Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2. The Mexican Collective

Mexican Collective DV


The Mexico Collective is an initiative of 7 ambassadors who have consistently contributed to creating the Polkadot community in Mexico, as well as representing this significant community at various events in the United States and Europe. The ability to participate fully and freely in OpenGov is one of the main factors for social inclusion and the development of individuals within the ecosystem, which in turn strengthens the social fabric of the Polkadot community. A fair and inclusive society is built on inclusion, thus it is crucial that community members have the opportunity to express their voices, which also gives them the expectation of a better future for the ecosystem.

Polkadot Mexico X/Account
Telegram Group

Philosophy and why we should be considered for DV:

For the Mexican Collective, it is a priority to create the necessary conditions for the incorporation of proposals from individuals who have demonstrated consistent and socially useful work. The challenge is enormous and demands a collective effort to enable us as a responsible community capable of embracing the diversity that defines us, and to go beyond mere discourse with concrete actions that make it possible for anyone to exercise their right to express opinions and make proposals. These are fundamental elements for progressing toward a more just and inclusive society.

Although humans are meant to live in society and interact with their peers across various settings, it is a reality that many individuals are excluded due to various factors. Among them are those who, lacking necessary resources, are deprived of the opportunity to express their opinions or voice, or due to this lack, find it challenging to secure a place in the ecosystem, resulting in exclusion and, consequently, a lack of economic and social opportunities.

Representing a prominent community in Mexico, both in quality and number of active users, we have firmly consolidated interest in Polkadot and organically promoted the adoption of web3 technology. In every event we organize, from planning to execution, we ensure that we maintain excellence in all aspects, including speakers and workshop leaders, to meet the highest standards of quality.

Background of Members and Experience in Polkadot and Blockchain:

  • Erick has been enthusiastic about web3 since 2020, starting in Polkadot in 2020 to learn about the ecosystem and technology that Polkadot provides. In 2022, he applied to be an ambassador for Mexico, therefore being one of the first ambassadors for Mexico to create and grow the Polkadot Mexico community and organize events within the country. He also creates content in Spanish on Youtube and Twitter. He has been present at all Polkadot events in Mexico, promoting the community and ecosystem. Erick is enthusiastic about the KILT Protocol and the official team recognizes the work he has done in Mexico. He is also the Head Ambassador of Polimec Protocol, a member of Kappa Sigma Mu (KSM), and a member of Youdledao in Astar Network. Erick has had a great journey within the ecosystem and is willing to continue building and growing the community in Mexico.

  • Luis is a computer systems engineer and has participated in the Polkadot ecosystem since 2022 spreading the word and attending events such as Polkadot Decoded 2023 that took place in Denmark and Polkadot Hub CDMX. He has experience not only in the technological field but also in business development since he has collaborated with companies such as Heineken.

    • Polkadot Ambassador.
    • Centrifuge Active Contributor and Ambassador.
    • Luis has the [Opportunity Master Role] at Centrifuge DAO, responsible for the list of Active Contributors at Centrifuge DAO, among other activities such as leading the Spanish-speaking Centrifuge community.
  • Armando, I’ve been part of the Polkadot ecosystem since 2020, and I was thrilled when I participated in the parachains on both Kusama and Polkadot. In 2022, I applied to become a Polkadot ambassador, and since then, I haven’t stopped participating with the Polkadot Mexico community in organizing events, workshops, presentations, and conferences, all with the goal of continuing to educate the Mexican community. At the moment, I am the Head Ambassador at Polimec and the Community Manager of Tododecripto, the number one community in Mexico for education in Web3, memes, etc. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Polkadot 2.0 and everything it will bring us in the future with the new implementations.

  • Amaury, as a candidate and ambassador, he worked on the development of events in México, serving as an assistant during Polkadot Doxxed México CDMX 2022, Hackathon UNAM 2023, Meetup Bitcoin Embassy Bar 2023, Guadalajara Polkadot Side Event Talent Land 2023, Polkadot Decoded View Party 2023, Polkadot Hub Ibero CDMX 2023, Polkadot Satellite Event CDMX 2023, Cripto México Hackathon Tijuana 2023, Polkadot Side Event Talent Land 2024 among many others crypto events.

