Cloudplatform to provision remote environments for Relay- and Parachain development with ease

Hey Polkadot Ecosystem and Community :wave:

we are excited to drive blockchain adoption! Over the past years - and since the clarity due to regulatory aspects like MiCA - we have seen a strong shift from trying to launch an own network, towards federated networks (Hyperledger etc.) and now Hybrid-Capable technology which seamlessly scales to Layer2 while maintaining critical interoperability aspects to exchange digital assets.

We strongly believe in the future of Hybrid-Technology. Polkadot was one of the first protocols with the vision and implementation towards public/private interoperability through its parachain concept. While the initial auction-process was not practical, nor scalable, this has been addressed and is no longer a critical restriction.

However the use of the technology is still not intuitive enough and setting up a development environment, especially for professional processes, takes up to multiple days, and is not team-centered, as it relies on local development environments, with high hardware requirements.

Where cloud-development tooling suites have become a commodity, web3 development is still far from being frictionless, due to the underlying decentralized nature and the challenges this brings for developers.

We have been successfully working over the past months to overcome this challenge and are now strongly aiming to become the most comprehensive platform for Web3 development within the Polkadot ecosystem.

We have not identified any comparable projects in the ecosystem offering the same comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for developers’ needs. Tanssi offers hosting of substrate based EVMs but misses important developer focused and developer-process focused components we offer, such as traffic inspection, analysis dashboard, automation, and an API for seamless CI/CD integration.

During EthDenver 2024, we spent several days at the Polkadot House to connect with individuals, which reinforced our decision for this application and the ecosystem entry.

We want to facilitate the creation of custom relay and parachains, empowering developers to deploy and test their Substrate Parachain and Solidity contracts seamlessly. So that developers can effortlessly experiment with predefined parachains and access custom relay chains, eliminating the need for local chain management.

Our first MVP for EVM Chains is available on → AppChains, where you can create a Layer2 EVM-chain in 60 seconds (not yet on Polkadot).
We also created a first ProductHunt page with a subset of the tech, and more information on EVM Sandbox - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2024 | Product Hunt

The whole team has a long standing DevOps, Enterprise- and Blockchain background, and we are looking forward to your feedback and of course to start to BUIDL! :slight_smile:

All the best
Holger (Köther)

Also happy to share our social media profiles for everyone :slight_smile: