DIV Studio Proposal

Deep Ink Ventures Studio (DIV Studio) is a venture builder for the polkadot ecosystem, driven by community ideas and votes.

It brings a team with significant experience in the polkadot ecosystem together with seasoned founders in the startup space.

Our focus is on blending agile development principles with the community-centric ethos of the Polkadot universe.

Venture Development Process

DIV Studio is dedicated to venture building in the blockchain space. Our approach is rooted in fast time-to-market, MVP-focused development, and scalable business models. We are committed to leveraging the Polkadot and Kusama platforms’ capabilities, bringing to life ventures that resonate with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Our venture development process begins with ideation and community engagement. We gather and present venture ideas to our community, allowing them to participate actively in the selection process. This ensures that the projects we undertake are not only technologically sound but also deeply aligned with the community’s vision.

Following the community’s mandate, we embark on a structured development cycle. This includes initial scoping, technical architecture planning, and MVP development. Our team, proficient in Substrate development, ink! smart contracts, and the EVM, ensures that each venture is built on a solid technical foundation.

Ecosystem Fit

Our team’s longstanding involvement in building on Polkadot has endowed us with an intimate understanding of its infrastructure and tech stack. This technical foundation, combined with our founders’ and key members’ backgrounds in the startup realm, positions us to empower startup adoption within the ecosystem.

Our primary audience is the community itself, which plays a pivotal role in our operations by having the final say in the selection of projects we undertake. This community-centric approach ensures that the ventures we develop are in line with the interests and needs of those most invested in the ecosystem’s success. However, the ultimate goal of DIV Studio extends beyond. We aim to attract both retail and business customers to the Polkadot ecosystem, offering them innovative services and solutions developed by our ventures.

One of the critical needs DIV Studio addresses is the current landscape’s demand for more businesses and ventures actively building on Polkadot. While there is no shortage of ideas within the ecosystem, the challenge lies in the time-to-market and the speed of market adoption. DIV Studio stands out in this regard with its proven track record of fast yet high-value releases. Our approach is designed to accelerate the development and launch of ventures, thereby catalyzing the ecosystem’s growth and adoption.

When compared to similar initiatives, such as the Solana Ventures Studio and concentrated efforts by VCs in specific blockchain segments, it becomes evident that a similar drive is essential for Polkadot. The previous crypto bull run highlighted the importance of rapid adoption as a key ingredient for a chain’s success. DIV Studio aims to fill this gap in the Polkadot ecosystem, bringing a level of dynamism and efficiency that has been instrumental in the success of other blockchain platforms. Our initiative is not just about launching new ventures; it’s about infusing the Polkadot ecosystem with the energy and agility needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Team and Experience

Deep Ink Ventures comprises experts with a rich portfolio of projects within blockchain space and the Polkadot ecosystem. Within polkadot we are currently building infrastructure chains and technologies such as GenesisDAO, an DAO infrastructure chain that has just finished it’s government proposal and is currently integrating XCM in preparation for mainnet launch. We are as well involved in technology development such as the Hookpoints Pallet that is allowing substrate based chains to integrate ink!-based extension systems. We also have a wide array of other chain contributions such as Dfinity, EVM or Soroban - most of them open sourced at our github repository.


DIV Studio aims to put the first venture for vote in early Q1 2024, so we are already interested to get community ideas from the gates. So please feel free to share what you think is missing, urgently needed or just a killer app (existing on other chains or not) that you want to see build. If you are a builder or potential founder with an idea but the lack of technical expertise or network, we want to talk to you as well. Just give us a ping and we setup a call!

I had the pleasure to have collaborated with DIV on GenesisDAO - a public good infrastructure with 2 W3F grants and one Treasury grant. Very impressed by their deep understanding of cross-chain technologies, fast execution and iteration, as well as dedication to Polkadot. It’s great to see that they’re stepping up to do more for the ecosystem.

I’ve been working with the DIV people for a while and have seen them building MVPs for great startups, some have had their exit other where backed by a16z. They bring a great experience in the blockchain space, not only in tech but also in business, network and startup growth mechanics. This can add a lot of value if they are releasing the pressing community ideas on a rolling basis.