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Hello Polkadot Community,

We’re excited to present 1TRIBE Africa Onchain, a trailblazing initiative at the intersection of culture and blockchain technology. Before diving into our formal proposal, we wanted to share this unique vision with you, the vibrant members of the Polkadot community.

1TRIBE AfricaOnchain: Edutainment Reimagined

1TRIBE is not just another multimedia platform; it’s an Edutainment platform and super app that ingeniously blends entertainment with education. This innovative approach positions us uniquely in the digital space, attracting a diverse audience spanning music lovers, tech enthusiasts, and those eager to delve into the Web3 world.

What Makes 1TRIBE Stand Out:

World’s First WEB3 Radio and TV Station: Proudly, 1TRIBE is the world’s first online radio and TV station powered by Polkadot, bringing a new dimension to broadcasting and digital content.

WURA Marketplace: Our blockchain-integrated platform showcases the best of African art and fashion, bringing artists and designers to the forefront in the Web3 era.

Educational Series - Web3 Digest & WELEARN: Dedicated to demystifying blockchain, these series make Web3 technology accessible and engaging, especially for our African audience.

Documentaries - Women of Wonder & Thriving in Chaos: Captivating stories of African entrepreneurs, demonstrating the practical use of Polkadot in various industries.

WEMOVE Challenge: A community-centric event that blends African culture with blockchain, encouraging participation and innovation.

Our Mission with Polkadot:

Our goal transcends content creation; it’s about forging a path where technology meets culture. By leveraging the Polkadot ecosystem, 1TRIBE aims to transform how African digital creativity is perceived and consumed. We’re at the forefront of educating and inspiring a new generation, showcasing how Polkadot can be a tool for cultural celebration and innovation.

Empowering Africa’s Future with Polkadot: Beyond Boundaries, Towards a Decentralised Tomorrow

Building on our initial six-month success, 1TRIBE seeks continued support for our pioneering mission to bridge Africa with the decentralised Web3 economy, focusing on Polkadot. Our next phase will emphasize a comprehensive official launch, including a robust marketing campaign to amplify our already established content library and drive widespread Polkadot adoption in Africa.

We are poised to officially launch 1TRIBE, expanding our reach and impact. This phase will focus on a strategic marketing campaign to showcase our vast content library, further positioning Polkadot as a key player in Africa’s digital transformation. Our commitment to educating, inspiring, and empowering the African youth remains steadfast, as we continue to bring African creativity, technology, and innovation to the global stage through Polkadot.

With a soft launch already gaining traction, our next step is to solidify 1TRIBE’s presence with an official launch, backed by a targeted marketing strategy. This will include promoting our educational series, showcasing success stories, and highlighting the real-world applications of Polkadot in Africa. Our aim is not only to increase awareness and adoption of Polkadot but also to foster a thriving community engaged in the decentralised economy.

1TRIBE stands at the forefront of Africa’s Web3 revolution, bridging technology and culture. Our next phase will deepen our impact, making Polkadot an integral part of Africa’s digital narrative.

Scope of Work for 1TRIBE’s Expansion in Africa with Polkadot

Educational Initiatives and Content Development

  1. Comprehensive Multimedia Content Production: Leveraging the content library built during the first phase, 1TRIBE will produce a diverse array of educational and entertaining multimedia content. This includes documentaries like "Women of Wonder’’ and “Thriving in Chaos,” web series, and podcasts, all designed to resonate with African audiences. The content will highlight Polkadot’s technology, focusing on its applicability and benefits within the African context.

  2. Interactive Educational Programs: Implementation of engaging educational initiatives, including the #WELEARN and WEB3 Digest series. These programs will be structured to provide accessible, high-quality education on Polkadot and blockchain technologies, tailored to meet the needs of African youth, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts.

Community Engagement and Network Building

  1. Robust Community Building: A strategic focus on expanding and nurturing a community around Polkadot in Africa. This will involve targeted social media campaigns, interactive forums, and local outreach efforts. Collaborative projects and content will involve local artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives, showcasing their work within the Polkadot ecosystem.

  2. Inclusive Community Events and Workshops: Organising events, webinars, and workshops across various African regions. These will be designed to introduce and deepen the understanding of Polkadot and blockchain technology, fostering a knowledgeable and enthusiastic community.

Please find our Phase I comprehensive community update here

Please find our Phase 1 Report here


Hey 1Tribe team.

This a cool creative proposal! The quality of the shows seem top-notch and interesting.
The idea of the mobile app to onboard users is very clever and will make it easy for most people in Africa to access content.


