Introducing the XCM docs

I want to officially introduce the XCM documentation being worked on by Parity: XCM: Cross-Consensus Messaging - XCM Documentation.

Previously, the best way to learn about XCM was to go around searching for workshops or videos on the topic, reading the original blog posts by Gav and finally delving into the very crude xcm-format repo, which is not meant as a beginners learning material.
There’s even a forum post gathering XCM resources, which is great, you should check it out.

We want the docs to provide a one-stop shop for all things XCM. In it, you’ll learn both how every instruction works, with examples, and how to configure your chain for sending and receiving XCMs.
It’d also be good to link to other resources that might be useful for the community, like a sort of awesome list for XCM.

It’s been in a sort of beta for a while now, and it’s going to be constantly evolving.
It’ll likely get a domain of its own in the future, but for now, we’re hosting it on a GitHub page.

All of the code is held in GitHub - paritytech/xcm-docs: Documentation for XCM which is public and ready to take in your suggestions and improvements :smile:
See you in the issues


Awesome work! Hope to see more examples later.


We are using ParaSpell in KodaDot currently, and I think as this is getting documented, I can see some potential we can leverage in our KodaDot Teleport Application.

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