1TRIBE and Its Polkadot Agenda for Africa

Good morning, everyone.

I’m George @wemovedev, the founder of 1TRIBE. I’ve realized that staying silent in forums like this is detrimental to both my reputation and my project. With a background in software engineering and cinematography, along with years of experience in media broadcasting, I’ve encountered challenges in articulating my vision for Polkadot in Africa to this community.

My journey in WEB3 began in the business development sector, focusing on blockchain B2G initiatives in Africa. Upon discovering Polkadot, I was hooked on its technology, and it became my sole mission to introduce the DLT to African stakeholders. However, I soon realized that Polkadot had a minimal presence in the region. This realization inspired me to create 1TRIBE, with the primary goal of addressing this gap and establishing Polkadot’s foothold in Africa.

I recently shared evidence of our extensive content library production, showcasing the remarkable work we’ve accomplished in the region as we prepare to launch our self-funded platform and treasury-funded content library.

It’s essential to recognize that while the community may be accustomed to seeing YouTube influencers promote Polkadot, 1TRIBE is taking a different approach. We’re not just focused on marketing; we’re committed to building culture on-chain. As a 24-hour online radio and TV station, our focus is on education and entertainment, aiming to authentically connect with our target audience.

1TRIBE is yet to be officially launched; everything currently available is presented to the Polkadot community for their visibility and support towards securing funding for Phase II. The official launch of 1TRIBE is planned on a national level, encompassing both our base and the unveiling of our content library.

Here’s a breakdown based on our milestone deliverables:

Welcome to 1TRIBE

Women of Wonder:

Our deliverables called for 8 documentaries.
We produced 12.

Thriving in Chaos:

Our deliverables called for 8 documentaries.
We produced 14


Our deliverables called for 8 episodes.
We produced 8.

The WEB3 Digest:

8 episodes.

Please note that the a bulk of the versions shared in the content library are just proof of content production. Please follow us on twitter @1tribexyz

Why This Matters: The Polkadot Imperative

Africa, with its dynamic cultures and untapped potential, remains largely uncharted territory in the global Polkadot narrative. By bridging the gap between technology and culture, we aim to create a space where African voices are not just heard but celebrated. It’s time to unlock the untapped potential of Africa and harness it for the greater good of the global community.

The 1TRIBE Difference: Unleashing Creativity and Commerce

Our journey thus far has been remarkable, yet what lies ahead is transformative. The official launch of 1TRIBE is poised to mark a significant milestone in bringing Polkadot to the forefront of African innovation.

A Web3 News Segment That Bridges Worlds: Delve into a curated mix of music, art, and Web3 updates, capturing the essence of African vibrancy and digital progress. This isn’t just news; it’s the narrative of a continent on the rise.

Interactive Art and NFT Gallery: The backdrop of our platform is a vibrant showcase of African art, adorned with links to artist mints. We envision a space where African digital art doesn’t simply exist but flourishes, cultivating a vibrant community of creators, collectors, and enthusiasts, all thriving within the Polkadot ecosystem.

The WURA Marketplace: Self-funded and in its nascent stages, WURA is more than just a concept; it’s a reality. It’s a bustling, vibrant hub where we curate African creators. Picture a place where commerce isn’t merely transactional but where culture flourishes, powered by the DOT token and USDC. Yet, it’s not just about transactions; it’s about fostering a community that honors African creativity and innovation. With WURA, my goal was to showcase the talents of African designers and artists, providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their masterpieces.

WEB3 Digest Blog and Educational Hub: Our commitment to education and engagement takes form in an in-depth blog, offering everything from blockchain basics to advanced Polkadot insights, empowering students, professionals, and enthusiasts across Africa.

A Platform for Musicians and Artists : 1TRIBE goes beyond being just a streaming platform; it’s a stage for African talent to illuminate on a global scale. We offer a dedicated space for artists to showcase their music, fostering an environment where their voices can be heard while providing educational resources on Web3. Additionally, we facilitate music reviews and accept submissions in DOT, creating a unique avenue for artists to engage with the Polkadot ecosystem.

Dual Login Functionality for All: With user experience at our core, we offer seamless access through both Web2 and Web3 portals, ensuring that 1TRIBE is a home for every African, web3-savvy or not.

