Application for Bounty #17

Application for Event Bounty Curator in the African Region

Dear Polkadot Community,

My name is Victor Chinenye(Vickysnipe), and i am happy to apply for the position of Event Bounty Curator for the African region. As an active Polkadot ambassador for the past 3yrs and a developer in the african community i deeply appreciate the huge potential polkadot technology has and how far it can go in solving the issues of decentralization and blockchain adoption in africa and beyond.

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Qualifications and Experience

Software Engr and Active Polkadot Ambassador: As a developer with good understanding of polkadot tech stack, I am an ideal candidate for the Event Bounty Curator role due to my unique blend of event management experience, deep understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem, and strong community engagement skills. Specifically:

Event Management: I have a proven track record of organizing and managing successful blockchain events, including Decoded viewing, conferences, and community meet-ups. My attention to detail and ability to coordinate logistics ensure smooth execution of these events.

Polkadot Ecosystem Knowledge: My extensive involvement in the Polkadot community has equipped me with in-depth knowledge of its technical landscape, governance structure, and key stakeholders. This allows me to align events with the community’s needs and strategic goals.

Community Engagement: I excel at fostering community spirit and engagement. My ability to connect with developers, enthusiasts, and industry leaders helps create events that are not only informative but also highly engaging and collaborative.

Also as the convener of RUST NIGERIA ABUJA community, i have extensive knowledge of how to organize developers and present events that meet their needs.

Innovation and Impact: I am committed to driving innovation within the Polkadot ecosystem by leveragin my experience as a hackaton participant and winner of the UNIQ Network challenge during the 2023 Polkadot Safari event and hackaton held in Kenya. By curating events that address current challenges and opportunities, I can ensure that they have a lasting impact on the community and ecosystem.
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My involvement in Bounty #17 would lead to significant improvements through the following approaches:

Strategic Event Planning: I would introduce a strategic approach to planning events, ensuring they address current trends, challenges, and opportunities within the Polkadot ecosystem. This would result in more relevant and impactful events.

Enhanced Collaboration: By leveraging my network within the Polkadot community, I would facilitate greater collaboration between developers, researchers, and industry experts. This would enhance the quality and diversity of content presented at events.

Measurable Outcomes: I would establish clear goals and metrics for each event, ensuring that outcomes are measurable and align with the broader objectives of the Polkadot ecosystem. This would include follow-up activities to maintain engagement and track progress.

Improvements would manifest as higher-quality, well-attended events that drive tangible advancements in technology, governance, and community cohesion within the Polkadot ecosystem.

My most proud achievements within the Polkadot Community is the successful organization of the Decoded viewing party 2022, participating and winning the Unik challenge at the Polkadot safari event hakathon, representing Polkadot as a speaker during the 2022 Google Developers summit in Abuja Nigeria, hosting the educative summit at Nile University abuja and speaking about Polkadot technology at the event. a major event that brought together leading developers, researchers, and community members to discuss and showcase cutting-edge projects within the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Political Philosophy:

my political philosophy is rooted in the following principles.


  • Open Communication: Maintain open and clear communication about event planning, decision-making processes, and outcomes. Regularly update the community on progress and provide detailed reports after events.

  • Accountability: Implement mechanisms for community feedback and incorporate this feedback into future events. Clearly define and communicate the criteria for event funding, why they were funded and how the funds were released for the events

  • Integrity and Fairness: I will ensure that all activities and decisions are conducted with the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that everyone is treated with fairness.

  • Distributed Decision-Making: Encourage decentralized decision-making processes where community members have a say in the planning and execution of events. Use on-chain governance tools to facilitate this where possible.


My full support for you sir!
You have a proven track record and have shown to have the capacity for such a role

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Victor has also been working with me on Rust Nigeria. He is one of the first Rust Nigeria meetup group members, which is now almost 300 members. He’s not just a Polkadot community member and ambassador, he strongly advocates for Polkadot whenever we are in any blockchain event. He has also proven over time that he is fit for this role. A great mind to work with!:raised_hands:t4: