Decentralized Futures: Polkadot Dapps over Apps

Polkadot Dapps over Apps is a community that aims to onboard and educate traditional developers, tech enthusiasts and creatives about web3 and the potentials of building with Polkadot’s blockchain infrastructure.

We are solving the problem of lack of visibility. 9 of 10 developers in Africa never heard of Polkadot”s sophisticated blockchain infrastructure and development toolkits.

Our Mission: Bridging the gap between traditional developers, tech enthusiasts, creative builders and Polkadot blockchain technology.

We will kickstart this program by:

  • Establishing sub-communities in various institutions and regions in Nigeria and across Africa so as to expand our reach and onboard developers & creative builders in unrecognized and grassroot levels.

  • Organizing workshop & training on the usage and implementation of Polkadot’’s established solutions, Kusama, and substrate for new parachains and new protocol development.

  • Educating project founders, traditional developers and creative builders in Africa about the basic products and comprehensive framework of the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • Onboarding web 2 project in Africa, helping utilize blockchain tech through Polkadot.

  • Building market awareness around Polkadot’s product through content creation and distribution.

  • Supporting potential unicorn projects in Africa building on Polkadot or Kusama through grants and mentorship.

How do you know that people need your services?

  • Visibility: 99.9% of 85,000 developers in Nigeria have never heard of Polkadot blockchain.

  • Resources constraints: 92 million of 200 million Nigerians do not have access to electricity thus restricting their ability to interact with the open web. Our program will support developers in Africa with the necessary resources needed to build and transform web3.

  • 9 out of 10 gen z’s in Africa are web 3 enthusiasts but lack the knowledge needed to kickstart their web 3 journey.

  • Traditional developers are looking for ways to transition into web3. Our hackathon and incubation program will be a turning point for developers in Africa.

  • Blockchain can be used to tackle immediate problems facing Africa. Our hackathon program will be centered on providing sustainable solutions to the issue affecting Africa and the world at large.

  • Potential unicorn start-ups in Africa fail most times because they lack support. We are dedicated to supporting brilliant minds with amazing projects utilizing Polkadot, Kusama or Substrate.

Grant received will be channeled into:

  • Conferences and events: We will organize global conferences and monthly seminars in various cities and institutions in Africa.

  • Workshop & Training for developers & non- developers on how to utilize Polkadot network.

  • Organizing startup pitch competition for project founders looking to build or integrate Polkadot’s infrastructure to their projects/startups.

  • Organizing hackathons and incubation programs focused on providing solutions to real life problems applicable to Africa and facing the world at large.

  • Guiding project building on Kusama or Polkadot to MVP, testnet and mainnet respectively.

  • Establishing blockchain clubs in various institutions in Africa.

  • Creating visibility via content creation and distribution.

  • Collaborating and consolidating efforts with various institutions and communities aligned with our goal.

  • Personal mentorship program with project founders, developers, tech enthusiasts and web3 newbies looking forward to building with Polkadot.


  • Successfully onboarded 1,000+ developers and non-developers to web 3.

  • Created a running database of developers in Africa.

  • We organized Dapps over Apps conference 1.0 one of the biggest web 3 conferences in Africa with over 500+ attendees consisting of blockchain & web 3 enthusiasts, traditional developers and creative builders.**

  • Organized a start-up pitch competition to encourage builders to integrate blockchain technology to their businesses and projects.

  • Facilitated 2,000+ of on-chain transactions and wallet activation on Near blockchain.

  • Successfully supported and funded 10+ projects in Africa building on the blockchain.

Reviews and feedback about Dapps over Apps community from renowned web 3 advocates in Africa:

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Dapps over Apps has been really impactful to the blockchain world, most especially, to our project

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Can you list people on your team who have proven experience with working with substrate? Github profiles crossed reference to their linkedin profiles is preferred.


Hi @ryan thank you for checking our proposal. Below are our tech team members with their github profile.

Bolaji Ahmed: He is a blockchain developer with experience in rust, substrate, Ink!, and many more. He has worked on several project in the Polkadot ecosystem building Parachain and smart contracts.

Github repo to one of his substrate projects: GitHub - bolajahmad/subsocial-parachain: Subsocial Rococo parachain node with Substrate based pallets for decentralized communities: blogs, posts, comments, likes, reputation.

Henry Onyebuchi: A blockchain consultant and a senior smart contract engineer with 5years+ of experience. Henry is passionate about imparting his smart contract development knowledge. He currently runs free tutorial on smart contract development and building a Dapps (

Github: Hendobox (Hendobox) · GitHub
Linkedin: Henry Onyebuchi - Savvy DeFi | LinkedIn

Emmanuel Ugwu: He is proficient in web Scraping, Web Automation, Backend Development, DevOps. He also has experience in the following: Python (3 years+ experience), Typescript (3 months+ experience), Javascript (2 year+ experience) Frameworks: Django(2 years+ experience), Django Rest Framework (2 years+ experience), Selenium(6 months+ experience), Beautiful soup(6 months+ experience), FastAPI(1 year+ experience), React JS(1 year+ experience),Nodejs(1 year+ experience), NestJs( 3months+ experience). Databases: MongoDB(3 months+ experience), PostgreSQL(1 year+ experience), SQlite(2 years+ experience) Tools: Anaconda(2 years+ experience), Visual Studio Code(2 years+ experience)

Github: EmmanuelHillary (Emmanuel Hillary) · GitHub

Abdulkareeem Oyeneye: A web 3 advocate with 37 months experience in blockchain network development and community building. He has worked with Near protocol and helped them onboard over 1,500+ active users and facilitated wallet and on chain transactions.

He founded a community; Nearxart, which focuses on onboarding creative to web 3 and charitable contributions via the use of blockchain technology and web 3 tools.

His passion for a decentralized world made him start the Dapps Over Apps movement that aims to onboard traditional developers and web 2 project to utilize blockchain infrastructure.


Bimpe Wosilat: She is a climate change enthusiast with a degree in Agriculture, master’s in plant sciences; she is focused on farming and regenerative practices that helps promote the reduction of greenhouse gas and climate change emissions.

She has been involved in onboarding women into web 3. She has guided and trained women in different continent about web 3 education, blockchain technology and NFTs


Thank you once again for the question,
I hope these clarifies.

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Hi @Larkim, thank you for your contribution. We look forward to the success of w3music! :blush: