Decentralized Futures Proposal: Playnation - The first Polkadot gaming wallet on Telegram

What is Playnation?

Playnation, founded by visionaries from SubWallet and Wallacy, is a premier gaming multichain wallet platform integrated into Telegram that allows users to to interact with and play Web3 games within the social messaging platform. 2 months after launch, Playnation has acquired 140K users with 2.6M games played. Our clients so far are Polkadot-SDK-based projects, including 1 project that has finished running their campaign and 3 projects scheduled in our campaign pipeline until August 2024.

Why Telegram gaming?

Telegram has evolved into a massively adopted messaging platform with 900M users worldwide. For the Web3 communities, Telegram is currently the top-of-mind communication app, meaning that the app is a perfect touchpoint for Web3 projects to approach users.

With the popularity of Telegram and gaming, it comes as no surprise that deploying mini gaming apps via bots on Telegram has emerged as a trend with massive adoption. For instance, Notcoin reached 5M daily active users at all-time-high in Q1 2024, while Catizen surpassed an impressive 1.3M users only two weeks after launch. More noticeably, Hamster Kombat acquired 144M users in 77 days. Playnation aims to catch this trend and onboards Telegram users with interesting game bundles and fair rewards.

How does Playnation fit into the Polkadot ecosystem?

Interactive marketing avenue for Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem

OpenGov paved ways for many Polkadot marketing proposals to be enacted, but most proposals focus on non-interactive solutions such as billboard branding and content creation. Through stimulating gameplay and social sharings, Playnation offers an entertaining avenue where users can interact directly with brand assets. This approach increases brand recognition and builds better brand trust for users.

Thanks to the SubWallet core, users can easily perform on-chain transactions on Playnation, all without having to download a new app. Transactions can range from token transfer, system remark, NFT minting to native stake, liquid stake, XCM, and so on. Deployment of these on-chain features is quick and at a fraction of the cost compared to teams who build from scratch.

Through native in-game marketing and a comprehensive game-quest-social media solution on a single platform, Playnation presents a marketing solution for the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem that targets a potential user pool of 900M on Telegram.

Onboarding Web2 game publishers to Polkadot

With Web2 markets being increasingly saturated, Web2 game publishers are looking for a way to step into the Web3 world and explore possibilities. The hybrid design of Playnation is tailored for this need – game publishers can allow users to enjoy off-chain games while experimenting with Web3 elements such as wallet interaction and simple on-chain transactions. Through the Playnation gateway, Web2 game publishers can be seamlessly exposed to Polkadot and thus onboarded to Polkadot ecosystem.

What is Playnation team’s experience?

Software development

Co-founder Hieu Dao has 15+ years of experience in Web2 and Web3 software development and entrepreneurship. After building MediClowd to be the top1 eClinical solution in Vietnam, Hieu transitioned to Web3 as the Co-founder and CEO of SubWallet in November 2021 with Peter Mai as CTO. Fast forward two years, SubWallet has become the most comprehensive and most adopted wallet within the Polkadot ecosystem, boasting over 1.6M installations and 800K active users and devices across all platforms as of June 2024.

Game publishing

Co-founder Jason Tran used to be co-founder of Appota Group and former CEO of Adsota Agency, boasting 15 years of experience in game publishing, marketing and product management. Jason spearheaded the achievement of 50M users world wide for Appota Group and managed large-scale campaigns for game titles in Vietnam for Nexon, Gamota, YGG and other big names.

Marketing & growth consulting service

CMO Son Mark is former CMO at Appota Group and contributed to acquiring 50M users for Appota Group. Meanwhile, CGO Kate Ha has driven growth for SubWallet from zero to hero. Both have a combined 20+ years of diverse experience in marketing and business developments, with past clients include Sony, Shiseido, CJ, Naver, Red Bull, Yamaha, VNG, WPP and HAVAS.

Polkadot understanding

The SubWallet team has been a core builder within the Polkadot ecosystem for the past 2.5 years, making diverse contributions from Polkadot wallet (SubWallet) to Polkadot reports (Dotinsights) to Polkadot events in Vietnam (DOTinVietnam). The team has a deep understanding of Polkadot tech stack and the ecosystem culture, and is passionate about filling in what the ecosystem is lacking.

:point_right: Try out now: Telegram: Contact @Playnation_bot


Subwallet had done a lot of amazing things for the eco, and I also like the idea of Telegram gaming and bringing more users to Polkadot eco, I have also tried the game, it is easy to play and fun, I would like to share my support!


I love the game! It’s a great idea to use these kinds of games to attract new users to the ecosystem. Looking forward to seeing more games soon.
Great job Subwallet!


Thank you, Albert. It would be awesome if we could have your support in reaching out to the Polkadot Spanish community to introduce the Playnation app. Let’s make the Polkadot friendly and fun together :heart_eyes:


Thank you for your support, Dr. Cao! We hope the AiWeb3 DAO, as well as the Polkadot Chinese community, will love Playnation and enjoy the games there :partying_face:


Sure, I will share with the whole Spanish community your post and showing them your new product.


This is an excellent initiative from the Subwallet team!

Telegram games are rapidly gaining momentum and building a Polkadot wallet there makes perfect sense.

This has the potential to onboard thousands of players to Polkadot in a very simple, fun and cost-effective way.



Polkadot needs a lot of things and games are one of those very important elements.
Being focussed on TG as a distribution channel as a strategy also makes sense.

Subwallet team has proven to be aligned and focused on Polkadot for a long time and have consistently delivered products with great UX. Fully support this proposal and initiative.

Best of luck!


The SubWallet team has made significant contributions to the Polkadot ecosystem and has a proven track record of delivering results and building solid products. There is a reliable team behind this proposal. Additionally, focusing on gaming in the APAC region is the right go-to-market strategy. I believe this proposal has great potential for a positive impact on the Polkadot ecosystem. I fully support it!


Thank you for your support, Irina. Any collaboration ideas, don’t hesitate to hit us up! We’re excited to expand Polkadot’s impacts on Asian communities together.


Much appreciated, Jaski :raised_hands: Let’s make Polkadot great again :fire:


Thank you for your kind words! Looking forward to onboarding Pink’s games into Playnation and growing together :star_struck:


Wow, this is very impressive! We liked the easy onboarding, that’s probably the easiest way ever to create a Polkadot wallet!

With this toolkit, the next viral TG mini game might be one that launched on Polkadot (or AssetHub)! :slight_smile: What’s needed for game creators to launch on Playnation? Maybe we could port our beefy run game to Playnation or deploy our upcoming minigame on Playnation. Can we connect, @SubWallet?

We highly encourage anybody to test this TG wallet, and for those who are to lazy, we’ve uploaded a demo here :tv:. :wink:


Hey hey for sure! Please reach out to me at @djhatrang on TG and I’ll create a working group :star_struck: