Business Development, Strindbergman DV/DW 2024

Hello All,

With the decentralisation of the Polkadot ecosystem, we feel this has left a gap around ongoing biz dev and onboarding of new projects on the Polkadot.

We wanted to keep the below clean and concise – if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


We feel there is a need for more biz development ongoing due to the decentralisation of the Polkadot ecosystem.


We propose to cover this gap of biz dev but also extend the scope of traditional biz dev to cover ecosystem success aka onboarding support.

We plan to provide almost an end-to-end service.

  • Find clients using our existing network as well as doing extensive outreach to new ones.
  • Assist them with the project proposal through when our experiences in the ecosystem, when applicable.
  • Help with initial onboarding by introducing them to key-actors and knowledge sources.
  • Provide trusted partners they can work with to build their project, we want to collaborate with everyone else working in this decentralized manner.
  • Assist with any issues escalations through our expertise with how OpenGov and polkadot in general works.

Ultimately, we want to ensure these projects are successful and thrive in the ecosystem as well as furthering the growth and success of the Polkadot ecosystem.


Initially, we have chosen 1 sector to focus our attention on. The Luxury sector, this is for several reasons:

  • It’s a big sector ~$300 Billion
  • Brands are already experimenting with Blockchain
  • Luxury is seen as a leader in innovation
  • Our specific experiences and connections with this sector


Strindbergman/ Daniel Venäll

His role as a member of the Polkadot social media editorial board, coupled with his active participation in ChaosDAO and OpenGov, shows his commitment to the values of Polkadot like real decentralisation and ownership of the network.

Daniel’s current exploration of polkadot is founded on solid experience of over a decade in the blockchain industry, dating back to 2010. First testing out the waters as a solo miner of bitcoin. He has followed the evolution of smart contract platforms since 2016, contributing his expertise to projects on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Polkadot. Daniel’s diverse background includes building blockchain solutions and consulting for a wide range of companies and projects such as Aura Consortium, Moralis, Snowcrash, Singulart, Cartier,, Dwellir, and more. His tenure at Parity Technologies is marked by contributions to ecosystem development and working as the technical project manager for the BCG Co2-tracking project.

Apart from that Daniel has also worked in the traditional IT-industry since 2007 at places like Fujitsu and Dell technologies with project/program management as well as business development.

Danny White

Has +20 years of working in technology, in various management positions

Over the past four years, I’ve delved deeply into the blockchain and Web3 space, collaborating with top luxury brands like LVMH (including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Loro Piana), Richemont ( Cartier & Van Cleef & Arpels), Prada, OTB [Masion Margella, Marni, Jill Sanders] & Mercedes Benz.

My focus has been on pioneering initiatives that leverage blockchain technology to enhance brand authenticity, customer engagement, and supply chain transparency within the luxury sector. Working on projects involving Digital Product Passports [DPP], NFTs, web3 wallets, and decentralized applications (DApps), I’ve contributed to shaping the digital future of these iconic brands.

We are looking to enlist the help of skilled advisors who are senior and have excellent connections. These individuals can open doors that we cannot and have a larger network than our own. They have held director-level positions in large enterprises and are considered leaders in their areas. We trust these individuals and believe they will add additional credibility to our team.


Our team comprises experienced and well-connected business development professionals who possess the skills and expertise to bring clients to the Polkadot ecosystem. We aim to establish a reliable network of clients and onboard them to Polkadot.

With a combination of technical and business knowledge, as well as hands-on experience in the market, we are confident in our ability to provide a unique pitch to clients. We simplify the complexity of blockchain in a language specific to their respective business sectors.

Our team has worked directly with Parity, is an active member of the Polkadot community, and is part of the social media editorial board. Additionally, we have successfully delivered several projects with luxury brands.


We believe there is a lot of opportunity in this sector and we think we can bring in a lot of exciting customers that will benefit Polkadot as a whole, and we believe they will enjoy or great community as well.


Amazing proposal! Goodluck :tada:

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