BD - Polkadot's potential collaboration with Cryptopolitan

Greetings Polkadot Community!

On our last BD trip with Senior Ambassador Gabo, in Dubai, we met the founders of Cryptopolitan and presented him Polkadot. They actually came to the last meetup. They shown us his clear understanding of values of Web3 and I found his intentions regarding decentralization align with the vision of Polkadot.

A large percent of their traffic is UK/USA related which is a strong indicator.

After a thorough and long discussion, they decided to offer Polkadot community a long term collaboration possibility.

Cryptopolitan’s official message follows:

The core goal of this collab is to increase the awareness, adoption of Polkadot Network.

Targeting, Educating and Onboarding right users for Dapps, Wallets and other products (more on this in our calls), that are built on Polkadot Network.

About Cryptopolitan:

  • We have been covering news in the Web3 space since 2018.

  • Cryptopolitan is awarded ‘Binance Square Creator of the Year 2023 (’ (along side Coindesk and 3 others).

  • Cryptopolitan’s content gets syndicated to MSN, Google News, Coinmarketcap, Binance Square, and 300+ mainstream and crypto sites.

  • Cryptopolitan boosts 11M monthly impressions on website, 5M monthly views on Binance Square, 2M views on MSN, 2M+ clicks on Google Discovery.

What do we propose?

  • Leverage Deep Dives to promote Dapps, Wallets, tech products.
  • Publish News to announce new dapp launches, partnerships, feature launches, etc.
  • Educate crypto traders on everything around $DOT (tech analysis, charts, fundamental analysis etc).
  • Leverage our social reach to promote ecosystem events.

We look forward to be an extension of your social & content team but with 25X more reach, authority, and authenticity.

End of Cryptopolitan’s message.

We are taking the following steps:

  1. Forum discussion start (here you go, please comment wisely).
  2. Review the feedback from the community and if this is positive we help Cryptopolitan to get the Treasury to make the partnership official. Waiting for conclusion until 2024. March 12.
  3. Community/DOT holders vote and if it passes the partnership becomes official.

Do you want this to happen? Why/Why not? Make your research and provide valuable comments, please.

Looking forward to hearing the Community’s voice.


Cryptopolitan focuses a lot on Polkadot technology and its developments, making it a great partner for Polkadot projects. I have personally met with the team, and they are genuinely interested in discussing high-quality projects. Working together could help spread the word to an audience that’s already interested in blockchain technology. This partnership could increase awareness and attract more people to Polkadot. Cryptopolitan is good at explaining complex topics in simple terms, which is valuable for reaching a wider audience.


I think their credentials are very good and I think it would be worth going deeper into the issue as follows:

  • What is their objective with this partnership?

  • What would be the terms of trade between Polkadot and them?

  • Whether these terms would involve content packages and/or media services. Or if they just want us as an insider source.

  • If this partnership involves any commercial relationship, I think we need to receive a MEDIA KIT from them to better understand their audience data and this valuation.

Thanks for the information, Six. I think this way we can make this contact more objective.

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I wouldn’t consider this type of collaboration as a BD.

Are they bringing builders in the eco? What are their KPIs? Can they bring crypto native partnerships?

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“Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations” from François Thérin’s Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship.

This is a very commonly accepted definition of BD which I agree with and this is exactly what the collaboration opportunity with Cryptopolitan proposes.

Yes, there will be more details, including KPIs if this moves on and goes on the Treasury. They are already preparing the draft.

I am sure they can bring not just even more devs, but potential new partnerships and new native/non-native users. I found they have a strong network.

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Thank you too. I have forwarded the questions to them. They’ll answer them soon.

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  • What is their objective with this partnership?

The primary objective of the partnership with us, Cryptopolitan, is to enhance the awareness and adoption of the Polkadot Network significantly. This goal is to be achieved by a) Targeting, b) Educating, and c) Onboarding the right users for decentralized applications (Dapps), wallets, and other products developed on the Polkadot Network.

