Decentralized Voices Program - Adam Clay Steeber

I am formally throwing my hat in the arena for this program. I will just paste my longDescription from the Nova wallet delegates registry.

History of my votes here.

I have been an active member of the Kusama ecosystem since April 2021 and started my web3 career in November of 2021. My primary focus is on Kusama and its parachains and my main goal in web3 is to bring revolutionary technology to my sphere of influence and educate as many individuals as possible about the web3 paradigm.

I approach governance referenda with some simple questions:

  • Does the referendum uphold the values of innovation, integrity, and transparency?
  • Does the referendum bring value to the ecosystem as a whole?
  • Has the proposer shown competence in whatever project or on-chain action they are proposing?
  • If the referendum is a Treasury spend, has the proposer shown financial competence and have they meticulously budgeted their ask?
  • Did the proposer actively engage with the community and earnestly implement feedback before submitting their referendum on chain? Is the proposer actively engaging with the community after they have submitted their referendum on chain?
  • Does the proposer show competence in submitting on chain referendum successfully (i.e. are they avoiding spamming governance tracks)?
  • Has the proposer been modest in submitting referenda before?

Learn more about me and my projects: Polkassembly | Twitter | Website | Project Gweihir | Green Bay Dollar | RMRK DAO


Go Alan! :dizzy:
We don’t usually share the same view on proposals, but that’s life, he has been extremely helpful with the community and is heavily involved in governance since forever

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