Enhancing cross-chain experience of your dApps with revolutionary XCM Tool set from ParaSpell✨

Dear Polkadot forums community,


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A set of powerful XCM Tools ready to elevate your project cross-chain experience

The following post is a follow-up post to the previous one featuring many cool updates (We created new post because we are no longer able to edit the old).

This is the current state of tools:

There are five tools from which - one is core (SDK) for the three (API, ROUTER, VISUALIZATOR). Each tool can be installed independently.

  • XCM SDK: Core component for both API and Router. Meant to unify the cross-chain experience on Polkadot and become a layer 2 protocol that allows for seamless integration of XCM into your dApps. XCM SDK groups all 53 integrated XCM-compatible Parachain XCM Pallets into one uniform package and allows you to generate cross-chain calls with just one line.
  • XCM Router: (SpellRouter☄️): Meant to allow you to create XCM calls where you receive different assets than assets you send (Eg. Send → DOT from Polkadot, receive ASTR on Astar)—all in just one call.
  • XCM API: (LightSpell⚡️): Meant to ease the integration of XCM interoperability into your dApp, offload your dApp from heavy computing and save you costs. LightSpell implements XCM SDK and XCM Router into simple API endpoints.
  • XCM Analyser - Tool to convert XCM Multilocations to human-readable format. Written in emphasis on minimalistic dependency list.
  • XCM Visualizator - Tool to visualize XCM in the Polkadot ecosystem. Browse through history, explore selected Parachains, filter accounts engaging in XCM the most and more all in exciting 3D universe-like visualization.

The core and the only XCM SDK you will ever need

Created, when there were no other SDKs for XCM in the ecosystem. At the sole beginning of Polkadot. Born from a wild idea, to unify the XCM experience in the ecosystem. Meet our battle-hardened and well-established XCM SDK.

The abilities you gain by using XCM SDK:

  • Ability to transfer XCM messages from/to 53 different XCM compatible Parachains (Number of compatible chains fluctuates as some of them are added/removed)
  • Support for all three XCM transfer scenarios (UMP - Para to Relay, DMP - Relay to Para, HRMP - Para to Para)
  • Support for multi-asset transfers and fully customizable multi-locations (for destination chains, accounts and currencies)
  • Customizable XCM version (If our preselected version stops working, you can select one that works with just one simple parameter)
  • Asset claim feature with reduced parameters (Only 3 parameters required - chain, amount and address)
  • Polkadot <> Kusama bridge implemented for both DOT & KSM transfers
  • Testing on testnet or localhost (You can input custom WS port parameter or even custom Parachain ID)
  • Useful transfer info queries (Query fees, expected delivery amount and other transfer-related info all in just one query)
  • Front-end related data queries - useful asset queries, XCM pallet queries, existential deposit queries and more!
  • Ability to use a keep-alive kind of XCM transfer which checks the balance of the account on the destination chain and determines if the amount you send is sufficient.

Sending one asset cross-chain and receiving another was never this easy

Behold our latest state-of-the-art technology called XCM-Router. It is easy to implement and has plenty of awesome features like automatic exchange chain selection! Featuring 579 asset exchange pools. Try it out via playground!

Want to go packageless and save space? We got you

Meet our award-winning and first XCM API in the ecosystem. XCM API packs every XCM SDK and XCM-Router feature and allows you to implement XCM packagelessly.

Unable to decode complex XCM? Say no more

Developed in collaboration with PolkadotJS (Now implemented in PolkadotJS Extension-UI) XCM-Analyser lets you decode XCM Multilocations into human-readable format while being lightweight with minimalistic dependency list. Check it out in our Playground.


Exploring XCM in stunning, universe-like 3D Visualization was never this straightforward

Discover our award-winning and first XCM-Visualization oriented tool in the ecosystem - XCM Visualizator. Built to enhance data science around XCM. Scientists can visualize XCM-related information with ease in remarkable 3D and 2D visualizations. Now more available than ever - https://xcm-visualizator.tech/.


Implementation made easy with our docs

Explore our comprehensive documentation covering just about every topic developers will meet with when implementing XCM and our tools into their dAPPs.


