can be applied to multiple sections such as “how to build XCM with polkadot.js” will be both SDKs and XCM.

  • Section Name: Conversation
  • Subsections
    • New Ideas
  • Who should be moderators of that section
  • Description
    • New pallet ideas
    • New library ideas
  • Example topics
    • Private transact pallet
    • New tool to index all parachains’ data into a single database
  • Example out of scope topics (Optional)
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I’m not sure an awesome list should get into the forum. I feel github is a lot easier to maintain for constantly changing lists. I think providing an easy way/doc to contribute there is probably more efficient

For me, a few specific element chats should also migrate to this forum under particular sections.

  • Governance
    • Polkadot
    • Kusama
  • Validators (probably don’t need sub-sections, but just tags in this case?)

We can use the existing moderators from the Element chat.

To transition these chats into the forum, I suggest that we:

  1. Setup the forum
  2. Bootstrap some activity
  3. Create forum notifications into the appropriate element channels
  4. Notify deprecation of the element chat (2 - 4 weeks)
  5. Lock the element channels from normal user posts, and leave notifications on.

I think the validators could be part of a broader “operations” section, where we would discuss operating a blockchain/node and maybe include best practices that could then be published/maintain directly on the repo readme

(For exemple I’d like to discuss the Docker optimizations that @erin mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Created here:

Hi! I have two small suggestions:

  • List item Allow Forum participants to upvote on topics. For example, if a topic suggestion get 30 votes it becomes a sub-category, and if it get’s 50 votes it becomes a category.
  • List item Run occasional content-contests (this might be done before conferences/special events that cover particular topics to increase visibility and have more focus on these topics). The content-contests could be as simple as this: "if your post gets xx number of likes or comments within 7 days of posting, you get a certain prize.

Note, we got feedback that there were too many sections already in the forum, so we reduced many of the sub-categories, and tried to keep things simple for now. To organize posts, we should use Tags.

Happy to hear any feedback on this :slight_smile:

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Proposing a new Category:

  • Section Name: Polkadot Blockchain Academy
  • Who should be moderators of that section (Optional)
  • Description: Keeping up to date with the latest developments of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy.
  • Example topics:
    ** Student Experience (based on interviews with students)
    ** The Academy from a Parachain Team’s perspective
    ** Content suggestions for the Academy
    ** Updates about the Academy cohorts
    ** How to be well prepared for the Academy
    ** Career options after the Academy

I think the academy is a strong example where Tags are best suited.

See already that all posts can be queried and shared with: Topics tagged academy

Proposing a new Category:

  • Section name: metaDOT
  • Who should be moderators of that section - happy to do so
  • Description: metaDOT is a space for questions, conversations and debates that develop on this forum and in the newly setup element channels of metaDOT and metaKSM. These channels exist to allow space for more experimental, abstract or research based topics that are upstream of Polkadot/Kusama Direction channels but are of a more specific nature to the more general discussions of Polkadot/Kusama Watercooler.
  • Example topics