How to propose a new Category

The Forum exists in service of the Polkadot community. If you feel a category or subcategory is missing, make your proposal here.

To be considered please include:

  • Section Name
  • Subsections (if any)
  • Who should be moderators of that section (Optional)
  • Description
  • Example topics
  • Example out of scope topics (Optional)

The proposal should also include:

  • Description
  • Example topics
  • Example out of scope topics (Optional)

So it is clear what topics exactly belongs to this section.

I was thinking about propose something like

  • Parachains
    • each parachains
  • Technical Discussion
    • Pallets
    • SDKs
    • XCM
    • Smart Contracts

But maybe we should only have a few categories and use tags to group the topics. I can image some topics can be applied to multiple sections such as “how to build XCM with polkadot.js” will be both SDKs and XCM.

  • Section Name: Conversation
  • Subsections
    • New Ideas
  • Who should be moderators of that section
  • Description
    • New pallet ideas
    • New library ideas
  • Example topics
    • Private transact pallet
    • New tool to index all parachains’ data into a single database
  • Example out of scope topics (Optional)
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I’m not sure an awesome list should get into the forum. I feel github is a lot easier to maintain for constantly changing lists. I think providing an easy way/doc to contribute there is probably more efficient

For me, a few specific element chats should also migrate to this forum under particular sections.

  • Governance
    • Polkadot
    • Kusama
  • Validators (probably don’t need sub-sections, but just tags in this case?)

We can use the existing moderators from the Element chat.

To transition these chats into the forum, I suggest that we:

  1. Setup the forum
  2. Bootstrap some activity
  3. Create forum notifications into the appropriate element channels
  4. Notify deprecation of the element chat (2 - 4 weeks)
  5. Lock the element channels from normal user posts, and leave notifications on.

I think the validators could be part of a broader “operations” section, where we would discuss operating a blockchain/node and maybe include best practices that could then be published/maintain directly on the repo readme

(For exemple I’d like to discuss the Docker optimizations that @erin mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Created here:

Hi! I have two small suggestions:

  • List item Allow Forum participants to upvote on topics. For example, if a topic suggestion get 30 votes it becomes a sub-category, and if it get’s 50 votes it becomes a category.
  • List item Run occasional content-contests (this might be done before conferences/special events that cover particular topics to increase visibility and have more focus on these topics). The content-contests could be as simple as this: "if your post gets xx number of likes or comments within 7 days of posting, you get a certain prize.

Note, we got feedback that there were too many sections already in the forum, so we reduced many of the sub-categories, and tried to keep things simple for now. To organize posts, we should use Tags.

Happy to hear any feedback on this :slight_smile:

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