Decentralised Futures: Polkadot Bridge - Supporting Builders, Attracting Investors

As part of the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures Program, we are pleased to propose the Polkadot Bridge initiative. This initiative aims to empower builders and attract more investors to the dynamic Polkadot ecosystem.

By offering a series of impactful educational and networking activities, Polkadot Bridge seeks to expand Polkadot’s reach beyond crypto-native enthusiasts to include web2 startups, investors, and businesses from various sectors across Europe.

The core of the Polkadot Bridge initiative is our recognition of a crucial need within our community: the necessity for increased investment to support our builders and attract new talent.

The recent emphasis on Business Development within the ecosystem is commendable. However, it is crucial not only to highlight the importance of business development itself but also to ensure that Polkadot founders are well-prepared to effectively present their solutions. Therefore, a key part of our proposed initiative is to enhance the pitch skills of our entrepreneurs, enabling them to articulate the value of their solutions to a broader audience, including those unfamiliar with Polkadot. This training aims to bridge the gap between innovative blockchain solutions and potential investors and partners from diverse sectors.

Complementing the ongoing Polkabiz initiative, we will provide tailored, one-on-one online sessions to help founders communicate their vision, traction and business model with clarity and impact. At the same time, we will leverage our extensive networks to attract investors who are new to Polkadot. Our goal is to introduce these investors to the unique opportunities within Polkadot and showcase significant web3 success stories.

This initiative aims to create a virtuous cycle that will fuel the growth of the ecosystem.

Our proposed activities are as follows:

1. Educational Webinars (Five Sessions): We will organize a series of webinars featuring success stories from Polkadot’s diverse projects—from DeFi and gaming to social media. These webinars will serve as lead generation tools and knowledge-sharing platforms to educate and engage tech investors and startups.
2. Online Pitch Training (Ten Founders): In coordination with PolkaBiz, we will further provide in-depth one-on-one pitch training for selected founders to enhance their presentation skills and investor readiness.
3. Investor Dinners (Four Cities): We will host exclusive dinners in key cities (suggested: Berlin, London, Madrid and Lisbon), creating intimate environments for deepening investor relationships and discussing potential collaborations within the Polkadot ecosystem.
4. High-Level Networking Event: We plan a flagship networking event at an influential European platform such as the Web Summit in Lisbon or Slush 2024 in Helsinki. This event will feature a panel of founders and investors, fostering dialogue and connections among key stakeholders in the startup and VC ecosystem.

Ursula and I, Patricia, will take full responsibility for leading and executing the proposed activities from start to finish. With our combined experience in venture capital, startups, web3, government relations, and media, as well as our expertise in bridging the traditional web2 sphere with the innovative web3 space, we are uniquely positioned to spearhead this project.

Patricia is a 2x founder (ParkEnd Ventures and Ovini) who worked with hundreds of startups (and invested in several of them) during her roles at the WEF, the UN, Google for Startups and Inovexus Ventures. She was Google for Startup’s lead pitch trainer and has delivered masterclasses on the topic worldwide. Patricia is further advising Project Liberty and the European Commission on web3 startup ecosystems.

Ursula is a seasoned communicator with extensive expertise in journalism, tech, and blockchain. She is currently an advisor to Project Liberty and works at Scytale Digital, where she specializes in forging strategic alliances that enhance business opportunities within the blockchain sector. Additionally, Ursula contributes her skills as the Director of Communications and Partnerships at the Web3 Foundation. Her career is marked by a deep commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for transformative solutions across various industries.

We’d be delighted to have your support and, most importantly, your critical feedback. Your insights will be invaluable to our success. We look forward to a vivid and engaging discussion!


I absolutely love this!! You normally get 3 sentences to capture the attention when pitching anyone! Such a wonderful initiative! Looking forward to watching this unfold!


Thank you! And absolutely agree, there’s research suggesting that early stage investors make up their minds within the first few seconds of merely looking at a pitch deck which is :exploding_head:


This is a great initiative. As an early-stage founder I would have appreciated this type of support from a community. I have attended several investor dinners like the ones proposed here and I got a lot of good contacts as well as direct investments from business angels out of them. In my view this is highly relevant for the Polkadot ecosystem to thrive.