As evident from the details provided, there’s a meticulously planned strategy for this initiative, and I personally invested funds to develop this platform, distinct from many other projects that rely on Treasury funding. Our primary goal in proposing a treasury grant for a content library was to focus solely on producing content that we can continuously enhance, refine, and refer back to as we progress.

Despite facing challenges, such as a significant decrease in the value of DOT during the SVB crash, resulting in a shortfall of approximately 70k, we managed to complete all milestones and even exceeded expectations by producing over 40 audio and video assets beyond our initial deliverables.

It’s essential to clarify that our objective was never limited to merely uploading content on YouTube; our aim was to deliver content of the same caliber as a Netflix documentary. Additionally, we aspire to establish a consistent weekly schedule to operate as a fully-fledged online radio and TV platform.

Given my extensive experience in the industry, I have a profound understanding of the reasoning behind this strategy. I’m now reaching out for support to kickstart this initiative, enabling me to provide concrete metrics and results to the community. It’s essential to clarify that I’m not seeking compensation for the funds I’ve personally invested to achieve these milestones or for the additional content we’ve created.

With anticipation and resolve,

George and the 1TRIBE Team


A technical questin, what digital-ish identity documents are actually common in African nations?

There are zk proof schemes for epassports, which work anywhere in theory, but they are less common in some countries, like the US. lol India’s aadhaar works too, despite it generally being a bad id system. In fact, their underlying zk prof is just of recieving an email. We even have a W3F grant recipient project which aims to attesting to, plus a zk proofs of decryption, of contests of a TCP connection.

In principle, all these could be used to register ring VRF accounts, which then provide a basic free or discounted tier of service without continually using the real world identity document (assuming someone else somewhere wants to pay for the service).


Hey there, thanks for reaching out with such an interesting question! So, across Africa, we’ve got this mix of digital ID methods floating around, from your typical national ID cards hooked up to digital databases to biometric systems and even mobile-based solutions tied to SIM card registration. It’s pretty diverse.

Of the top of my head, there’s this DID solution called Veramo that’s doing its thing on Node, Browsers, and React Native, and they used to be based in South Africa. Not sure where they are now. But here’s the thing, while DID solutions have loads of potential here, they often hit a snag. It’s all about really understanding what folks here need and having the right locals speak up in those big chats organised by key stakeholders in African countries.That’s always been the missing piece.

So, if you’re part of a company that’s got a killer DID solution and can offer up pilot programs to governments for a bit of test-driving before going all-in, count me in to help make those connections. I’ve been chatting up folks at the top levels in Cape Verde and Liberia, more than moving the needle on some exciting stuff.

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ePassports are likely the easiest starting point, since almost everyone has some access.

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Hey George

Videos are great :+1:t4:I can tell they’ll be a banger on the continent and beyond once they are released.

I don’t know if this helps but hit up Natti who used to host DOT Spot spaces, she is also a founder of Polkadot babes (they’d probably like Women of Wonder series.

Hit up Nachito they are are Latin Community number one media personalities. (Maybe a do a translated media interview :smiley:)

Hit up AlphaAirdrop, PolkaWarriors used to have spaces too. SubWallet team also have a large Vietnamese community, PolkaPat leads Polkadot APAC believe they have spaces too maybe they can offer you a platform to talk about 1Tribe. Dont know if AJ still does North America community but find out.

Web3 Patriot - founded a fish/shrimp DOT holders group called Guppies and they also host Spaces.

Join Giotto’s circle of competence spaces - he always says its open to discuss anything.

Also maybe talk to the popular VCs on DOT like DFG and Scytale and hear them out. Getting support from them can boost you.

Try to appear and get covered on all these spaces.
I know you’ve already done extensive reach out to people in this eco but yeah keep engaging the community on various platforms I believe people will eventually see and understand the vision of 1Tribe, maybe this is the key to get more support and build interest.

OpenGov can be brutal at times, be ready for criticism and at the same time open to suggestions. Probably this is the month of no sleep :joy: get the two ladies active also think of it as a fun way to engage everyone on Polkadot.
It’s going to get through eventually.

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1TRIBE’s proposal for bringing Polkadot to the forefront of African innovation is imperative. By celebrating African voices and cultures, they’re not only unlocking the continent’s untapped potential but also enriching the global Polkadot narrative.

Their multi-faceted approach, from a Web3 news segment showcasing African vibrancy to an interactive NFT gallery spotlighting digital art, shows a commitment to bridging technology and culture. The WURA marketplace, powered by DOT token and USDC, serves not only as a hub for commerce but also as a testament to African creativity and innovation.

Moreover, their dedication to education through the WEB3 Digest Blog and their platform’s role in amplifying African musicians and artists globally further solidify their vision. What sets 1TRIBE apart is not just their vision but also their execution, as evidenced by their completion of milestones despite facing challenges.

George and the 1TRIBE team’s investment of personal funds speaks volumes about their dedication. They’re not just seeking support for their initiative; they’re committed to delivering concrete results and metrics to the community. As they strive to operate as a fully-fledged online radio and TV platform, their proposal represents not just a project but a movement towards empowering African voices in the digital space.

I can only imagine how well 1TRIBE would capture the next Polkadot Conference in Africa- Polkadot Savannah. Now this, we ought to make it happen. I can’ think of anyone else that would capture it so magnificently.

Wishing you all the best George and team!


Dear Polkadot Community,
I hope this message finds you thriving and filled with excitement for what lies ahead. I’m George, the dude behind 1TRIBE, and I’m thrilled to share some updates stemming from our recent engagements with Mayor Francisco Carvalho of Praia, the Ministry of Finance and Digital Economy, and Milton from Cape Verde Digital.


The outcomes of these discussions have been nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve achieved a monumental feat: federal government endorsement for Polkadot education programs to be implemented across universities nationwide. This milestone underscores my unwavering commitment to global education and empowerment, positioning Polkadot at the forefront of transformative change.

With the green light from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Finance, we’re set to launch a groundbreaking pilot program slated for May–June. This initiative marks a pivotal moment for Polkadot in Africa, laying the groundwork for future web3 projects within government sectors and establishing a continental hub for African innovators to thrive on Polkadot’s platform.

I extend my deepest gratitude to Bill Laboon for taking the time to get on these calls to speak with these stakeholders and also to the esteemed Council from GOV1, and each of you who have championed and supported our Africa-on-DOT initiative. Your unwavering belief in my vision has propelled us forward and fueled our relentless pursuit of excellence.


However, amidst our triumphs, I must acknowledge the challenges we’ve encountered. Since September, I’ve personally funded all our endeavors. Despite this, we’ve exceeded expectations, producing an additional 20 full-production videos for our content library and actively pursuing business development opportunities for Polkadot since March 2023.

Transparency is paramount. Threats from select individuals within our community have made submitting proposals a cautious endeavor. Despite this, our resolve remains unyielding. As a minority voice, I panicked and tried the DF program, part because I didn’t want said individuals to ruin all the work in progress that has now bore fruit. That process took another 3 months until I was told to go back to Opengov.

Now, with REF 531, we seek funding to officially launch 1TRIBE and amplify our content library’s reach. This isn’t about seeking recompense for our past endeavors, but rather securing the resources needed to ensure our collective efforts bear fruit. There were concerns about our milestones deliverables and we have provided a full proof of content library where everyone can see that we exceeded our deliverables.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this journey, but I cannot carry the weight alone. Our recent encounter with Mayor Carvalho and the President of Cape Verde presented a challenging dilemma: continue to invest in cloud services for our platform or fund our crew’s meeting with key stakeholders. The choice was arduous, highlighting the critical need for community support.

Your backing is indispensable to our continued success. I have been quiet in the past but not anymore.I humbly implore your assistance in voting in support of 1TRIBE as we embark on this journey together. I want to propel Polkadot to unprecedented heights in my region and leave an indelible mark on the world.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that our website/platform 1tribe.xyz is currently down due to the constraints I’ve outlined earlier. I funded it personally because I strongly believe in Africa and its people embracing Polkadot technology. Although it’s not ideal given the attention we’re receiving and our leadership in this initiative, I simply don’t have the resources to address the issue at the moment. With what I have left, I am spending today hosting the team from Cape Verde Digital at my place.

Fun Times :slight_smile:

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