Thanks, Kratistos; we did everything we could and more, and we hope the community will appreciate what we have done with our content library and what we have planned for #AfricaOnchain (AfricaOnDot?).

At 1TRIBE, we strive to match and even surpass the production experience and quality of top media houses globally. Our aim has always been to create content that not only resonates with our audience but also stands out for its excellence and relevance.

We are building an education platform that is demographically specific yet in a universal language. Our focus is on nurturing a melting pot of African creativity, education, and empowerment. In doing so, we are steadfastly evangelizing Polkadot and Web3 education. We understand the importance of building a well-informed community that includes traders, builders, and creatives. Our efforts are not just about content creation; they’re about crafting a narrative that will shape the future of blockchain technology in Africa and beyond.

As Polkadot evolves into the blockchain platform we all anticipate, we too intend to scale the caliber of shows we produce, reflecting the growth and dynamism of the technology we are passionate about. We’re excited about what the future holds and remain committed to delivering impactful and meaningful content to the community.

Thank you once again for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to us, and it fuels our drive to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with 1TRIBE.

Best regards,



Having seen some of the work so far and working with George for some time now I am extremely excited (bullish even) to work with and help make this vision a reality.

1TRIBE is really bringing top quality content and artists into Web3 exploration. Excited to see where AfricaOn Chain/Dot leads.

Good luck!



I Support this propsal with the mass opportunity in African markets it is deffinetly the right direction the Polkadot ecosystem can benefit from hitting regions where digital currency is flourishing!

Would love to see more support for initiatives like this.

1Tribe joined a Space on The Kusamarian to discuss this proposal on Dec. 20, 2023!



I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Jay and the Kusamarian team for their unwavering support for 1TRIBE, from the early GOV1 days to the present. The Twitter Spaces interview was illuminating, and I’d like to add a bit more, especially about how I perceive the current buzz word- marketing in the context of Polkadot. Let me offer an analogy:

  • If Polkadot is coming to town and you put up a sign, that’s advertising.
  • If you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk into town, that’s promotion.
  • If the elephant walks through the mayor’s office and the local newspaper writes about it, that’s publicity.
  • If you get the mayor and the community to talk about it, that’s public relations.
  • If you tell the public about the various perks that come with Polkadot, that’s sales.

And if you planned the entire thing… THAT’S MARKETING.

Now, Imagine Africa as a dynamic, sprawling network of stories, cultures, and innovations, all ready to be interconnected in the global digital realm. Polkadot serves as the vital link, the digital infrastructure, that enables these diverse elements to connect and interact more effectively, strengthening the entire network.

1TRIBE acts as the master architect in this scenario. We don’t just add connections; we thoughtfully integrate Polkadot into the framework of African digital storytelling. Our role is to craft a network where each node – each story, each innovation – is linked through the Polkadot ecosystem, enhancing the strength, vibrancy, and global presence of Africa’s digital narrative.



After tuning into the Twitter Spaces discussion with Jay about the Decentralized Futures Program, I’m genuinely impressed and somewhat surprised that this isn’t a bigger topic in the ecosystem. This approach to blockchain education in Africa is not just innovative, it’s vital, especially considering how much ground Polkadot has to cover in that region. The use of documentaries and music in their strategy is brilliant. These mediums could be exceptionally effective in marketing Polkadot, as they showcase real-world applications and success stories in a format that’s both engaging and relatable. This initiative has the potential to be a game-changer in how blockchain communities are built. Hats off to the 1TRIBE team!

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The 1tribe team is doing a great job in creating polkadot and web3 awareness on the African continent in very unique and creative ways.

They’ve shown themselves able to provide high quality results in the past year.

I’m excited to see what they do next.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for recognising our efforts! We’re thrilled to hear that our approach resonates with you. At 1TRIBE, we believe strongly in the transformative power of blockchain technology, especially in the African context. Our goal is to make this technology accessible and relatable through documentaries and music, showcasing real-life applications and success stories.

We’re aware of the significant role Polkadot can play in Africa and are committed to bridging the gap in knowledge and application. Your feedback validates our belief that combining education with storytelling is not just effective but necessary to bring about meaningful change. Thank you once again for your support!

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Big supporter of 1Tribe - excited to work out some collaborative projects with them now and into the future.


Thank you! We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to reveal our Africa project alongside you.

Excited to see more Africa focused initiatives :+1:

Thank you, Seun! We’re thrilled to see you representing Africa so brilliantly in the Polkadot ecosystem.