Decentralized Futures - Polkalabs: Accelerating Enterprise Adoption on Polkadot (CapsuleCorp.Labs xParity)


In the realm of web3 technology, industry consensus underscores the pivotal role of enterprises and institutions in achieving widespread adoption. However, most of these corporations currently struggle to grasp the potential value web3 could bring to their operations.

The gap between open-source infrastructure and decades of organic tech evolution, encompassing IT departments, technical stacks, and debt management, poses a significant challenge.

Beyond this, enterprises encounter hurdles such as regulatory compliance, data privacy concerns, interoperability issues, and scalability challenges. Bridging the educational gap, integrating with legacy systems, managing resistance to change, and addressing cost considerations are additional complexities.

Effectively navigating these issues requires a comprehensive approach that combines technical solutions, regulatory awareness, and strategic communication for a successful integration of web3 technologies within enterprise settings.


Polkalabs focuses on making it simpler for traditional corporations to access blockchain technology by taking out the complexity of implementing this novel technology. Therefore Polkalabs serves as a “last mile delivery” and full-stack end-to-end agency designed to bridge this specific gap by taking out the complexity from regulation to front end needs.

Capsule Corp. Labs, co-founding entity of Polkalabs (the Labs), already boasts a strong track record interacting with and building for the account of large corporations and institutions.

The Labs current team comprise 14 FTEs and are organized alongside three functions, catering to the specifics of our target clients:

  • Structured Outbound Targeting: Working in a sales navigator tool to identify and automate the process of finding the enterprise companies that are actively exploring web3 technology. Additionally, generating business leads through referrals and surveys, and navigating RFP- and procurement processes.
  • Bridging Educational Gap & Strategic Consulting: Interacting with corporate teams to audit processes and identify gaps and opportunities for web3 value proposals
  • Bringing Product Visions to Life: UX/UI design of problem-solving software, tech delivery and lifecycle, per corporates & institutions standards (stacks, handovers, SLAs,
). With expertise using substrate framework to build enterprise-ready solutions.

This organization results from 18 months of experience working with enterprise & institutional EMEA clients.

Funded since 2022 by institutional (OMNES capital, French Public Investment Bank) and web3 (DFG) VCs, the Labs will share know-hows and expertise bringing organizations to build in web3, with the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

Within the Polkadot ecosystem, we already demonstrate a pioneering spirit. The original founders played a key role in conceiving and advancing Ternoa, a privacy protocol built on substrate that has gained substantial traction in the EMEA region. Ternoa boasts an impressive standing, Substrate builders program step 3, supporting 20,000 wallets, with a robust network of 100 nodes/validators and a dedicated following of 140,000 enthusiasts. This commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships underscores our vision for continuous growth and influence in the evolving landscape of technology and blockchain.

30+ Existing Enterprise Level Partnerships

Since its inception, our ‘Labs’ has already forged successful collaborations with over 30 corporate and institutional clients, resulting in approximately $2 million in consulting and build revenue. Noteworthy partners include

  • Caisse des DĂ©pĂŽts & Consignations (French Government’s investment arm)
  • Capgemini (Sogeti Labs),
  • Stellantis (3rd largest car manufacturer in the world)
  • Editis (top 3 book publisher in France)
  • Maison Kayser (World’s second largest bakery brand)
  • 20 minutes (Free newspaper with 1m copies printed in average)
  • Virtual Regatta (#1 sailing simulator)
and numerous others.

Our engagements extend beyond corporate partnerships, as the Labs actively contributes to innovative web3 research groups supported by the French government.

Mission & Vision

Polkalabs is poised to position Polkadot as a leading infrastructure framework for corporations and institutions in the years ahead, playing a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of both Polkadot and Substrate.

Understanding that the shift to Web3 hinges on adding value to Web2 (+1).

Our mission is clear: we strive to render Web3 technology relevant and accessible to one million corporate accounts in the EMEA region. By achieving this goal, we envision Polkadot emerging as the foremost infrastructure choice for corporations and institutions by 2028.

The success of Polkalabs’ initiative and Polkadot’s overarching mission relies on fostering collaborative relationships within the entire Polkadot ecosystem, encompassing infrastructure and tooling. We pledge to fully cooperate with Decentralized Futures’ grantees and any ecosystem project eager to share their solutions with corporate and institutional builders.

Polkalabs will effectively reference and integrate tools from ecosystem players in a collaborative effort, enabling their inclusion in clients’ setups. Through this concerted effort, Polkalabs is dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of Polkadot ecosystem Web3 technologies, shaping a transformative future for decentralized infrastructure.

Core members

Our team is a dynamic ensemble with extensive involvement in the substrate/polkadot/kusama ecosystem, sharing a common viewpoint. Hailing from Parity Technologies and with hands-on substrate experience from Capsule Corp labs, our members bring diverse expertise to the table, including experience closing deals with corporates in target regions.

Clément Tequi, CEO

Current CEO of Capsule Corp Labs, Previously strategic consultant for large corporations & institutions at Accuracy and Eleven Partners. Clément is also a co-founder of Ternoa.

Geoffrey Heckmann, CTO

Current CTO of Capsule Corp. Labs Geoffrey has co-founded several startups in AI, tech and crypto before joining web3, including leading CEX platforms in France.

Thibault Glaunez, Head of Product

Current Head of Product at Capsule Corp. Labs and Formerly CPO at Ownest, leading blockchain based supply chain solution.

Benoit Campagnaud, COO

Marcomms Program Manager, Parity Technologies

Former Product manager and Project Director in several web companies, working with corporations and institutions in France and North America.

Erti Chen, Advisor, Ecosystem relationships

Ecosystem Marketing Program Manager and Global Event Program Manager at Parity Technologies.

Prior to Parity, Er-Ti worked in early-stage startups within the urban mobility industry. She spearheaded the launch of brands and services from the ground up, successfully executing market expansion strategies.

Kerstin Skjefstad Larsson, Advisor

Director Strategic Partnerships, Parity Technologies

Formerly Business Development at Meta Platforms, PayPal and Sage Group.

2024 Roadmap

Q1 24 Q2 24 S2 24
BD & Consulting Closing of 3 major corporate accounts / front end integrations Closing of 5 accounts Opening London office Closing of 15 accounts Opening Berlin office
Tech & Build Onboarding ecosystem solutions (parachains, tooling) Implement 3 major corporates accounts Implement 7 major corporates accounts

The first step of our entry in the Decentralized Futures program will consist in onboarding, on a voluntary basis, any project from the polkadot ecosystem with an offering suitable for corporations and organizations (Parachains, wallets, infrastructure, validators, 
). So that our teams can add their value proposals to our catalogs, and include their solutions when devising clients’ projects feasibility studies.

Beyond 2024, the Labs will keep implementing its mass-adoption strategy catering to corporates and institutions.


Hahaha, very interesting. Today, I was discussing with a friend about how to use Polkadot to provide blockchain solutions for enterprises in the Web2 sector, and then I saw this.

Collaborating with enterprises can unearth some new requirements, which might help in increasing the use scenarios for Polkadot. Combined with the coretime mechanism, honestly, I really hope that Polkadot can become the AWS of the Web3 world, a platform that provides high-performance, high-security core services for various applications.

Having a professional distributor to expand into traditional industry demands could indeed become a part (business format) of the Polkadot ecosystem (just like the many AWS service providers).

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Very supportive of this proposal. Just from the people involved alone, this is a credible group with a track record.

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