Head Ambassador Election Process - Discussion

One suggestion:

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propose something :slight_smile:

Totally agree! It’s not clear how it will be as effective, even so on the root purpose there is nothing about this issue …

It’s here: Head Ambassador Election Process - Discussion - #21 by BEdasc :slight_smile:

The ambassador program has definitely taken a wrong turn.

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The idea is that HA applicants can build their own “job description” based on their interests and strengths to bring what their philosophy says will help build the eco. No?

As the community voted version of the proposal let it to be flexible and there is no other proposal setting a framework or specifics, this is the case now.

The HA election is live!

My proposal can be found here, feel free to copy the format for yours:

Guide to the submission: Ambassador Seeding - HackMD

Thank you Oliver Tale-Yazdi for the help and guide!

Final thoughts regarding this new version of Program from ex-Head Ambassador.

I am out of it, and recommend people not to join this Whale Ambassador Program because it is not sustainable long term and you oppose yourself to community.