Candidacy as DV Delegate - Drinhowler

Dear Polkadot,

I’m Paul. I would, perhaps surprisingly, like to put forward my candidacy as a DV delegate for the next term.

I’m from the UK, have worked in Finance for almost a decade, at Fidelity. I have a software background, though writing code is not my natural inclination. I have ADHD and this gives a certain flexibility of thought that some others may not have. I can be adversarial, infuriating and difficult to manage and will ask questions others won’t ask. I have long experience with people in power and know their wiles.

Why am I here?

I came to Polkadot before, about 2 years ago, and found the way was blocked. I abandoned it and now I’m back. I am unorthodox in my approach to most things and I rail against authority, thought-police and the status quo, yet I have a keen sense of fairness. I make every effort to maintain cordial relationships with others but I enjoy banter and the friction of opposing ideas.

I feel that some things must be transparent whilst others must remain hidden and that identity and privacy are flip sides of the same coin.

Socio-economic stuff

I follow some of the most contentious socio-political movements there are but I mainly believe in the Austrian School, so that’s Friedman and Hayek. Less tinkering - more freedom.

Who should vote for me?

  • Anyone feeling confused, alienated and scared about the new economy.
  • Those wishing they could escape the fetters of traditional finance but don’t know where to turn.
  • Those not employed by a Polkadot, or even crypto, based company
  • Those that feel there is no group that represents them
  • Outcasts, rebels, firestarters

You should put Decentralized voices in your tag otherwise it makes the application hard to find when reading the other top applications.

Actually, thank you. I like you. I respect you. You are decent to the core.

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Well thank you

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