BlockDeep Labs - Commencement of Ecosystem Services

BlockDeep Labs would like to thank the community for seeing the value in and approving our proposal.

We are pleased to announce that the services outlined as part of the proposal are now available to the community.

Code Reviews:

If you would like to apply for a code review, please submit this form and we will evaluate your project and collateral in consideration for the reviews process.

Successfully registered teams will gain from a full code review on defined deliverables and receive a detailed report (example) upon completion of the review.

Accreditation for participation in the process will be signified on-chain by issuance of a ‘reviewed by BlockDeep’ NFT.

Release Analysis:

As promised, the Polkadot Release Analysis will resume. Reports will be published to the Polakdot Forum and follow the same structure as previous reports published before.

Delivery Partners Program:

We will be building the infrastructure to support the creation of a decentralised NFT accreditation dapp / badging system over the coming months, and engaging with Partners and potentials for admission where proficiency meets the requirement for delivering quality Substrate solutions.

Technical Support Services:

BlockDeep Labs will help build competency with training and technical support to accepted delivery partners on Polkadot technology.

Additionally, we are committed to providing 5 hours in technical support to builder teams per review. We will coordinate the support service for builders via the same form shared above.

Thank you again to the entire community! We are excited to help improve the developer experience and engagement in the Polkadot ecosystem.