Decentralized Futures: Glizzy - Empowering the indie gaming underground

Hello Polkadot Community!

I'm Jack Economos, Co-Founder and CEO of Matrix Studios. We are excited to introduce Glizzy, our blockchain-enhanced gaming hub designed to revolutionise the indie gaming space. Glizzy aims to empower indie developers with better revenue models and greater market exposure through decentralised technology.

About Glizzy

  • Transparency and Community: Glizzy leverages blockchain to provide transparent revenue sharing and a community-driven development environment.
  • Integration with Polkadot: Our platform will aim to use Polkadot’s technology to ensure scalability and cross-chain interoperability, crucial for supporting our vision of a diverse gaming ecosystem, whether that be Web3 or the traditional indie gaming scene.

The Problem

Indie game developers generate substantial revenue for major platforms, yet they often receive inadequate compensation. On a market leading platform, 50% of indie developers earn less than $4,000 for their games. Additionally, there's a gap for a blockchain-driven indie gaming platform, offering a unique space for awareness, community, sustainability and revenue.

The Solution

Enter Glizzy – a dedicated game platform exclusively for indie developers. Leveraging blockchain, Glizzy establishes a sustainable economy for developers. Our aim? To boost developer revenue share and build a gaming hub that seamlessly connects the gaming community.

Why Polkadot?

Our choice of integration with Polkadot is driven by its robust ecosystem, interoperability and scalability, which are aligned with our needs for a dynamic gaming platform that can grow and evolve based on community input and forever changing market dynamics. This integration will not only support indie developers but also expand the use case of blockchain within the gaming industry, in a more tangible and desired fashion.

Our Competitive Edge

Our main competitors within the gaming space are Steam, Epic and GOG. We are, however, giving more back to the developers. Not just a higher revenue cut, but the spotlight is well and truly shining on these indie gems. A portion of all game purchases is also entering our Glizzy Grants fund which will enable our NFT holders to vote on upcoming indie gaming developments, thus actually helping indie developers at a grassroots level. This is a feature that exists nowhere else in the gaming space, the big competitors unfortunately do not foster the growth of developers in any way (other than allowing ‘Wishlist’ promotion!).

Our Immediate Challenges

  • Funding: Securing adequate funding to fuel growth while maintaining operational costs to ensure long-term viability.
  • Maintaining Developer Relationships: Establishing trust and a mutually beneficial relationship with developers requires providing them with necessary tools, support and incentives to ensure their loyalty and active participation.
  • Market Differentiation: Continuously innovating to offer unique features that distinguish our platform from competitors is essential. This includes enhancing user experience, integrating new blockchain functionalities and offering novel incentives for both developers and gamers.

About the Founders

With a perfect blend of tech smarts and marketing prowess, you have a dynamic duo to tackle the exciting world of gaming and blockchain. Together, we’ve got over 27 years of experience, but it’s not just the years that count – it’s the depth and breadth of what we’ve done with them.

Jack, Co-Founder & CEO, has a knack for making complex tech work wonders in real-world applications. His journey from employing AI innovations into diagnostic cardiology to navigating the nuances of blockchain technology means he’s the strategic mind guiding tech development. He ensures that ideas not only come to life but do so in a way that's innovative and forward-thinking.

Lachlan, Co-Founder & CMO, is the storyteller and relationship builder of the pair. With a rich background in marketing and a track record of landing big partnerships, he’s the one who gets our name out there and keeps the buzz going. His strategies are why we’re not just another startup – we’re an emerging force within the gaming and blockchain space.

What really makes us click? We’ve both been gaming since we could hold controllers and diving into blockchain before it was “cool”. This shared passion is our foundation. Jack's the detail-oriented tech wizard, while Lachlan’s the big-picture guy with the knack to bring partners on board. It’s this blend of skills and our shared drive that makes us more than just co-founders – we’re a powerhouse team ready to disrupt.

Feedback Request

Your expert feedback will be invaluable as we refine Glizzy to better fit within the Polkadot framework and contribute to its ecosystem.

Thank you for your time and input!

Warm regards,

Jack Economos
Co-founder and CEO, Matrix Studios

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I don’t know about the name, but other than that it looks interesting. So no real feedback, just wanted to show my support.

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Thank you for your support!

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