Our team and history:

  • By now we completed 5 Web 3 Foundation grants meant to fund the development of our common good tools. This goes to show our dedication to the topic and the community. They can be observed here: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5.
  • We have been granted trust from the Kusama community 3 times in the following maintenance proposals that helped us further perfect our tools: Maintenance 1, Maintenance 2 and Maintenance 3 is historically :1st_place_medal:first maintenance related referenda to receive 100% AYE support.
  • Some of our tools are partially / fully funded by participation in Hackathons (To maximize self-sufficiency when developing state-of-the-art tools).
    • XCM API was co-funded with :1st_place_medal:first place at the Polkadot Global Series APAC 2023 Hackathon in the XCM Integration track. Here is the final announcement post.
    • The XCM Visualizator was fully funded by :2nd_place_medal:second place at the Polkadot Global Series North America 2024 Hackathon in the XCM Integration track. Here is the result announcement
  • Our knowledge and funds are reinvested into professional research articles :man_teacher: - Promoting Polkadot and ParaSpell in the long run at international research conferences (We occupy the first page when you search “Polkadot XCM” on Google Scholar). Conferences we choose are with higher standards and higher Z-indexes. We were so far able to publish a total of 5 professional research articles:
    • Sharing fungible assets across Polkadot Paraverse: IEEE ICECET 2022 - link
    • Enhancing XCMP Interoperability Across Polkadot Paraverse: IEEE ICBC 2023 - link
    • ParaSpell XCM SDK: A New Protocol for Interoperability in Polkadot Paraverse: IEEE BCCA 2023 - link
    • Cross-Chain Payments on Blockchain Networks: An Apartment Booking Use-Case: ACM SAC 2024 - link
    • Interlinked Transactions: Revolutionizing Apartment Bookings through Cross-Chain Payments: BCCA 2024 - link
    • Cross-Chain Non-Fungible Assets Sharing on Polkadot - Currently submitted to the conference and in the review process

What this forum post aims to achieve

  • Raise awareness of our XCM tools
  • Gaining valuable feedback and suggestions on what should be added
  • Task preparation for the upcoming fourth maintenance treasury request on Kusama for a further 6 months of funding.

What are you getting by implementing one of our tools or more

  • Complex free support with implementation (Through a private telegram group between our and your team (We usually respond within minutes and we are also open to live calls when time plays a role in your project delivery - form to reach out to us can be found on our Landing page)
  • Prompt issue solving if any occurs (Feel free to open an issue in any repo)
  • Constant updates for every package (We strive to bring new features for each tool)
  • Comprehensive documentation for each tool
  • Reliability (Checked each month for changes in Pallets or compatible Parachains)
  • Guarantee, that everything is free for everyone. The ParaSpell✨ team aims to deliver only the common good, be completely open-source and free with no hidden costs or subscriptions.

Dear Polkadot forums community, feel free to explore our continuous maintenance proposal for 6 months now proposed in discussion: ParaSpell XCM Tools Server costs coverage and 6 months of Maintenance Proposal | Polkassembly

We appreciate any questions, feedback and comments.

We have just launched the proposal. Feel free to check it out: ParaSpell XCM Tools Server costs coverage and 6 months of Maintenance Proposal | Polkassembly
We are open to any comments/questions/suggestions.
Thank you for your time!

With kind regards,
Team ParaSpell

Hey Paraspell!

We’ve noticed that for your XCM visualization, you seemingly are scraping the XCM transfers data from the Subscan website. Please, tell us if we overlooked anything in the implementation.

We have an offering that covers this in a cleaner and smoother way. With Ocelloids (currently in early access waiting list), you can subscribe to XCM journeys and receive them on your webhook for indexing via the XCM Monitor. Plus, you can get the metadata of the assets and currencies through our Data Steward (resolving by multilocation is supported but not yet documented). We also provide a demo XCM tracker app (with source code) that uses these APIs.

Let us know if it’s of your interest!


Hey @sodazone !

This is perfect! We are actively trying to find a reliable source for fetching new XCM Messages for Polkadot, Kusama and also Westend Paraverses.
Our worry about XCM Monitor is, that it will be heavy on server hardware (Because we will have to run many observers in parallel in threads (One for every chain in the ecosystem)). Is there any chance, that you offer/ will offer a service, that lets us fetch these events once per day (All messages captured on the selected day)?

With kind regards,
Team ParaSpell✨

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Glad to hear this!

The requirements for consuming the subscriptions are pretty low, a Hetzner’s CX22 is enough (~4.5 EUR/month). Anyway if you prefer or suits your case better to have daily snapshot of the aggregated data is something that we can implement quickly, we take note of it.

Our suggestion is to try with the current capabilities and if there’s a bottleneck we can solve it together :smiley:

The early access will be open in one month (approx.) and we’re more than happy to assist you in the onboarding and tailor the service to fit in the best possible way your scenario.

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@sodazone Looking forward, feel free to contact us via our landing page contact form!

Team ParaSpell✨