Application for Bounty #17 Curator: Simon Leon

Hello everyone, here is Saimon Polkadot Senior ambassador =)

Since I discovered Polkadot in 2021 thanks to research I was doing at work, it caught my attention and when I met the great community I decided to collaborate to help its ecosystem. For those who do not know my profile, I am an engineer, blockchain and virtual reality developer, but as often happens over time in the corporate sector, I have been able to acquire new knowledge in roles such as project management, business development and ecosystem developer. Now I want to tell you about this new stage…


1) Why are you ideal for the position of curator?

My main motivation is to be able to contribute to making Polkadot a more pleasant space for people who want to learn, build and share in a healthy way. That’s why I’m running as a curator.

During my career I have attended countless events and I always have the feeling that I want to do something more to improve them, which is why in all the activities where I have been involved I have strived to provide a pleasant experience to everyone who participates. I think that generating a good memory at the end of each activity makes the difference between just attending and generating the desire to repeat it again.

So far it has been 8 years where I have been able to contribute in this way to the Web3 ecosystem in general and on this occasion I would like to be part of the team that will collaborate with experience, guidance, knowledge and the best disposition so that in Polkadot each activity is truly memorable .

I would like to highlight that many times organizing events is not everything, something very valuable is knowing what happens on a daily basis in each place where the activities take place to really connect with people. For the Polkadot ecosystem I have been able to put this into practice in activities carried out in 10 different countries in Latin America and Europe. This is one of the contributions that I would like to provide for the entire team.

2) How would your participation in Reward #17 lead to improvements and what do you think they would be like?

I think that doing things in an organized way is a key element in multidisciplinary teams and since Polkadot is the largest DAO in the world I would like to provide that element from the beginning.

I am part of the team of subcurators collaborating in different aspects and I would like to continue developing the projects that I initially presented to the team, which are:

-A tool for objective and standardized evaluation for all proposals.
-A resource that can map all the activities that are promoted from the bounty in an effective way and accessible to the entire ecosystem.

3) Provide an example of an achievement/success of yours within the Polkadot community that you are most proud of.

I would like to mention 3 elements that I consider have been positive for the ecosystem:

  1. The Polkadot Latam Day conference in its first editions (Peru and Colombia): an activity that was born from the need to provide high-quality content for the Spanish-speaking community, which in its first version in 2021 from Peru was selected as the most receptive between the 384 that were held that year and the edition in Medellín 2022 that, thanks to the efforts of 6 ambassadors from various countries, united the entire ecosystem without the need to leverage famous activities to achieve success.

  1. My participation in the Prague, Paris and Berlin 2023 conferences: these not only made the work and talent of Latin America visible but also demonstrated that it is really possible to build work teams within the ecosystem with multicontinental collaborations.

  1. The activity hosted at the NTT DATA Living Lab at Barcelona in 2022: In this activity, the foundations of collaboration were laid so that this great company could directly learn about the great benefits that exist in Polkadot, told directly by its protagonists. With the participation of Latin American and European ambassadors, members of Parity, businessmen and professional developers, collaborations began that to date have allowed 3 companies (so far) from the Polkadot ecosystem to collaborate with NTT DATA and its clients. at a global level.