Requesting addition of 'Proposal' tag


We would like to add a ‘proposals’ tag to forum initially, and later, if well used to make this a ‘category’.


Currently the epicentre of deep discussion and spicy debate is here.

Existing governance forums remain primarily off-chain interfaces.

We will soon begin putting forward proposals via this Discourse based forum before moving them through on-chain stages using Polkadotjs etc.

Where this goes

Over time we believe that a focused integration between Discourse (a well adopted open-source platform) and Substrate, will enable a better governance experience for all and a path to the integration of more open source tooling, including chat, media and events functions, that can deliver a more focused UX.

Does the existing tag treasury-proposal work?


Yes - thanks!

Great. Just for clarity for anyone else who might read this thread:

  • We should use the tag treasury to talk about the treasury itself: features and functionalities. Things like bounties, effects from open gov, etc…
  • We should use the tag treasury-proposal to talk about specific proposals going through the treasury. Teams and groups asking for funds.