XCM RFC process

Hello everyone.

Now that we are discussing an RFC process for big polkadot changes, I would like to propose one for xcm-format.

Right now, that repository acts as a living document for the format. I think this is useful and we should keep it that way, as it allows users to use it as a reference. However, I think new change proposals should arrive in the form of RFCs.
We have a few issues on the repository proposing changes (new instructions or new junctions for example). Although we still don’t have a ton of proposals, I think it would be good to start thinking of an RFC process to make sure XCM can evolve with the community.

Another step for this would be to move the xcm-format repo to the fellowship organization to further detach it from parity and let it evolve “on its own”. For now, current maintainers can be the ones to decide to pass proposals.

I created a PR on xcm-format with a proposal template and first proposal akin to that of the PPP post I shared. The only big difference is that, given that XCM is versioned, I added a Version field in the frontmatter to specify which XCM version the RFC is pointing to. If the RFC is accepted, its version might be changed.
We should also tag commits on the master branch to maintain full specs for each version (easy).

Looking forward to creating RFCs for XCMv4 in the future so we can hold more format discussions on the format repo with the community.

I believe this will be beneficial to the community and I look forward to your feedback and contributions.


I wanna bump this topic now that some feedback has been given on the PR.

If there’s not more feedback I’ll merge it and start writing the first RFCs :tada:

Changes to the process can of course be proposed after the fact.


Have process is better than no process as long as we are able to quickly iterate the process based on experiences. So I will say give it a try and see how it goes.


The first RFC has been opened on the xcm-format repo for the CreateAsset instruction. As the RFC process is still in the experimental phase, we would like to gather as much feedback as possible on both the proposal and the process:

  • Proposal feedback on the PR.
  • Process feedback on this forum post.

The process can be found here