¿Que es lo que está pasando en la Blockchain Academy Buenos Aires?

The 76 selected students (out of a pool of 787 applicants) have had two very busy weeks at the Academy so far with lessons, side events, assignments, and group exercises.

Our students come from all over the world; here is a break down of where students come from by region:

student profile final

The curriculum and student life

In the first two weeks, our students learned about cryptography, economics, blockchains, and Substrate. Now they will be focusing on FRAME, Polkadot, XCM, contracts and more! Despite the tight schedule, there has also been some time put aside for the students to explore the local area and do some sightseeing in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

Curious to have a peek inside the Academy’s life? Here is a short clip for you to get a glimpse on how the Academy is set up.

We would like to express special thanks to University of Buenos Aires (UBA), our collaboration partner, for hosting the second wave of the Academy.

Some of the highlights of the last two weeks have been a number of side events, including a fireside chats with Gavin Wood, @shawntabrizi and @kianenigma, an open door meet up event with @santi and Juan (IALAB - UBA) on opportunities to get support from your projects, and a discussion with Gavin Wood and @RTTI-5220 on Governance, the Treasury and how to get your project funded. You can watch the full discussion here.

We have more public side events coming up:

  • Seminar with @rphmeier & @shawntabrizi on the 31st January. Topic: The future of Polkadot. Streaming starts at 19:30 UTC-3 or 23:30 CET.

  • Seminar with @hectorb on the 8th of February. Topic: Ink! and smart contracts. This seminar will be in Spanish. Streaming starts at 17:30 UTC-3 or 21:30 CET.

If you are in Buenos Aires, you can register to attend the upcoming public events here, or tune into the livestream and watch the seminars online.

Our team of instructors have also been putting a lot of effort into sharing their expertise with the knowledge-hungry cohort. We are very proud to say that some instructors were Academy students only a few months ago, and now they are part of the Academy’s alumni.

We look forward to spending two more weeks with everyone, and seeing our students’ progress and achievements, and welcoming them very soon into our Academy Alumni community.

Best of luck!



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@alexandra.dumond Of the 787 applicants, do you have the breakdown as well? Would love to see it.