Feedback needed: New Head Ambassador application requirement

Dear Polkadot Community,

We have some important news regarding the upcoming Polkadot Ambassador Program.

Starting next week, applications for the role of Head Ambassador will open. However, we understand that one requirement might be challenging for many of us.
Locked DOT: to apply as a Head Ambassador, we need to lock 5000 DOT for nearly two months. Additionally, 41 DOT will be required for the preimage.

We think that this is a substantial amount and could be a significant barrier for many potential candidates. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to gather your thoughts and feelings about this requirement.

We need your feedback!
Please share your comments below this post.

We want to know:
How do you feel about the 5000 DOT lock requirement?
What challenges do you foresee with this requirement?
Do you have any suggestions for how we might address these challenges?

Why your feedback matters?
Your input is essential to ensure the Ambassador Program is accessible and fair for all community members. Understanding your perspectives will help us explore possible adjustments or support mechanisms to make the program more inclusive.

That’s why a call will be organized next week with the technical fellowship team. Stay tuned!

We are committed to making the Polkadot Ambassador Program a success and ensuring it reflects the community’s needs and values. Your feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of this initiative.



It could be that the ambassador has at least 5 thousand dots locked in stake, I believe it could be something showing that the ambassador is skin in the game.

But this deposit is from track
fellowship admin track

Based on your post, I thought there would have to be 5000 more in addition to what you have to do on the track, totaling 10 k dots.

my only concert, I think about this in the application of some ambassadors in regions that are not as economically well off as Europe.

This makes the process more democratic.


Reiterating what @pararachainboy stated. Is this already locked DOT, or is this for the application? At todays rates in US that would be $31,950 in some areas of the world this is more than the cost of a home. In some areas of the US, this is a down payment on a home. I do agree you would be leaving out many people who maybe good representatives for Polkadot.


We already asked about that and need a follow-up but apparently no, we should receive the last reply during the X space.
We have 2 issues: the not user-friendly process and the 5k free DOT to lock.


This value is a legacy of the fellowship structure, not a requirement of the proposal. If we want to change it we need to submit a referenda.

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5000 non-staked DOT is quite a requirement. Is there some reason it can’t be staked?

Open to help, if needed. Thank you for the quick reply!

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The possibility of having the tokens staked reiterates the commitment that the head has with the ecosystem in having his tokens providing security to Polkadot.


I don’t see anything wrong with decision deposit of 5,000 DOT, we are talking head ambassador here, the absolute maximum level in terms of representing polkadot limited to 21 seats

We are also talking about a future salary of $10,000 per month

Don’t you think that someone who is supposed to be the highest level of representation of polkadot and that is going to earn around $10,000 per month should at least have 5,000 DOT?

And even if you don’t have them all you need is to find a sponsor that is willing to pay the decision deposit for you which shouldn’t be a problem if you have any chance to win (if no one is willing to help with a decision deposit most likely you have zero chances of winning anyway)


It seems to be a technical reason.

Hey, as a matter of fact, unless I’m wrong, it wasn’t in the initial proposal, which would mean that people didn’t vote in full knowledge of the facts. This could reasonably raise the question of transparency.

My question was not about the possession of 5000 DOT but about the requirement that it be transferrable and not staked.

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But this is true for every decision deposit for every referendum. The reason is because there is the possibility to slash the decision deposit of a fraudulent proposal with referendum killer. When you stake there is also a risk of slashing for technical reasons. So if you got slashed as a validator then you couldn’t get slashed again by referendum killer because the funds are already gone


Ah, I see–this is why I asked if there was a reason. I didn’t understand that each HA applicant would need to place a DD. Makes sense now.

There is no requirement for HAs to lock 5,000 DOT. Where does this come from?

Not “pay”, rather “place”. Like any referendum, they get it back after voting is over. And as Giotto said, if you can’t find someone to place the decision deposit, the referendum probably has a low chance of passing anyway.

The proposal says, “Head Ambassadors can only be appointed (or removed) via general token-holder referendum on a new, Ambassador Admin track. This track should be configured in a similar fashion to the existing Fellowship Admin track.”

The Fellowship Admin track has a 5,000 DOT decision deposit. What is unclear/opaque about this?

This has nothing to do with the existing Fellowship or the Ambassador program. It’s how all of OpenGov works. Polkadot is a crypto-economic system. Tracks cannot support an infinite number of referenda, therefore economic limits like decision deposits are used to prioritize the ones about which the network participants want to see decisions made.


Okay, in this case and only for people who are known within the ecosystem and really interested, we could propose a big tip to cover these 5,000 DOT (on loan to the HA candidate) that he/she will then have to pay back in case of election. We could use this method as a first skim; those who do not receive the big tip are obviously not well desired.

FYI, Big Tipper is 1k DOT max.


I’m not saying I don’t understand the reason. But you have to admit that it’s gonna let some people on the side. When you see the effort that many ambassadors have sometimes made with their funds to support Polkadot until now, I feel a bit disappointed. A strong community is a diverse and inclusive community. I think so…
Why is it impossible to use a stacked amount as collateral? When you don’t have thousands of DOTs, you stack everything, that’s normal. We could have thought of this option…
But maybe our understanding of the situation / the functionning is unclear?

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“There is no requirement for HAs to lock 5,000 DOT. Where does this come from?”

From the meeting that some ambassadors had with the technical fellowships to try to understand how to explain the process to the community.

“The Fellowship Admin track has a 5,000 DOT decision deposit. What is unclear/opaque about this?”

It would seem, then, that we don’t all have the same understanding of the situation and our obligations.

Thanks for the clarification, we still need to find a solution especially for those who live in underdeveloped countries and perhaps do not have 5000 DOT available.

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