Decentralized Futures Proposal: Game3 — making Polkadot the leading Web3 Game Ecosystem

Game3 is a project to structurally research and improve the web3 gaming ecosystem within Polkadot and Substrate. Our main aim is to make Polkadot the premier blockchain ecosystem for web3 oriented game creators. We believe that in order to do this, we have to revisit the roots of web3 and create high quality research, content, tools, and data.

We are accomplishing this by

  • bringing experienced R+D experts into the scope of Polkadot, and structurally researching gaming and game development.
  • working with developers and game studios to validate and gather requirements.
  • publishing data, research and content to educate the Polkadot community.
  • growing a community of practice and driving community engagement.

The project is structured in 3 tracks

A Research and Requirements

  • We will be creating content, data and analyses which will be made available on the game3 website (Game3 Knowledgebase).
  • Reports will be made available after the individual research parts have concluded and community validation has happened. The reports are published incrementally, and will eventually result in finalized versions which will be also made available through extensive online and offline distribution.
  • Qualitative interviews with key stakeholders of web3, gaming, and Polkadot will inform the requirements gathering for the whole project.

B Development and Onboarding

  • We are researching the whole game development lifecycle through the lenses of game studios and game developers.
  • We are analyzing tooling available for game developers and indies, and we document these findings in the Game3 Knowledgebase.
  • We create developer workshops and educational formats to gather requirements, to learn, and to educate for open source and web3 gaming.
  • We create tangible materials, documentation, best-practices and blueprints for developers and builders in the web3 space.
  • We are onboarding existing games and small studios to Polkadot and Substrate.

C Community Validation & Education

  • We are discussing the topics with the general web3 audience on events such as Polkadot Decoded, ETHCC, web3 summit, Ethereum Devcon, Chaos Communication Congress, Token2049 and Gamescom. The formats we are using are roundtables, presentations, and gatherings.
  • Hypotheses, research methodology and reports are validated with the community. Additional validation will be through the active participation in Polkadot formats such as “The Kusamarian” and the Polkadot forum.
  • Outcomes and results will be shared early with the community through workshops, and interim presentations.

Okay, I will ask few critical questions.

  1. What is the purpose of making Polkadot as the leading blockchain ecosystem for game creators in web3?
  2. What is the advantage of the polkadot for games compared to other projects?

Opinion to improve:
I checked the GameDAO and Game3.Foundation. It’s just a landing page without any activity but with lots of profound claims. my suggestion would be to put some articles or emphasize on your reports from what you produce:

“practice in order to validate, gather requirements, and drive community engagement”

This will help others to see how can it help others.

Hey @ahmetson

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, you are absolutely right, is currently just a landingpage. More information will be added, when applicable. We will add more context in here and on the webpage in a bit, which will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Apart from that, while actually not the subject of this proposal, GameDAO itself features extensive documentation, repositories and also frontends. GameDAO is also a fully compliant legal DAO, set up as a blueprint, in Europe and supervised through Game3. If you are interested, I can expand on the GameDAO setup in a separate post.

Thanks + Greetings