Our extensive reach (11M impressions per month) and authoritative presence in the Web3 space promote the Polkadot ecosystem effectively. This includes deep dives into Dapps, wallets, and technological products, publishing news about new Dapp launches, partnerships, feature launches, etc., and educating crypto traders about $DOT through technical analysis, charts, fundamental analysis, and more.

Additionally, Cryptopolitan proposes to use its significant social media reach to promote ecosystem events, acting as an extension of the Polkadot social and content team but with substantially more reach, authority, and authenticity.


What would be the terms of trade between Polkadot and them?

While the specific terms between Polkadot and Cryptopolitan are not agreed upon and finalized, it is implied that the partnership would likely involve a combination of content creation, media services, and promotional activities.

Given Cryptopolitan’s established presence and accolades, such as the ‘Binance Square Creator of the Year 2023’ (, and its extensive syndication network (including MSN, Google News, Coinmarketcap, Binance Square, and 300+ mainstream and crypto sites), the terms of trade may involve mutually beneficial arrangements.

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  1. Whether these terms would involve content packages and/or media services. Or if they just want us as an insider source.

We propose a combination of content packages and media services rather than merely seeking Polkadot as an insider source. Cryptopolitan aims to leverage its capabilities to promote Dapps, wallets, tech products, and ecosystem events associated with the Polkadot Network through:

  • Deep dives into technology and products,
  • News publications to announce new launches and partnerships,
  • Educational content around $DOT for crypto traders, and
  • Utilization of their significant social media reach.

Here’s our media kit: DocSend {Stats and partnerships are dymanic, they change everyday. Mediakit may not reflect up to date numbers and partners).


Thank you @Cryptopolitan ! (I post this message so you can reply to the 4th question as well.)

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The exact KPIs are not agreed on, yet… But given the objectives and strategies, possible KPIs are:

  • Increase in the monthly impressions and views on content related to the Polkadot Network across several platforms and syndication partners.
  • Growth in engagement rates (clicks, shares, comments) on published content about Polkadot.
  • Number of new users onboarded to Polkadot Dapps and wallets as a direct result of the promotional efforts.
  • Increase in participation in Polkadot ecosystem events promoted through our channels.
  • Enhanced visibility and ranking of Polkadot-related content on platforms like MSN, Google News, and Binance Square.
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11M… Its Huge!


There is the story of a similar partnership with Be[in]Crypo. It would be good to know the terms of it so we can have a starting point. I don’t know who has this information. But I think Ezio knows, as he reinforced this agreement whenever necessary and this helped many initiatives.

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Great. I will take a look in it.

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I am curious, if you check their social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, the activity from the audience is very low or zero, almost none. I would expect these numbers to be better with all the activity and impressions on the webpage. Any thoughts?

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Hello, Our primary objective has always been to ensure the highest quality and reach of our content. To achieve this, we have prioritized content syndication across a broad spectrum of platforms and partners. This strategy has yielded significant accomplishments.

a) We are official content partners of Microsoft’s MSN. We can proudly say that not many crypto sites make the cut. We have one of the highest publishing rate among MSN’s content partners. MSN’s core traffic is high quality and mostly from USA.

b) We are on all major crypto content aggregation sites, to name a few:

Thecryptonews app (mobile app)
Coinlive (Korean media)

Most of the articles published on Cryptopolitan get syndicated to these sites in under 5 minutes. Amplifying the reach.

c) We are on mainstream syndication channels too,

Google News
Facebook News

Grabbing mainstream audience attention. Many small, mainstream media sites pick news from Cryptopolitan.

Here’s a case study that could give a fair picture of how a Press Release gets syndicated once it is published on Cryptopolitan:

While our initial strategy focused on maximizing content syndication and reach, we acknowledge the importance of social media engagement in today’s digital landscape. To that end, we are actively working on enhancing our social media presence.

A link to the partnership will give us insights into the previous campaigns. Will be great to have the proposal link.

As I told, you need to call Ezio Red about it.

Ezio does not really have anything to do with this because we haven’t seen any activity from him in the last few weeks, nor answering people I work with. Ping @EzioRojas , if you can help some useful docs here, please do so.

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Hi Six, I sent a message here to Ezio explaining the context we are talking about here and I hope he can come here to help us.

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