Decentralized Futures: Promoting the growth of Polkadot gaming - The Great Escape

About us:

The Great Escape is a hyper-casual platformer game leveraging the Polkadot and Moonbeam tech stack, to create a new generation of web3 games with the following model:

  • Free-to-play
  • Gas-less
  • Wallet-less (players can join without a wallet, they create one when they off-ramp)
  • Chain-agnostic (players can join the game from any chain)
  • Offers rewards in any token (players can claim rewards in their preferred token).
  • Allows players to deposit/fund their player’s account in any token

Our team is made of passionate web3 builders who have been experimenting on Kusama since its early days and of experienced game developers.

We have been building on Moonbeam since its launch, creating the first DAO of the chain (GLMR APES DAO). It’s under the impulsion of this community that we started to work on building this game about 18 months ago.

We recently created a brand new hyper-casual game called Pinkdrop to help bootstrap a community for the PINK meme coin project that has proven very popular among the Polkadot community with over a quarter million games played in just 4 weeks by 14,000 players.

We have recently posted a detailed Open Gov Proposal which did not pass in spite of the support from a lot of actors in the Polkadot community and the favorable opinions voiced by 3 gaming experts.

Problem statement:

Although Polkadot has seen a lot of infrastructure and tooling applications developed over the past 2 years, it often still lacks concrete use cases and applications.

This is particularly visible when it comes to GameFi, which is one of the strongest narratives in terms of mass adoption for web3 products.

There is a clear mandate from the Polkadot community to expand the gaming universe in our ecosystem, and we believe the best way to unlock this massive opportunity is by simplifying the gaming experience to attract new users.

Games help bring some fun and contribute to the increase in the user adoption of more complex infrastructure/DeFi projects operating on the same ecosystem as they create bridges between communities.

However, web3 gamers often have to face many hurdles such as low accessibility, complex chain interactions, high gas fees, upfront investment costs, and tokenomics concerns. This makes it difficult for players to experiment with games on different blockchains.

As web3 gamers are scattered across multiple competing blockchains (Immutable X, Avax, Polygon, Solana, Ronin, etc…), the fragmentation of the GameFi offer increases the entry barrier for newcomers and weighs on the builder’s decision to select one ecosystem to build their dApp.

There is a strong incentive for builders to go build on already popular chains as it makes player acquisition easier. This is a challenge for Polkadot, given the limited number of games available.

How do we solve this?

Polkadot has actually a lot to offer when it comes to GameFi, by leveraging on the XCM format, the Great Escape has been able to create a concrete use-case of what Polkadot provides and poses itself as a factor of growth for the ecosystem while increasing the attractiveness of Polkadot to other game developers.

It showcases how an accessible, gas-less, wallet-less and chain-agnostic game could be built on Polkadot and provides detailed documentation for other builders in the form of a Jungle EVM/XCM Toolkit to further promote the adoption of Polkadot for dApp builders.

Furthermore, fun games like the Great Escape and Pinkdrop contribute to give a fun image to Polkadot. That’s why we are committed to keep pushing towards that direction by getting the Great Escape ready for public launch and establishing ourselves as a Polkadot-based vibrant game studio to create great games following the same accessible model.


I enjoyed doing the PBA cohort in Hong Kong with Marin. I have been following The Great Escape team for a while. I can confidently say that they are determined.

Personally, I think The Great Escape can bring a lot of value to the Polkadot ecosystem.

It’s true that Polkadot has a lot to offer when it comes to GameFi. We need more builders building great GameFi use cases on Polkadot.

Overall, I support this initiative.


I think The Great Escape can bring a lot of value to the Polkadot ecosystem
I support this initiative
You are the best
Good luck :star_struck::star_struck:


I have talked to Marin about this initiative and seen the pitch. I see very decent potential in the project and hope to see it coming.

Chain-agnostic feature is a big plus, not many games can do this right now.

Good luck with the initiative!


