Decentralized Voices: Bruno

I am Bruno, you may know me as the founder of RMRK and current writer of Dot Leap and NFT Review, and general ecosystem grumpster. I’ll keep this post short.


  • strong interest in merit-based governance vs straight plutocracy
  • in crypto since 2015, in Polkadot since 2019
  • focus on technical education, development, and web3 ideals
  • strong disdain for typical web3 tactics, marketing, KOLs, pumpanouncements, and similar methods
  • you can expect excessive verbosity about decisions

As a veteran of the space and someone who’s been through the sausage factory and back out again, I am firmly convinced one needs to be the change they want to see in the world. Therefore, while I am against both democracy and the current system of plutocracy, I am throwing my hat into the ring in order to attempt to “fix” things from the inside.

My passion is twofold: value add (producing things people need or will need) and transparent marketing, meaning no shilling, no false advertising, no talking people into buying a token - only utility based adoption of devs and users.

I understand this may rub people the wrong way - when interest is purely monetary and “KOLs” bring short term pumps, that interest is respected and therefore desired by most. Still, I ask the W3F to delegate out of the desire to reduce whale pressure on OpenGov, and out of the desire to have someone technical evaluate proposals for their technical merit and feasibility.

I believe I am a good choice for delegation because of my idealism, relentless pursuit of utility and censorship resistance, and wholesale investment and involvement of the ecosystem which makes me want the entire ecosystem to succeed, rather than just a select few projects.

What you can expect from me:

  • no voting on proposals that directly benefit me. E.g. I would not vote on a new proposal for Dot Leap, but I would vote on something like LiteSend (indirect beneficiary - I use their services and I use Polkadot so benefitting both benefits me).
  • defaulting to Nay on any influencer-related proposals, and defaulting to Nay on any proposal that I deem fundamentally corrupt, e.g. there is no need for a memecoin to have a foundation, and definitely not one paid for by the treasury.
  • defaulting to Aye on any proposal related to building tools, applications, and user-value-add products that go beyond what already exists in all other ecosystems (blanket Nay on DEXes, blanket Aye on other types of decentralized apps, especially if graph-less and server-less).
  • public discussion and verbose argumentation about any decision made, with explanations on the reason for changing my mind, if I do.

I am a hardass, but anyone who knows me knows I am a hardass because I want things done right.

Thank you for your consideration.