Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 - Scytale Digital

Scytale Digital’s Application for Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2

As an established asset manager deeply embedded in the Polkadot ecosystem since its inception, we believe we have a strong basis for our application to the Decentralized Voices program.

Our Perspective

As experienced stewards of capital, we recognize the responsibility entrusted to us by our investors and, likewise, what would be the broader community. We are committed to managing treasury funds responsibly, ethically, and transparently, with a focus on long-term sustainability and value creation. Moreover, we are directly incentivized to perform well and make good decisions due to our investment strategy being largely focused on the DOT ecosystem. With that said, our decisions are guided not only by financial returns but also by considerations of real world value creation, social impact, environmental sustainability, and ethical practices.

Our Philosophy

Our political philosophy is guided by our mantra: honesty, integrity and empathy. While our work in managing private capital is also geared towards supporting the Polkadot ecosystem, it is not always possible to communicate our decisions to the public. We believe that the Decentralized Voices program will be an excellent opportunity for Scytale to showcase our abilities and point of view through our votes and establish a greater bond and mutual understanding with others in the community, leading to better outcomes for everyone.

Scytale Digital prioritizes responsible and sustainable financial management. This entails prudently allocating resources, minimizing unnecessary expenditure, and maximizing the impact of dispersed capital. By adopting a long-term perspective and considering the broader implications of financial decisions, Scytale Digital seeks to foster economic stability and growth within the Polkadot ecosystem while ensuring accountability to all stakeholders.

About us, Applying as a Unit

Scytale Digital is applying as a unit, where our team will dedicate their expertise as needed, to assist with due diligence and decision-making. The vote will be executed by our CEO, Christoph Kampitsch after careful internal deliberation. Our team includes analysts specializing in finance, economics, legal operations, communications and technology. Scytale is led by:

Mark Cachia - Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Christoph Kampitsch - Chief Executive Officer

While accepting the role of a DV comes with additional work, we believe that due to our position as a major stakeholder, it is a duty of ours to utilize the combined experience of our leadership to help the community make good decisions. The management is supported by a group of talented and motivated team members. To learn more about our team, please visit our website or check our socials at

Why we believe we are well-suited for this role?

  1. Investment in Polkadot & Decentralization: We have a proven track record of investing in projects that promote decentralization and build on Polkadot. Our portfolio includes disruptive Web3 technologies that are reshaping industries and driving innovation while subscribing to the idea of decentralization empowered by web3 technology. Moreover, the large majority of our investments have been made either into Polkadot-native projects or projects that we have on-boarded into Polkadot.

At the moment, Scytale’s main fund Horizon II is focused on developing 19 projects, either already in Polkadot or on bringing in external web3 projects into the ecosystem. We are also the official research partner for Crypto Finance’s “Scytale Ecosystem Liquid” Actively Managed Certificate (AMC). The AMC is an ETN-like product, focused on interoperability, with Polkadot-compatible projects being the focus of the fund.

Moving forward, Scytale aims to continue its investment focus on the Polkadot ecosystem and is therefore incentivized to oversee ecosystem funds return maximum value for participants and ensure the growth of the DOT token.

  1. Commitment to Community Development: We have made a concerted effort into building our relationships within the Polkadot community, coworking with and empowering stakeholders, both within or external to our portfolio. We are deeply committed to the Polkadot community and actively engage with current and prospective stakeholders through various channels, including forums, meetups and events, both as attendees and organizers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + Decentralized Lugano). We have also organized educational initiatives like the Scytale Academy and mentored at the Polkadot Blockchain Academy on multiple occassions. Our goal is to foster collaboration, inclusivity, and transparency within the ecosystem. Due to our heavy involvement with the community, we are confident in our ability to make informed decisions.

  2. Expertise in Governance: With our experience in the blockchain space, and particularly in Polkadot, we have developed a deep understanding of the culture and mechanisms of Polkadot’s governance system (OpenGov). We believe we can provide valuable insights and perspectives to help shape governance decisions within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Scytale has had hands-on experience within the Polkadot governance ecosystem. Our team is either currently involved in or has had experience as curators on several governance programs within Polkadot, including the Games Bounty, Meetups Bounty, Marketing Bounty, BD Bounty and the Social Media Editorial Board.

  1. Advocacy for Polkadot: We are strong advocates for Polkadot’s approach to decentralization and believe that the values and tools brought forward by Polkadot are essential for the long-term success of Web3 technologies. Through our participation in the Decentralized Voices program, we aim to promote decentralization and ensure that governance decisions are made in the best interests of the community.

To conclude,

we are eager to participate in the Decentralized Voices program and contribute to the governance of the Polkadot ecosystem in a decentralized and inclusive manner. We believe that our years of experience in blockchain, and more specifically the Polkadot ecosystem, along with our expertise, commitment, and advocacy for decentralization make us well-suited for this role.

We look forward to the opportunity to work alongside other participants and help shape the future of Web3.


Strongly support @ScytaleDigital for this DV Cohort – they stand unique in the ecosystem as a major stakeholder and active ecosystem participant. In particular, we believe it is clear the quality of discourse could only rise with them.


First, want to say I love what Mark and Gav have been doing with “A Glass With Gav” great conversation there.

I think this cohort it is of the utmost importance to get DV candidates that are committed to allocating treasury funds as efficiently as possible.

As you stated " We are committed to managing treasury funds responsibly, ethically, and transparently, with a focus on long-term sustainability and value creation"

This is essential this cohort. I also like that you have a strong code of ethics which I think is great. I look at DVs as Polkadots Praetorian Guards. It’s good to have morality but also transparency which is why it will be good to get the community more involved in influencing the decision making for DV votes.

I’m not familiar with Christoph but will follow him on X.

Scytale Digital has my full support. In the event that we both get DV I look forward to working with you guys.


Very happy to see your application for the second round of DVs. I am fully aligned with your perspective and have absolute confidence in your decisions. There is no one I trust, to vote on crucial decisions than one of the leading stakeholders in our ecosystem. I am convinced that your vote will prioritize long-term sustainability and value creation. You have my full and unwavering support for Scytale Digital.

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Supporting the supporters of the echo is always a good thing to do! I look forward to seeing them more broadly in the voting conversation.

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