Discussion to pay off Previous Polkadot ambassadors

Dear Polkadot community,
I am Malize fred a previous polkadot ambassador from Africa (Nigeria). I write to inform the Community that previous ambassadors should be compensated. Over the years , these ambassadors had made significant contribution to the growth of Polkadot ecosysyem without any form of monetary benefit as stipend for their effort.

Some of these ambassadors carried out this activities:

-Hosted meetups and seminars.
**-Built Local communities. **
**-Promoted the polkadot brand Globally **
-Created educational materials.
**-Represented Polkadot at different Blockchain events. **
-Onboarded many users and Developers to the ecosystem.

It is unethical and unfair to sideline them without any form of compensation, atleast for their TIME.

Therefore, I suggest that a proposal should be created to compensate previous polkadot ambassadors who has made meaningful contributions to polkadot.

Your Opinion is welcome. I am open for collaboration and further discussion on this topic.


Malize fred

community Governance ambassador-programme

Not entirely true. We did get 200 USDT at some point. :smile:

Hello @tomi , the 200 usdt was only paid to new ambassadors , senior and head ambassador never received any. This can’t be placed in a comparative terms with their time and effort…