Partnering with programming schools - Bootcamps to teach Rust, Substrate and ink!

Hi Beautiful people,

I had the idea of reaching out to to bootcamp and web development / programming schools to partner and teach our tech stacks.

I have found a few names in Belgium where I am currently located - namely Le Wagon - but others too and thought of reaching out to them and see if we can organise bootcamps together with Polkadot.

As this was posted on Polkadot Direction first the first line of feedback was that it would be great if the course curriculum would focus on enabling the launch of an independent blockchain on Substrate in X days.

Additionally, that we should clarify Polkadot’s current roadmap and focus on preparing people to solve specific tasks such as implementing XCM channels, building parachain-agnostic token viewers, notification systems (maybe XCM connected), and so on.

But in case we work together with Le Wagon for example, I doubt that they will have the expertise themselves to teach this and it would fall upon us to do so and hence the curriculum would have to be mainly decided by us in collaboration with Le Wagon - again, in case they would be open to working with us.

What do you think? Is it worth trying and reaching out to at least the schools in my proximity? Any other feedback? Thank you!

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Hi! We’ve been in touch through the Polkadot Blockchain Academy with Le Wagon’s headquarter team to discuss collaboration. Happy to chat further and see how we can team up on this

What would be really interesting is if we began to think about collaboration between dev teams and other student groups - e.g. politics students, social psychology, economics, arts/culture - since on-chain substrate is just one component of understanding the social systems they enable… right now we are optimising for people to understand one dimension of what is a highly interdependent area of study…

If we want to ensure polkadot fosters a collaborative spirit - and succeeds at building an interoperable network of chains, we need to dissolve the boundaries between disciplines.

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Hey, I’m a Le Wagon full-stack webdev alumni (batch #116 @ Lille) and that’s a great idea! For Parity, it would be a way to scale the Academy at a worldwide level without compromising on quality.

I’m also an EDHEC Business School alumni - which has a partnership with Le Wagon for their MSc in Data Science -, so I know partnering with Institutions is part of their strategy. Yet, Le Wagon is a paying bootcamp (pretty expensive tbh) and the Academy is still free so there could be a business model issue here - do we want blockchain devs to pay for learning Substrate?

I have some connections with Le Wagon’s team (or the EDHEC’s administration) so do not hesitate to reach out if needed!


As a Ph.D candidate in Corporate Finance at La Sorbonne (ESCP Business School) and doing my thesis on blockchain-based organizations and governance systems, I’d love to see my uni partnering with Parity/W3F for Research & Development.

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@pauline maybe we can have a meeting all 3 of us and see if we can somehow push this further?

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