Buenos Aires becomes a Polkadot hub for a month

We are ready to rock’n’roll in Buenos Aires!

One month, one hundred developers, and an infinite number of possibilities.

The second cohort of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA2) has officially started!

Over 100 developers (students, instructors, and teaching assistants) have gathered at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) to start a month-long program covering the conceptual underpinnings and the hands-on application of blockchain technology.

The opening party was a spectacular launch of the Academy, the collective participants in the event created a historic piece of artwork during the cocktail and pizza party in the entrance hall of the UBA facility. We have amassed a diverse group of a little over 75 students consisting of highly talented developers from all over the world ready to learn, collaborate, and build.

In addition to the lessons, the Academy offers public events which provide a unique opportunity to dive deep into the various syllabus topics outside of the classroom. The following events are scheduled for the coming month:

  • Meetup with Raul on the 12th of January. Topic: The Treasury and how to get your project funded. Streaming starts at 19:30 UTC-3 or 23:30 CET.

  • Seminar with Rob & Shawn on the 31st January. Topic: The future of Polkadot. Streaming starts at 19:30 UTC-3 or 23:30 CET.

  • Seminar with Michi on 8th of February. Topic: Ink! and smart contracts. Streaming starts at 17:30 UTC-3 or 21:30 CET.

If you are in Buenos Aires, you can register to attend these public events in person here, or tune into the livestream and watch the seminars online.

Our diverse team of instructional staff are looking forward to nurturing another cohort of talented blockchain engineers, and to bringing new talented and highly motivated developers into the Polkadot ecosystem.


This looks absolutely phenomenal, congrats team and good luck!!!

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Looks sick - GL and HF all!