XCM - Latest Updates

Proposal to use this thread as a place to stay up to date with XCM development.

Considering a lot of new developments happening, XCMv3 hopefully being around the corner, and a XCM rebranding being in progress - teams building on Polkadot need a place where they can stay up to date with everything that is going on.

Github PRs are great for tech teams - but a simplified digest in a single place would significantly improve transparency. This also helps us explain and defend XCM in the public, when compared to IBC and other cross-chain protocols.

Calling Parity to kindly post an update here once in a while, and welcoming everyone to share resources (e.g. comparisons with other protocols, external reports about XCM, etc.) that might be useful for the community.


Hello everyone!

So the latest code movements and changes on XCMv3 can be tracked here in this GitHub pull request: https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/pull/4097

But you’ll see that lately there hasn’t been much activity there, and that’s because we’ve also been focusing on another initiative called 2D Weights, which can be followed here: The rest of the way to Weights V2 (Tracking Issue) · Issue #12176 · paritytech/substrate · GitHub

XCMv3 requires us to first implement 2D weights, because we need to accurately calculate how much storage proof size that each XCM occupies in order to better allocate resources into processing them.

Hope this helps!


Thank you @kckyeung!
And there is also a thread to track the Weight V2 updates: