Decentralized Futures: AudaXious - AI-Enhanced Decentralized Engagement Platform

Dear Polkadot Community,

We would like to introduce our project, AudaXious, to the community. We welcome any questions and will be happy to answer them. Additionally, we would appreciate any feedback you may have.

With that said, here is an overview of AudaXious:

Project Name: AudaXious

Team Name: AudaXious

Project Overview :page_facing_up:


AudaXious is an AI-enhanced multichain engagement platform designed to empower Web3 projects and communities. Our platform provides the necessary tools to boost adoption, elevate engagement levels, and reward active community members.

AudaXious offers a range of features, including AI-driven creative and content automation tools for generating and streamlining content creation processes. Additionally, we provide customizable no-code task templates for rapidly launching marketing and development/testing tasks. Our platform also includes an airdrop/multisender tool with a social account recipient verification feature, among others.

The Need

We can all agree that the success of a project, especially in the blockchain space, is anchored by strong community support. Projects leverage their community even before launch to spread awareness and test their products or networks. They incentivize participation by airdropping tokens to participants, highlighting the importance of community support and contribution.

As important as this is, most web3 engagement platforms that exist today mainly support EVM blockchains with little support for projects built on chains like Polkadot. The lack of an effective engagement platform to further boost community contribution is apparent.

AudaXious provides a platform for community members to effectively participate in projects they are interested in while maximizing the incentives they earn. It supports not just EVM chains, but also chains like Polkadot, ICP, Stellar, and many more.

Although the Polkadot ecosystem is not yet supported in the current beta version that has been released, its integration is our focus in the next several weeks.

Our Solution

  1. The development of a multichain engagement platform extends beyond supporting EVMs to encompass blockchains like Polkadot, Stellar Lumens, Solana, ICP, and more.

  2. With features like smart accounts utilizing account abstraction standards and an off and on-ramp feature, the AudaXious engagement platform enables users with little to no crypto background to equally participate since it has very low onboarding friction.

  3. One of the main issues with engagement platforms is that members with exploitation intentions create multiple accounts to increase their earnings through multiple participations, often resulting in poor-quality contributions. AudaXious addresses this challenge by utilizing AI and algorithms to screen out such accounts, thereby reducing exploiters on the platform.

The Team

AudaXious comprises experts and tech enthusiasts in various fields, including IoT, distributed technology, decentralized networks, control systems, robotics, finance, and regulatory compliance.

With over 25 years of combined experience in technology, a significant portion of which is in the blockchain and decentralized application space, our team has worked on several decentralized applications and tools. These include over/under-collateralized AMM protocols, permissionless protocols for tokens, NFTs, and vaults, as well as NFT liquidity-trading pool protocols.

Now more than ever, our team members are passionate and committed to addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the blockchain space.

We also consistently consult with experienced advisors who are veterans in fields like legal and regulatory compliance, as well as business development.

Important Links

Engage Portal (Beta)
Project Spaces (Beta)

Please note that Polkadot ecosystem is not yet supported in the current beta versions, its integration is our focus in the next several weeks.

While we work on submitting a full proposal, we wanted to share the project details with the community. We would like to hear what the community thinks about AudaXious and we look forward to all feedback, suggestions, and inputs. Thank you for your time.

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Nice project! While checking out Galxe, the number one engagement/campaign platform in web3, I was surprised to see that it currently does not support Polkadot or any of the blockchains in the ecosystem. It would be great to have such an engagement platform available here, as it would significantly boost community contribution.

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Yes, this makes platforms like AudaXious useful as it opens the door for community involvement even at the lowest level of technical expertise. Without this, only technically inclined community members can contribute to project development, but with this, non-technical individuals would have a platform to contribute and be incentivized.

Finally, when looking at popular EVM chains, we can see that their popularity is a result of community involvement even at the lowest level, among other things. We strongly believe that this will bring significant momentum in adoption and engagement.