Polkadot Ambassadors call to return to Gavin’s Vision of the Program

Dear Ambassadors, Senior Ambassadors, Head Ambassadors and Candidates

We are an initiative group of Polkadot Ambassadors. As all of you may know a two years proposal ( https://polkadot.subsquare.io/referenda/487 ) on going for renewing the Polkadot Ambassador Program. It is being developed with solutions and ideas as a collective in a decentralized, transparent and permissionless way as are the values from our community.

Unfortunately, just as we were working on a reorganization of the program - which could certainly be improved - another initiative was launched.

All initiatives are good when they encourage sharing. This one looks more like a forced passage. These methods should concern us. Nothing can be built solidly in a hurry. We need to move forward, yes, but we’ve only recently acquired the opportunity to do so autonomously. Before that, the program was managed by W3F. Many of you have volunteered to help building Polkadot. We’ve come a long way. Let’s continue together in the same state of mind as before.

The Problems with the new proposal (https://polkadot.subsquare.io/referenda/487 ) :

  • Head Ambassadors must be designated by the community without the predominant intervention of a third party. Yes, there must be community control, but we need to take some time to implement it. Why rush things when there’s no impact on the treasury?
  • Some of us work for 4+ years in the program and we invite hundreds of senior and thousand ambassadors to the program. We are all friends and bros. We can’t betray you. A 10k$ a month for every Head Ambassadors and zero(0) for Seniors and Ambassadors? This situation is unclear.
    We don’t want to make the elite group of his BD. We are for Decentralization and Permissionless. This proposal absolutely opposes these 2 key points of the Polkadot mindset
  • We want to be Polkadot Head Ambassadors and be associated with our beautiful and powerful project. Now we have no respect of our contributions , vision and care about Decentralization and Permissionless.
  • This proposal was made in haste, by a person with no experience as an ambassador, without consultation.
  • We already lost several Ambassadors because of this mess, and probable more if HA not going to participate in this new program, not mentioning the negative from other Candidates, Ambassadors who will be betrayed by this vision.

The Solution:

  • The program needs to be returned to the hands of current Head Ambassadors, with a commitment that a plan will be implemented with community support within 6 months (rewards modelization included).
  • Give us an opportunity to return to Gavin’s Initial Vision of the Ambassador Program.
  • The initial list of HA (by Parity) -Ambassador Collective Initial Seeding - Google Docs , meet those who contribute info to SIX file and approve the interest to join as Head Ambassadors (Polkadot Head Ambassadors.pptx - Google Slides ) goes as collective, not individually. THIS LIST NEEDS TO BE APPROVED AS SEED HEAD AMBASSADORS!
  • New participants not included to initial list go after seeding and choosing and vote by HA

Transparency Report about the Head Ambassador Program - Transparency Report The process of upgrading the Polkadot Ambassador Program to v2.0 - Google Docs

Roadmap and Vision (Draft in Progress)


Show your disapproval of the current rushed proposal. Together, let’s take back control of the ambassador program.

We ask Parity to step up and help us from technical side to implement Ambassador Collective and Ambassador Collective Initial Seeding, according to this Call

Those Head Ambassadors who are behind this open letter will sing it with comments from their verified identity accounts.


I , as Polkadot Head Ambassador sign and support this Open Letter!


I’m 100% within it as Polkadot Head Ambassador.


The discussion has the merit of being open. I joined Polkadot as an Ambassador at the beginning of 2020. Since then, along with everyone else, we’ve never stopped promoting the ecosystem in everything we have done. To do this, we received very few resources. Our team of HA volunteers worked on a new proposal. Then came a sudden emergency that attracted the crowds. And everything turned upside down, including the common spirit and values that bound us together. I think there are other ways of doing things, those of sharing and conciliation, that are more respectful of everything that has been built up to date. That’s why I want to support your initiative. This may be my last ambassadorial action, but I’ll be in line with the values I’ve always wanted to defend, including freedom! Long live Polkadot…


As a future ecosystem ambassador, I support this post. Alex, keep up the good work :muscle:, I am not happy with what is happening now either.


This is the point I don’t understand. According to Referenda 487, existing HAs will continue in office if they receive enough votes. You oppose this vote. You’re saying I should have continued my duty without this vote. You propose a new program for this. And it needs to get enough votes to be implemented.

Let me make it simpler. You oppose it being done by vote, and a vote is required for the alternative you propose to be realized.

By the way, I think you deserve to continue as Head Ambassador. But everyone must go through this evaluation on their own.

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As a participant of the 1kv program I also support this initiative.

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I am a Polkadot ambassador for about a year now and I have witnessed first hand to the nepotism and incompentency of current ambassadors and head ambassadors. This might not be true for all regions of course, but I know multiple people in ambassador program that have almost no idea about Polkadot, or promoting many other ecosystems on their socials and not talk about Polkadot at all.

I agree that the current proposal is being rushed, but otherwise, I disagree with almost everything else in this open letter. I think its a poor attempt to maintain the broken status quo. Knowing that my title is also gonna be removed, I support the tearing down of the current system.

Having no ambassador program is better than what we currently have.


iop its not good the program it’s why we have to change it, but maybe for the better of all not just for some. Because it wil maybe even get worst ! And we want your precious contribute your ideias / inputs its why we are asking time to collectively do a good one for all, but this takes time and effort you know that!

We dont want war at all ! we want freedom !

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Hey, being a “salaried” is the only way, and I don’t want that, so I have to get out.
It’s not a question of being evaluated by the community. Money will create a bad atmosphere. It’s not for enthusiasts anymore. This is my point.

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I’m sorry you have this perception. We tried to do the best we could with very limited resources. I don’t want to maintain the status quo, but I think the salary will create tensions, criticism… That’s why I don’t want to be part of the new program. I promoted Polkadot, often at my own expense, for 3 full years. To give you an example I even paid myself to make Pokadot member of the Blockchain French Federation. I wanted to continue as an enthusiast, rewarded on action. It’s not possible, so I’m quitting, and that’s fine too.


This is the voting for G Ambassador Program - Polkadot Ambassador Program

This bringing nothing but harm for the Polkadot. Strongly against the vision and vibe provided with this proposal. It is eroding what was done for years. Not creating, or improving - but destroying.

I as Head Ambassador skipping this and vote NAY.

This vision and execution is not Polkadot Ambassador Program, it is Hunger Games of Polkadot.

Stay Safe!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been following the recent developments around the proposal to revamp the Polkadot Ambassador Program, and honestly, I’m a bit puzzled. It feels like this whole thing popped out of nowhere and threw me for a loop.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being a tight-knit community that thrives on open dialogue and consensus. So, it’s pretty surprising to see a major proposal like this come up without the kind of discussion we’re used to. Especially in the community chats where we hash out these kinds of things. By the way, I haven’t seen Alex (the person behind this new proposal) joining any of these chats lately. We must all stay engaged in these spaces to understand what the community wants and needs.

The proposal feels rushed and out of sync with what we stand for. Remember the Giotto proposal? Yeah, this feels like we’re heading down that same path again, not in a good way. We’re all about building together, not making quick decisions that could split us apart.

Here’s what I’m thinking: why don’t we hit pause on this proposal for a second? Let’s get back to the drawing board, but this time, let’s ensure everyone’s on the same page. We need a plan that reflects our voices, not just a few. And let’s make sure we’re all talking to each other in the chats or wherever. It’s the only way to make decisions we’ll all be happy with in the long run.

To Alex and everyone else behind this proposal, I get where you’re coming from, but let’s try to sync up more with the community. We’ve got something special here with the Polkadot Ambassador Program, and it’d be a shame to see that get lost in the shuffle.

Let’s step back, regroup, and ensure we’re moving forward together. That’s how we’ve always done things and how we should keep doing them.

Looking forward to catching up in the chats and working through this as a team.



I get the point, staying united is the key!

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Hello i also wanted to be part of polkadot how can i ?
even i have contributed as a hero member

Can someone in charge from @Parity finally comment - YES / NO / Maybe.

As Ambassador I contributed for years without any comparable reward, like other Ambassadors signed this Call. Maybe we earned a chance to get honest answer if not support?

Now the Ambassador Program abandoned in the process of transition and raided by whales, trying to turn it to Hunger Games of Polkadot in the name of “BuSine$$ DeVeLoPeNmenT”.

It all looks bad and unfair.

I want light up this conversation , because now its obvious that nobody except some of Head Ambassadors really care about the program, and it was the attempt of whale to get more funds under control.

Polkadot Ambassador Program will passed and will be activated in 24h.

I think it’s time for the ambassadors to step up and take the situation into their own hands!

This is a very comprehensive article, truely a lot has been affected here, the system need to be adjusted so that the little effort of Ambassador and senior Ambassador can be appreciated as well.

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