Bringing CornerMarket To The Polkadot Ecosystem - Grants/ VC Lets Connect!

Hello everyone,

I’m D’Narius Lewis, the CMO of CornerMarket. We’re excited to be a part of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy out here in Hong Kong, China and are actively supporting the Polkadot ecosystem. Currently, we’re in the midst of our seed funding round, having raised $400k towards our $1 million goal, and we’re valued at $15 million. We’re keen on expanding our network of ecosystem partners and are exploring opportunities for grants or venture capital funding.

CornerMarket is a dynamic web3 marketplace on the BNB, Polygon, and Sei blockchains. We’re revolutionizing how customers connect with local businesses by offering a range of activities, travel options, goods, and services in neighborhood settings.

Our platform stands out by significantly reducing marketing and operational costs for real-world businesses through blockchain and DAO integration. CornerMarket is pioneering the “last mile” in blockchain and crypto adoption.

Features for local merchants on CornerMarket include:

  • No transaction fees.
  • No upfront marketing costs.
  • Tools to attract new customers.
  • Innovative customer loyalty programs.
  • Free business advertising.

Customers benefit from:

  • Money-saving daily deals.
  • Supporting local businesses.
  • Queue-skipping conveniences.

We’re proud of our strong partnerships, including with Circle, and our participation in their upcoming cohort. [View our collaboration here]

Additional achievements include:

  • Winning the Polygon DevX.
  • Graduating from the UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator and Ripple’s XRPL Accelerator.
  • Collaborating with Ripple for CBDC support in Colombia.
  • Graduating from Sei & One Piece Labs incubator.
  • Integrating Alchemy Pay, Unlimit, and Onramper services.

Learn more about our origin story.

We’re currently looking for Vcs/ grants to to help increase awareness of our project. While also expanding to the Polkadot ecosystem in which we bring real world use case to Polkadot and all ecosystem partners. We’re a fully doxed team with backing from major institutions like Ripple, University of Berkeley, Mask Network, Sei Blockchain, and Alchemy Pay.

To discover more about CornerMarket and our journey, visit our website. If you want to book a meeting to learn more about our project feel free to reach out anytime.