The Great Escape game is the best Web 3 game in terms of gameplay. The game design is very good and all the game specifications give a real interface to the Web 3 world. The game team is also very diligent and diligent, offering something new every time. As for the support team, it works throughout the week and helps a lot. Increase player engagement.


thanks for TGE team for this masterpiece game I’m happy to be one of the TGE community big up more challenges coming I hope all the best and it’s great initiative TGE and Polkadot just do it
Good luck


I have been playing The Great Escape for well over a year now and it’s been nothing but fun! The team is super dedicated at improving the game, helping the community and bringing Polkadot innovation through gaming. I think this proposal is benificiary to the game but also very beneficiary to the ecosystem as a whole!


I have been apart of GLMR Apes DAO for 2 years now, being apart of the journey with the team has been a pleasure. The level of dedication to deliver a fun easy to access game have been outstanding. They have built a strong community from day 1 and have continued to keep us all engaged in the project. Myself and the community have been blown away by the level of innovation of The Great Escape, from gas-less transactions, wallet-less onboarding of new users, a free to play model to now being able to claim your rewards from any chain.

The team are determined to onboard thousands of new users to Polkadot and we are watching it happen in real time.

I support this initiative.


I always enjoy playing The Great Escape. thank you.
I’ve been playing the game for almost a year now, and I never get tired of it thanks to the introduction of new mechanisms and plans. I think this is a result of the team’s passion and efforts towards Polkadot. It’s great that games can expand Polkadot reach and encourage collaboration with other chains!


I’ve met Marin at the PBA. Saw the game and heard him pitch! Was really impressed! Many good technical concepts. Really pushing on-chain gaming to the limits! We’ll collaborate for sure in the near future! Most importantly he has proven that they can ship and deliver!


I really loved interacting with Marin at the PBA cohort, and he sold me the idea of building on moonbeam! The Great Escape is super fun to play! Good luck with this initiative, and I hope it goes through.

Marin is one of the best game devs I’ve ever interacted with. I hope this goes through successfully! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I strongly support this very committed team and project, they have been delivering since the beginning on Moonbeam. Great ideas, projects and ambitions.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Marin for the 4th PBA Cohort in HK. The only thing I’d request from Marin is to make a smokers game so that we could all get carbon credits. We could sponsor our own PBA Tree attached to a HK government issued NFT. Just some thoughts :slight_smile:


Marin is one of the coolest developer and founder I have met at PBA, he is passionate in sharing his insights and support he can provide within Polkadot ecosystem and Gamefi. Ultimately, if we truly believe in decentralisation, there is no division, and we are all working towards the same goal which is to build a better place for the Web 3 ecosystem. At such I am grateful to have met the amazing folks in PBA, such as Marin. Keep up the good work. I wish to see TheGreatEscape is indeed A Great Escape where people could go too. :wink:


I’ve been playing The Great Escape for over eight months now
It’s the best game in the world of Web3.0 for me
The team develops every week. They work hard, help community members, and listen to opinions
They always have new things, the rewards system, the user interface, and new partnerships
I am very grateful to be part of this wonderful community
Thank you to everyone involved in this comprehensive work


The Great escAPE is solving many commons problems in web3 especially the easy onboarding of non crypto users. They are putting the Polkadot Tech to actual use and strongly believe this core team and community will continue to grow. They started building very motivated during this last bear market…so imagine what they will build in the next 2 years! we need the Polkadot community to support the GLMR APES DAO to help bring more mass adoption thru web3 gaming


I strongly support this initiative - I have met Marin during PBA in Hong Kong and I can see his great passion and enthusiasm towards Web3 gaming. For this particular initiative, I particularly like the chain-agnostic feature and players can claim rewards in their preferred token! I believe this initiative proposed by Marin will enhance the gaming ecosystem on the Polkadot ecosystem!


From all gaming initiatives in the web3 space, this is one that I am most bullish. It’s time to have web3 games truly chain agnostic and wallet less. This is how we’re gonna get mass adoption. I have met Marin at PBA and he showed competence to deliver this platform. He and his team have my support


Marin knows how to make games that are fun to play. I met him at PBA.

Also, I tried Dotispink and had so much fun. Now, he and his team are leveling up the gaming experience with the great escape, so he deserves to be supported with decentralized futures.

I am sure he and his team can deliver a great game to the ecosystem and onboard new users to Polkadot.


I’ve been actively involved in this project for almost 2 years, the team never failed us and delivered what they promised despite market conditions. They are a hard working team that managed to create a fun game + an incredible community, they will succeed in anything they do, full support to this.