Business Bootcamp for developers and founders of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Hello everyone! :wave: My name is Fazil, and I have a question for the Polkadot community members. What do you think about organizing a 4-week Bootcamp for 50 early-stage startups to address all the business gaps (marketing, economics, product, team, business development, fundraising, etc.) with the aim of attracting investments?

Let me tell you a bit about what I do. I am a co-founder of the XFounders project, and in September of this year, we held our first XFounders Bootcamp, where we brought together 21 startups from 12 different countries, as well as 35 partner companies, including Mastercard, AWS,, dydx, polygon, avalanche, ICP, tron, etc. Our partners personally attended the Bootcamp, and for a month, they shared their knowledge, experience, and expertise with our startups. They also got to personally know the products, delved deeper into them, and built strong, long-term relationships, with the sole purpose of helping early-stage startups build projects with sustainable business models and increase the likelihood of the team and the startupโ€™s survival.

You can find more information about Season 1 of the XFounders Bootcamp on YouTube: here

We want to organize our second Bootcamp for the Polkadot ecosystem and make it twice as large and comprehensive, covering twice as many startups and partners, in order to accelerate mass adoption together by helping those who create this mass adoption - the founders.

What do you say, friends?


interesting. will it be an in-person bootcamp? if so, where?

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