  • Cesar has been in the crypto ecosystem since the beginning of 2020 and that same year he got to know the Polkadot ecosystem, but it wasn’t until 2021 that he began contributing as an ambassador for some other projects in the ecosystem (Moonbeam and SubQuery). As he became more active in the ecosystem, he started to become more interested in the workings of Polkadot itself. That is why, in 2022, he and a group of friends who are also Polkadot ambassadors officially created the Polkadot community in Mexico, organizing events for the Polkadot community in Mexico. He has had the opportunity to attend other Polkadot events in the United States and Europe, where he collaborated with KodaDot and Unique Network for the Ethereum Denver and side events. That is why he has had the opportunity to meet many members of the community. He has a channel on YouTube and TikTok where he creates content related to Polkadot, and on his Twitter account, he creates threads about the ecosystem.

  • RODRIGO I’ve been in the Polkadot ecosystem since mid-2020. Its token split movement caught my attention, and I wanted to get more involved. Not knowing many people in Mexico, I decided to seek community, and that’s when I found some very pleasant individuals who had formed the Polkadot Mexico group. I was invited to join the Polkadot Ambassador program and the Polkadot Mexico group. Since then, I’ve been involved with my colleagues in various meetups to raise awareness about the ecosystem and its various parachains and updates. We’ve always been attentive to people who have doubts about Polkadot technology. Additionally, the Polkadot Mexico YouTube channel was created to upload videos on various topics about Polkadot and practical cases so that people could understand actions to be taken more clearly. It’s been an incredible process, and we’re aiming for the Mexican community to be a reference both within and outside the country for teaching about the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • JAVIER ELI: Javier has been enthusiastic about web3 since 2020, starting in Polkadot in 2020 to learn about the ecosystem and technology that Polkadot provides. In 2022, he applied to be an ambassador for Mexico, therefore being one of the first ambassadors for Mexico to create and grow the Polkadot Mexico community and organize events within the country. He also creates content in Spanish on Youtube and Twitter. He has been present at all Polkadot events in Mexico, promoting the community and ecosystem. Javier is Talent Growth Latam at Gear Foundation where he is in charge of attracting talents and achieving approaches with universities creating alliances with IT careers, He was a Judge in several hackathons in the Polkadot ecosystem with specialization in business models, UX/UI and Dapp Design. He is also the Head Ambassador of Polimec Protocol. Javier Eli has had a great journey within the ecosystem and is willing to continue building and growing the community in Mexico.

Collective wallet


Official wallets of the integrants (Here you can verify the participation in openGov of each collective members):

  • Erick: 15XF37GkxgRJakURR4jycdrJnqWQctT5yUPzqLn81TZmwBDF
  • Luis: 14GdDf56wAE3xasZmQ3hohR2TZhcjtJB7Yx8CcrFbEy733fJ
  • Armando: 13pgVrB53DyS7wLeGWkDYUSBYBTageJDjEqXLqxsqJBismsV
  • Amaury: 13JsTxizvEUEeewFagowtFQaWpHbADWCoSkTGAY7QTSkvtWF
  • Cesar: 1TtCbdG7LjYwry8bYK6zV3xq2XAnXod4jf2htxH2NE1Wf2Q
  • Rodrigo: 13xYYGtGmWFuypqtX4YH6Y1q49mMbpqyKcxoqLTSipv7SPMP
  • Javier: 1U9NbBVpku7VYWtGE5CFTyyaTVTNBrfyXDNETK89uGDD6wm

Key points to take into account when voting:

  • Community inclusion
  • Value of the proposal for the community.
  • Reasonable budget according to the objective to be achieved.
  • Reputation, experience and history of the proposer within the ecosystem.
  • Transparency on the goals achieved and Transparency of the last proposals
  • Alignment with Ecosystem Goals
  • Community Feedback and Engagement
  • Scalability and Long-term Impact

Off the top of my mind, I have had the pleasure of conversing and seeing Luis in many discussions online. I have seen the Spanish YouTube and X profile recently and am overjoyed by the representation that other languages bring to the adoption of Polkadot, I have said it before and I truly mean it, we’re a global brand! I am very happy to see this collective applying for DV!!!


Buenissssimo verlos por aquí chicos :slight_smile:


Thank you @HopeClary ! we really appreciate your words and as you said, we are a real global brand and we are pushing this forward to reach new users and help to the Polkadot tech adoption, again thank you very much and happy to participating in DV program!


Saludos! @BRA16dott estamos encantados de participar en DV program y entusiasmados por tu apoyo! gracias!

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Big shoutout to you @HopeClary for supporting inclusion within the ecosystem. We know that you are a very active member of the Polkadot community, and we appreciate your support.


Being at the Decentralized Voices program is a big commitment, and a schematic effort from all the community, I’m a mexican founder of a project called “Peranto” and I’m an alumni from the PBA HK cohort, and having the Polkadot ambassadors of Mexico as the “main” entry point for all the OpenGov commitment of the region is a loable task, and I will help you guys on any matter I can to bring more execution and exposition to the ecosystem on your possible new labors.

I’ve known the ambassadors since 2022, and I vouch on them about their commitment to the ecosystem and the dedication to teach and onboard new users into Polkadot, and their commitment into the ecosystem overall, I can say, that the help of Erick with KILT Protocol IRL events, helped me personally to sign an intention letter with the biggest litigant lawyers association in LATAM. Also, all listed ambassadors had left a lasting impression and helped me along the way into keeping up with Peranto, the ecosystem, and into personal ways about the stress of being a solo founder.

Now, my comments and questions upon the DV application,

  • it’s a hard task to be a DV curator, have you defined a work policy for backing LATAM projects?
  • about the region, is focused on LATAM or Mexico region only?
  • I think this is the first time we see a collective into DV, is there any approach in particular beside the events to be tackled? E.g, some teams, parachains or founders that can be helping you guys on the tasks? Or any other work in progress towards adoption?
  • Luis has business development experience, do you have some particular objective regarding on the matter of bringing external actors into the ecosystem?

As far these are my questions, wishing you all of the best into the DV program, I’m happy to read you guys.

Kudos ambassadors.


Thank you for that acknowledgment. I believe this matters, and has far reaching impacts on society and becomes a catalyst for the next generations and their contributions to Polkadot.


Thank you very much for the comments Edgar, you are a valuable member of the Polkadot community in Mexico and we appreciate that the community takes advantage of the events and content creation to continue learning more about the ecosystem and for new people who enter web3 :mechanical_arm: :fire:


@edoga we appreciate your support and of course we will continue working together for the community and the adoption of Polkadot tech.

About your questions:

Yes, it is challenging to be a DV curator, and we have developed a policy focused on the adoption and support of community projects in LATAM. Once these projects have a strong conviction to continue their development, we are committed to supporting them.

LATAM is a growing region in terms of Polkadot technology adoption. We will focus on the LATAM region, not just Mexico.

The collective members have extensive knowledge of Polkadot technology, and most are involved in Parachains. Depending on the types of projects, we will seek support from Parachains/founders with deep knowledge about the specific tasks.

One of the most important tasks for the collective is to attract external actors such as developers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and startups to the Polkadot ecosystem and show them real use cases of Polkadot technology. The primary objective is to grow the community/ecosystem sustainably. Once these actors are building on Polkadot, we will continue to support them and, if necessary, advise them on whatever they need, whether it be contacts with Parachain teams or recommendations on which Parachains to develop on.

we hope we already answered your questions, let us know if you have any other question Edgar.



I support this initiative. It’s crucial for Mexico and Latin America to have stronger representation in governance, ensuring greater inclusion and amplification of diverse voices. I know personally the members of this collective, they are friends, as being a part of the vibrant Mexican community myself. They are highly active in Mexico, fostering a culture of mutual support and collaboration. Count me in with a resounding ‘yes’.

To understand better your initiative as a collective I have two questions:

  1. Is this collective open to receiving feedback from other Mexican community members involved in governance?
  2. How will the decision-making process be structured?

Mario Andrade


Fully supported the Mexican collective it’s great to see or Latino Americans friends engage in gov


Echoing Mario’s questions, how You guys come up to voting consensus?


full support for the mexican collective!


Thank you Guido! We appreciate your support :saluting_face: we will not disappoint the community


Hello wariomx!

Regarding consensus, we will carry out a voting system between 7 and the majority of votes, whether in favor or against, is what will be decided to vote in OpenGov

This will apply to each proposal without exception.


Hello @jimmy-tudeski, thank you for reaching out.

From my point of view, one of the advantages of applying as a Collective is that the Mexican Collective is made up of members with different background and who are collaborating with several projects and communities which in turn is reflected in decision making from a broader perspective.

In this way we will hold periodic meetings to debate and reach a final decision on each of the proposals.

Something important to highlight is that we will be taking into account community feedback.



It’s very good to see this community as DV of Polkadot! Full support!