Candidacy as a DV Delegate - Giotto De Filippi

Fair point, I had forgot the old times were I came up with the idea of vote trading and compromise. But regarding Ivy where is the evidence that there was any trading? Please provide it

Are you denying you traded votes with Ivy?


I’m not the one (soon to be) on trial here. Please provide evidence. In this specific case I voted only with the delegated vote because the delegator wanted to support the project and it was more convenient for me to vote as per his/her request rather than lose the delegation. I didn’t vote with any of my personal votes

I’ve edited my comment to remove the other claim for now because I CBA to go dig through everything. The nature of the question still stands.


Threatening to people with legal actions saying anything against you as a $100M Millionaire you prove how you play the game. Worst ever “system agent” how you like to call yourself who personally defers many investments in this eco. Few months back you were calling out people for “Intellectual Dishonesty” while you are doing same thing now almost every other day. Discouraging “shrimps” cause not everyone is holding 1M+ DOT is pure example of not giving you any more right to this eco. Calling out for Killing DV delegation while you are applying for it is pure hypocrisy. Hopefully soon you are gone from this eco cause you don’t deserve any attention you tried to grab. Every other day nowadays people are seeing your true colors. You had respect from many others who were not agreeing with you, but you don’t give up to attack anyone not agreeing with. When you showed up as “agent” who wanted to push out DOT marketing we got from 6th place to 16th shows how much you actually contributed to this eco.


What do you mean by threatening? I’m not threatening anyone, I already pressed charges against many people that were committing crimes against me and I will continue doing it. Privacy and anonymity should not be an excuse for enabling crimes

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Your background is very relevant if you propose yourself as a DV delegate.
Yes, your last actions with DED have shown your true colors.
On the contrary, I think you could delegate your votes to someone else.


Вы все больше похожи на мошенника!

I thought you wanted to end DV. This is funny.


How about making Do Kwon or Caroline Ellison a DV?
Now, you might say, we don’t need Do Kwon or Caroline Ellison. We have Giotto. But hear me out!

As pointed out by Colorful Notion, white toxic masculinity of western men is the main issue of DVs currently (Should we abolish DV? | Polkassembly).
This pretty much excludes Giotto (sorry, buddy).

With Do Kwon or Caroline Ellison we could finally solve that issue.
In addition, Do Kwon is in jail and can dedicate his entire time to open gov.

This would draw a lot of media attention and would be great marketing.
All spotlights on DOT!


Giotto is at best a highly controversial figure in the polkadot community.

I would make a stronger claim that he is a malicious actor and has repeatedly demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to further his own interests at the expense of everyone else in the polkadot community.

Please do not delegate to this person. Nay!

He wants to control it.


This comment is funny on different levels.

I believe people need to be heard and understood first. It is all about communication.

What I see from Giotto is that he wants Polkadot to succeed. His approach is more business-like and he often pushes some painful points/topics in the ecosystem. Some people need to do that, just like it happened with the Ambassador Program.

Ps.: For those who try to troll in this thread, I encourage you to take some reflection on what would be actually beneficial for everyone here and focus on a more professional approach.


Professional mode on :ok_hand:

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Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use ‘alleged crimes’ instead of simply ‘crimes’?
Have the courts already determined whether these poor fellas have committed a crime against you or merely exercised their right to free speech?

Hi, thanks Giotto for posting this proposal.

There are several initiatives from you that I’m in support 100% and some I’m not, which I also don’t have any intension to verbal vote against you like others because I believe in the real use cases of Polkadot Open Governance, 1 DOT = 1 VOTE.

Furthermore, you always get me admired on your consistency of being a DOT activist and truly want to do something useful for the ecosystem (easier with your power), and this spirit has been long-lasting for nearly a year.

I don’t see any hurdle to make you become a DV, and I wish you succeed with my support.


Giotto acts rationally and has the executive function required to perform necessary due diligence and execute plans. He has shown that he places being effective ahead of being popular. He articulates his arguments clearly and they are very well thought out, but he doesn’t care about winning debates and will change his position with the facts. He acts in the interest of token owners because he is a token owner.

If the DV program is going to exist, which I’m not entirely sure it should, then Giotto makes an excellent candidate for the role.

I support your proposal. Thank you.