Decentralized Futures: Chain & Platform agnostic Web 3 Engineering Platform

Dear Community,

We are honored to be part of this vibrant ecosystem as HugoByte Team, pioneers in building decentralized infrastructure for AI. We are 2x W3F grantee. We strongly believe that the key to harnessing the capabilities of AI in a safe way is through utilizing the fundamental properties of blockchain, such as decentralization, transparency, traceability, and immutability. As part of our broader vision, we choose to tackle problems one step at a time, starting with the implementation of a decentralized and auditable compute protocol. We are proud to introduce DecentralWiz - an engineering platform and a decentralized protocol.


  • As a developer have you ever found yourself navigating through silos of multifaceted tools in the Web 3 ecosystem?
  • Have you ever experienced reduced productivity in development due to your local machine’s resources being heavily consumed while building single-chain applications, and even more so for multi-chain setups?
  • As a Prospective Validator, are high node running costs and technical barriers stopping you?
  • Have you ever wished deploying a validator node would be as easy as adding data to a simple form and deploy in a single click without needing to trust any third party provider with the private key of that node?
  • Have you wished if there was a provision to buy a validator node from prospect sellers trustlessly, That way once sold seller in no way can gain access to the node.
  • Have you ever come across a need for an autonomous and trustless offchain setup for your protocol?
Just the same way Vercel enables seamless deployment for you, DecentralWiz abstracts away complexities of deploying and managing Web 3 infrastructure in a trustless, cost-effective, chain and platform agnostic way.

In the very near future, DecentralWiz aims to serve all your engineering needs, assisting you in bringing the masses to Web 3.

Concept & State of the product

DecentralWiz is a comprehensive Web 3 engineering platform that has been designed to offer an integrated solution for the development, deployment, and management of Web 3 infrastructure. The platform offers a wide range of services and tools, including the deployment of blockchain nodes and auxiliary services, smart contract building, on-chain event monitoring and triggers, workflow automation, dApp testing and simulation, account abstraction. DecentralWiz is redefining the Web 3 development paradigm by providing frictionless development and intuitive operations experience through its innovative deployment of distributed environments and robust APIs that facilitate seamless interconnectivity with utmost privacy in a chain and platform agnostic way which is powered by a protocol that enables compute to be decentralized with zero-trust cloud setup.

We are at stage with integrated MVP and multiple components being developed in parallel.

Critical needs and Offerings

Efficient and Autonomous Deployment Setup:

  • Need: Developers and Business need a streamlined process for deployment and testing on various blockchains without complex manual process in the current setup.
  • Offering: An Intuitive and simple user interface offered as GUI and CLI with options to choose templates from private and public repositories supporting customizations and provision for autonomous deployment.

Scalable Environment Setups:

  • Need: Developers would need to deploy multiple resource-intensive services of blockchain infrastructure, without being limited by the local machine resources.
  • Offering: Deploy locally or on decentralized remote environment offerings provided by renowned providers.

Unified Interface for Multi-Blockchain Transactions:

  • Need: Developers prefer a single platform to interact efficiently with different blockchains, without having to switch between multiple platforms or tools.
  • Offering: SDK, CLI and User interface providing unified interface for interacting with different blockchains.

Efficient Transaction Analysis:

  • Need: Users require detailed information of transactions applied onchain, without having to navigate through multiple explorers especially for cross chain dapps.
  • Offering: Transactions applied through platform apis are captured and tracked providing users with detailed information.

Comprehensive Automated Testing:

  • Need: Users seek robust testing solutions, without having a need to create custom plugins for the test frameworks.
  • Offering: Suite of utilities and SDK which can be integrated with multiple test frameworks.

Integration of Blockchain and Bridge Configurations:

  • Need: Users seek streamlined bridge setup processes, eliminating the need for custom script implementation.
  • Offering: Bridge setup as template that can be deployed either to local or remote environments either through platform or CLI.

Gas Fees Estimation:

  • Need: Users require robust tools for estimating gas fees, enabling the creation of cost-efficient transactions without manual debugging and adjustments.
  • Offering: An AI-powered utility that analyzes transactions and current network conditions to provide accurate gas fee predictions, alongside optimization suggestions for minimizing costs.

Simplified Management of Smart Contracts:

  • Need: Developers require a streamlined solution for managing, testing, and deploying smart contracts across multiple ecosystems, eliminating the need for disparate tools and manual integrations.
  • Offering: An intuitive user interface that offers end-to-end management of smart contracts, from development through deployment to monitoring, and provides a unified api through sdk.

Flexible and Vendor agnostic deployment of Blockchain Nodes and Services:

  • Need: Users demand a cloud platform that represent cost efficiency and flexibility, without the risk of vendor lock-in.
  • Offering: By enabling deployment coordinated through the protocol and deployed in a secure environment provisioned by the provider running the distributed open source platform that features a zero-trust cloud setup.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Blockchain Nodes and Services:

  • Need: Users require advanced tools for the continuous monitoring and real-time analysis of blockchain nodes and services, ensuring optimal performance and immediate response to any issues.
  • Offering: Monitoring is enabled through Grafana and Prometheus available as configuration in the template further upgrade to an AI powered interface and dashboard which can stream live data analytics, predict potential system bottlenecks, and automate anomaly detection processes.

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications for onchain actions :

  • Need: Users need a system that can monitor blockchain activities, without having to trust centralized providers.
  • Offering: The onchain activities are monitored and indexed through a peer to peer protocol which can trigger webhooks and is planned to extend to decentralized push notifications.

Comprehensive key management solutions:

  • Need: Users need a solution that simplifies key management, enhances security, and improves usability, without deep technical knowledge of protocol implementation.
  • Offering: A next-generation key management solution that integrates seamlessly with the user’s blockchain experience using chain as custody.

Magic moments

  • When a novice user realises how simple it is to deploy a blockchain node in cloud with a single click.
  • When a developer is able to deploy and test smart contracts with few clicks without going through complex environment setup saving them hours of productive time.
  • When a user realises they don’t have to manage their keys and still be safe and secure
  • When a user experience sending a cross chain transaction is as simple as sending an email
  • When a developer feels empowered doing seamless integration with multiple blockchains becomes a reality, not just a concept.
  • When a user is able to get notifications on any on-chain action or events seamlessly.
  • When a user experiences moment of revelation when the blockchain simulation environment in DecentralWiz transforms dApp’s speculative performance evaluation into concrete, actionable insights, enabling users to optimise their application under various simulated scenarios with confidence.

Ecosystem Fit

We believe that the strength of the platform lies in the ecosystem it creates and integration with other ecosystems. As the name suggests, the protocol is designed to host a multi-provider ecosystem where compute services are provided by different providers. These providers run an open-source zero-trust cloud setup, where they offer secure enclaves that can perform computation privately. One notable value add is that users can utilize native tokens of other protocols for interacting with the platform. We believe one of the biggest advantage as well as disadvantage of a blockchain is its isolation, we meticulously crafts the design to enable users across multiple ecosystems to have a seamless experience. Overall we align our design to be inline with the vision for Polkadot 2.0.


DecentralWiz is not just a development platform, but also a community hub for Web 3 enthusiasts, providing access to forums, events, and resources for continuous learning and collaboration. With its comprehensive range of features and user-friendly interface, DecentralWiz is revolutionizing the way decentralized applications are built and managed, making it an essential tool for any developer looking to enter the Web 3 space.
Our team at Hugobyte has extensive experience working in the Web 3 space. We have a diverse group of experts in various verticals who collectively bring over 50 years of experience. We are committed to contributing to the growth of the ecosystem and are seeking support from the Decentralized Futures program to further enhance our services.


We welcome and value your feedback to help us enhance our contributions to the ecosystem. We are enthusiastic about being a part of the decentralized future and look forward to its continued development.

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How is the bridging at the moment implemented, is it using XCMP based or XClaim based, Please share the details and also i would like to see about the indexing of onchain activities, how it’s done as of now please let me know.

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@sbnair Thank you for taking the time to go through our proposal.

For your query about bridge implementation,

For deploying bridge environments:
The platform is engineered to be able to deploy chain-agnostic environments regardless of the underlying implementation.

DecentralWiz as a cross-chain protocol:
We as advocates of the Decentralized Web believe the biggest advantage as well as disadvantage of a blockchain is its isolation, but that doesn’t mean the value generated within an ecosystem should be isolated hence it is trivial that our protocol is designed in a way it is seamless and intuitive across multiple ecosystems, which in fact is a huge undertaking. We have architected a sophisticated and secure bridging solution to enable seamless cross-chain communication and interoperability. Our bridging infrastructure leverages a carefully selected combination of industry-standard and advanced cross-chain protocols to facilitate efficient asset transfers and data exchange across multiple blockchain networks. The foundation of our bridging solution lies in the integration of the XCMP protocol, further extended to use other protocols to bridge other ecosystems via specialized appchains.

Our bridging implementation is designed to handle cross-chain transactions with the utmost security and efficiency. When a user initiates a token transfer or cross-chain operation through DecentralWiz, our bridging module communicates with the relevant protocols to facilitate the transaction. We employ a rigorous series of verification mechanisms and security checks to ensure the integrity and reliability of cross-chain activities.

For your query about indexing of on-chain activities,
Efficient indexing and retrieval of on-chain data are essential to providing users with real-time insights and enabling powerful querying capabilities. At DecentralWiz, we have engineered a highly optimized indexing solution to capture, process, and store on-chain events from various blockchain networks.

Our indexing architecture utilizes a sophisticated gossip protocol. The nodes are strategically distributed to ensure scalability, resilience, and efficient data capture.

They diligently monitor specific blockchain networks and capture pertinent events, such as token transfers, smart contract interactions, and DeFi activities.

The captured events undergo a series of transformations and aggregations to extract meaningful information and insights. Our team has implemented custom algorithms and data structures to optimize the indexing process and enable rapid querying and retrieval of specific transformed data subsets.

To enable seamless integration and data access, we expose a set of APIs and query interfaces that allow developers and users to retrieve and interact with the indexed data. These APIs support various use cases, such as building dApps, performing data analysis, and triggering automated actions based on specific on-chain events.

We are continuously optimizing and expanding our indexing capabilities to support a wide range of blockchain networks and data types.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and efficient indexing solution that empowers developers and businesses to build powerful and data-driven applications with the help of DecentralWiz.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. We value the engagement and feedback from our community and are committed to delivering a best-in-class Web 3 engineering platform.

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