[Greenpoint Labs] Community-First Ecosystem Growth

A Web3 Foundation DF proposal that combines direct collaboration with the Polkadot community and targeted business development to drive new projects, activity, and liquidity into the ecosystem.


At this point it’s abundantly clear that Polkadot needs focused initiatives that drive sustainable growth to the network and value to its community. Many solutions presented so far look to address these issues in their own distinct ways, but don’t take advantage of the compounding network effects already present in the ecosystem. Greenpoint Labs aims to take a different approach.

We are a team of past and present Polkadot BD and Community contributors that want to move the needle forward, along with and not in spite of the community. Our team has worked with companies like Parity, D1 Ventures, Moonbeam, Astar, and just about every other Polkadot team you can think of. We’ve also done BD for non-ecosystem teams in Ethereum and Polygon. At our core, we’re DOT-natives and want to lead a growth engine that benefits the ecosystem while providing unique incentives for new teams to join.

Here’s how:

The lack of a smooth business-focused onboarding process has created a great deal of friction for new projects looking to enter the ecosystem. At its best, the ecosystem thrives when parachain teams are well coordinated, but with opinionated BD this ideal becomes unworkable. Even if a new project somehow gets high-quality support, they often fail to see how a Polkadot deployment can serve their current user-base or larger business goals. User activity and liquidity in the ecosystem is slim, and often these external projects turn to parachain teams for undeserved grants and funding to build something they have no incentive to maintain.

The rise of airdrops and activity-based rewards has recently helped change the latter. Even outside Polkadot, in ecosystems like Solana and Eth L2’s, these initiatives have enabled users to get active again, while giving the projects a viable business case.

We at Greenpoint Labs will operate at the intersection of these two points.

First, with funding from the Web3 Foundation’s DF Program, we will create a streamlined Business Development engine that conducts targeted outreach to new and established crypto-native companies. We intend to be the boots-on-the-ground for the Polkadot ecosystem, with a focus on offering a seamless onboarding experience for crypto businesses. This involves coordinating with parchain teams and infrastructure providers, and other DOT stakeholders (including other DF recipients). We will create business oriented materials and playbooks for potential partners, and will ensure Polkadot is represented across platforms like DefiLlama, DappRadar, etc.

Second, we will work closely with the wider Polkadot community to create what we are calling (for now) the Polkadot Beta Testers Program. This program will pull from the parachains, DOT DAO’s, and the wider community of users to connect new deployments to active testers. Projects will receive the instant benefit of having beta-testers ready to play with their products, and the community will be rewarded through exclusive airdrops and participation rewards. Essentially, we will coordinate activity-based incentives and airdrops for our Beta Testers, offering partners high quality usage in return. This way, the community can have constant access to innovative Polkadot applications, while also serving to decide which ones are worth sticking around. This enables us to coordinate a highly iterative Business Development process that helps partners find clear Product-Market-Fit in the ecosystem.

Having been active participants of communities like ChaosDAO, Moonsama, and Polka Haus, we know there are high quality participants in the great experiment that is Polkadot. We at Greenpoint Labs, believe that they deserve better and more engaging things to do on the network. We will work to enable that reality.

What’s next:

While this post offers a high-level overview of our proposal, there are the details that we have worked out with various stakeholders to make this effective in practice. In execution, we will focus on bringing in user-facing, crypto-native applications and app-chains. Our incentives become more effective when we prioritize good benefits for Beta Testers, and optimize for high quality participation. Ultimately, our success will be measured by added liquidity and activity to the network driven by a positive growth flywheel that attracts new teams and non-natives.

We’re happy to elaborate on any part of the proposal and will share more details as we go through the DF process. If you would like to get involved with the Polkadot Beta Testers Program, either as a participant or as an administrator feel free to drop a comment. You can also reach us on Twitter @DaBricksz, @0xrojo, @dillonhanson12.

Let us know what you think, everything goes.

Let’s build the next chapter of Polkadot together.


Great initiative - there’s a great community keen to use and build the ecosystem, this proposal could well bring a scaleable structure that really brings more eyes to the Polkadot ecosystem.

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I’m happy to answer any questions here or on my Twitter / X, @dabricksz. We are happy to finally put out this post as a start to what can be a strong push for the ecosystem.

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Hi, thanks for posting the initiative!

I’ve personally followed Nick and Dillion for awhile, observing them being passionate w the ecosystem, doing business meet up in USA, etc.

Definitely Support.


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A fantastic proposal by a great group of capable ecosystem agents, IMO! Sustainable growth is what Polkadot needs and this the projections in this proposal seem promising!

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hey! I personally support this proposal, we need more initiatives to increase user engagement in the ecosystem. In general, we should encourage more active users who are eager to interact with and contribute to ecosystem projects, rather than just staking onchain. we need more active users, as opposed to merely stakers. I had the good fortune of working with Nick, as he was involved in developing the DTMB ecosystem page for Moonbeam. they actively listen to feedback and promptly implement all the requested features

I just wanted to share an idea that’s been on my mind. It would be fantastic to establish an ecosystem quest and dogfood platform, where our community members can undertake quests and accumulate points. these quests would focus on dogfooding parachains and ecosystem projects, thereby providing valuable feedback to the development teams. users who do a great job and provide amazing feedback can be rewarded. such an approach could foster a truly engaging platform with a vibrant and active user base. each project could create quests to request help testing their new products and attract more users, among other things. this is just an initial concept, but the potential of this platform is huge. there are many opportunities for its development

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Great to see more BD-focused initiatives put forth! Got a few questions for ya;

  • Would you see the initiative owning BD globally or just for the US?
  • There are a few other proposals out there for regional-specific BD, would you align or be competitive with those?
  • For the Beta-Testing program, where would you find these users?
  • The airdrops would be DOT, new tokens?

Look forward to learning more.


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Response to @turrizt

Awesome! Love the idea for dogfooding platform. we will brainstorm on how that could work, because for example not all chains are supported by galxe or zealy for quests.

Though I think something like an educational platform would be really powerful.

This sort of reminds me of polkadot pathways from
Ambassador program.

I’m not sure yet if this is something we would do ourselves, as it may take away our focus from main scope of work, but I think it could be a goal of ours to onboard a team that can implement this.


Thanks for the comment @NateHam1.

We are prioritizing engaging user facing apps that can find a long-term fit in the ecosystem. Accordingly, our target is crypto-native teams who are willing to iterate with us and appeal to the community. Our team is based in New York, so we will certainly have a focus on the US (and represent DOT in US-based events), but will reach out to team globally that we see having good fit for the Beta Testers Program.

We’re already in close-communication with the leading US BD/marketing initiatives, such as Transistor, and aim to complement not compete with them. I think coordination of all resources is really important when it comes to BD, and clear collaboration certainly helps with that. Once we set up the program, we will even open it up to other regional-specific BD teams to maximize value for the Beta Testers. As the BD engine for the ecosystem, our first allegiance is to the community. It will be necessary at times to re-direct certain projects to the relevant people, and we are happy to do so.

User for the program will be the Polkadot power users. They are active all over the ecosystem, from communities (like ChaosDAO, PINK/DED, and so on), to parachain dApps, to staking pools, etc. Really it can be anyone in the ecosystem looking to get access to innovative new projects and willing to offer high-quality feedback and honest activity. The airdrops will be a mix of both DOT and new tokens, depending on the partners. Ideally, we are optimizing for fun new projects and tokens that are attractive and engaging for our Beta Testers.

I look forward to collaborating with Distractive in the future. Feel free to hit me with any other questions you got.

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Cool initiative and excited to see where it goes! If y’all are planning on hosting any events be sure to stop by the Events Bounty Notion page and brush up on what’s required for funding - we’d love to support y’all! :slight_smile:


Great initiative which is very much needed at this point. Having a streamlined structure is an absolute must for onboarding new ecosystem teams, partners and to drive engagement and adoption in the ecosystem. Nick is and has been a massive ecosystem contributor and I believe he is the right person to lead this. Furthermore, this team is a great addition to the existing coalition of DF candidates such as transistor, distractive focusing on NA.


Big fan of the Beta Testers Program this team has proposed, which would no doubt be a huge positive selling point when we are all trying to pull more teams into the Polkadot ecosystem.

Transistor’s focus will be on leveraging quite a different network and outreach tactics, so this is certainly a complementary proposal.


Fully support this proposal!

It’s a plus to get Polkadot data featured on DefiLlama and DappRadar, which obviously brings more awareness to wider users. And most importantly, this team has proven their contribution as well as their impressive work in Polkadot ecosystem.

We need more BD work like this to make Polkadot more appealing and to attract a wider room for potential money flow and users. Let’s go!



MuFi would love to be part of the Polkadot Beta Testers Program. Sounds like a very smart and practical approach to growth in the ecosystem. Looking forward to seeing Greenpoint Labs execute on this.


As Greenpoint Lab, do you think that this initiative has promises or impacts for socio-ecological development? If so, what are they and how do you define them ecologically?